Автор: Н.И. Козлов

From the processor to the resultant - and vice versa

​​​​​​​Business people and especially managers of the process workers do not like. Who are they?

Processors they call people who are led to internal and external circumstances, live without setting themselves goals or forgetting about the goals. They are more interested in the process, not in the result. The Processor lives by what he thought, felt and did, and what happened as a result - well, it’s harder and somehow not his. He did not think about this and was not ready to answer for the result. That’s why business people and especially managers like the results: those who know how to set goals, are aimed at the result and can achieve results.

At work, if the questionnaire asks "How was your day?", The resultant will sum up the "What things have been done" (exactly done, bring to a result!) And the result tries to formulate specifically, in numerical form. For example: answered 7 letters, made 4 calls, held three meetings (negotiations), two of them successful. The resultant is concrete.

As a rule, in business, the most responsible posts are primarily looking for resultants, because they are the ones who can give the results.

When recruiting, you can distinguish the result from the processers by asking, for example, the question: "How do you see yourself in three years?" The processor will say: "I will be respected, I will have an interesting job". - "I will be the head of the sales department" - the answer of the resultant. The processor voluntarily does not write a plan of work and business for the day, he swims from event to event, the resultant usually has a written plan of affairs of the day. If the process controller is taught, he will also write business for the day, but his actions and the results of the resultant sound differently. On paper (or in Outlook), both can be written shortly: Ivanov, Petrov, and Meeting, but the oral transcripts are usually different. The processor will explain: "To call Ivanov. Talk with Petrov. To hold a meeting ". The resultant will do the same things for the day in a different way: "Dozhanov before the order. Obtain information from Petrov. At the meeting, give impetus to the project. "

There are other external signs inherent in the processor more often: he does not keep the format, his body and face usually rattles, in speech less in comparison with the results of clarity, it is difficult to speak with theses, more garbage words, unnecessary details and repetitions.

Strongly simplifying, it is possible to give the most elementary tips how to decide who is before you, the processor or the resultant. First: man or woman? If a woman is more likely a process. If a man is not yet clear. Second: the post? If an ordinary employee is more likely a process engineer. If the leader is not yet clear. Third - look at the body and, most importantly, the eyes. If the body is clear, and the eyes hold the interlocutor inseparably - the resultant is sure. Otherwise - look narrowly on.

There are fewer results in life, our usual environment is processors. Perhaps you understand that the characteristics of the process are also characteristic of you. And what should I do? How do you turn yourself from a process to a result? You can start with the following steps.

Motivation. Write in clear and clear language, why you decided to leave the state of the process. Make a poster out of this and hang it in a prominent place.

Begin to watch your speech. You need to keep track of the intonation with which you are talking. Clear, clear, definite, clear: not a river flows, but cubes are built. Present each word that you are about to say. "A white sail grows white in the fog of the blue sea" ... Consider this sail. What is its form? What shade of white do you see? How far away is the sail from you? Listen to each wording, words are actions. Watch your words, answering yourself to the questions "why" and "what" I say.

If you work on the Distance, pay attention to the exercise "Abstracts", namely the point "Listening to the interlocutor, note the change of theses and withdrawal into feelings." When you work it out, it will be easier to notice when you are floating from topic to topic and when you leave in feelings ... The result is that you will stick to the topic, speak and act more consciously.

Watch out for the format: demand from the people of compliance with the format - a useful skill! When you learn and accustom yourself to build others, it will be easier for you to build yourself (yourself).

Goals. Write down some of your goals (from to 7) that you want to achieve in a period of months to a year.

Plan of movement towards the goals. Write down a few cases (from to 7) that you need to do daily to achieve your goals. Here - write down the time, not later than you start these cases, and the minimum time that you will pay them.

Easy beginning. Think of one simple matter in the morning, the implementation of which will remind you of your decision to start the life of the result. For example, a morning run or 0 sit-ups. Or maybe a contrast shower?

Control. Write out these commitments with a letter and send it to someone from your friends to evaluate your obligations, perhaps correct them - and take it under your supervision. It is very useful if you agree with them on the amount for failure to fulfill each of the obligations undertaken and the control system. Usually the simplest: you write daily a very simple letter with the results of the day. Or, for example, for the obligation to "go to bed no later than 12.00" - you must send an SMS: «Went to bed» no later than 12.00. For each default from you, for example, 100 rubles.

It is clear that there is need for self-organization, and this is not always easy. Many are convinced that all this is possible only for strong-willed people, but for a common man - alas, not given. This is not true. To organize yourself, you do not have to be a very strong-willed person, it’s enough to be a clever man. For more details, see the methods of effective self-organization.

When setting goals, take responsibility for the result. Learn to be above circumstances, proceed from the fact that everything depends on you. Only from you personally! For example, you want to lose 6 kg in 3 months: it’s difficult, but real. If you take the obligation to refuse the flour and do not eat after 20.00, this is very good, but it is a commitment to the process, and whether such commitments will lead to the desired result, it is difficult to say. If you clearly take the obligation: every week, I drop 500 g and achieve it by any means, it is already the responsibility for the result.

If you are not yet a Resultant, take responsibility for the result. It all depends on you: learn to be Successful!

Teaching yourself to be a result is really worthwhile, but in reality everything is not so simple. Everything is more complicated...

It can not be said that according to the results of the activity, the results will always be ahead. No, among the processors, there are often amazingly talented and prolific people, and among the resultants there are many people who are problematic and narrow-minded. In any case, processors are different. For example, here are two girls: Masha and Lena. Lena is internally stable, but easily distracted by any interlocutor, especially on calls from home or news from girlfriends. Unlike her, Masha is not distracted by an outsider, but is led by her changeable feelings and often immerses in them, forgetting about the matter. Lena and Masha are processors, but Lena is well placed in the front office to meet customers, and Masha - only in the back-office and only in a reasonable team.

In addition, employers prefer to take processers to certain positions. For example, the position of cashier-operator. The cashier’s job is to sit all day and punch the whole day for the goods. The resultant of this work will shoot himself, and the processor sits quietly: people come up different, and you can ask something, and with your colleagues a couple of words are easy to spill over, and then the day has passed ... Again, the accountant’s responsible post is associated with a long and in many ways tedious work with figures and papers, and there is no sense in looking for such a result: the results are more expensive, and in this case the direction and effectiveness of the work of his assistant is controlled by the chief accountant.

And most importantly, the results are also very different, and not all of them like to admire. The results are flexible and straightforward. The rectilinear resultant is in the rhino mode, piercing obstacles. A flexible resultant is difficult to maneuver, using the force of flow and wind. The results are stupid: and toropygi (caught fire - immediately do!) And brakes, which include, among other things, perfectionists. The less often and more weakly the resultant includes the head, the more it looks like a procession: a procession, keen on the process of achieving the goal. The more farsighted and systematically the resultant thinks, the more reliable, faster and more qualitatively he gets the result. And most importantly, different results are interested in very different results. The resultant Andrei tries to save on everything and save money, the resultant Eugene rushes any free money more profitable to invest. The resultant Vasily worries about the profitability of production and raises his salary to employees, the resultant Stas, creating his own business, cares first of all about employees.

Achieving a concrete result, the resultant does not necessarily care only about itself: a socially responsible result is a person who cares about what will remain for people and lives after his activity and efforts. The resultant is not necessarily focused only on the matter: if a person is worried about the relationship or he himself, his condition, his health and his development, such a person will achieve results in this direction. It happens that a person-oriented resultant aims to achieve certain conditions in himself or others, and in this respect it is easily confused with the process engineer. A talented actor introduces himself into a state of inspiration for the time of the performance - this is his work ... Sometimes the goal of the result can be compliance with some process: to be relaxed in self-training, to be in music during dance or constantly to comply with the commandments - for a person with religious and ethical views .

The resultant once was sometimes the most inveterate process engineer, if he was pressed by life, or he now has to think about the result in order to quickly get the right to plunge into the favorite process, no matter what: TV or dance, drugs or peak experiences ... Learn be a thinking proverb, in this case you will think not only about the case, but also about people.

Learn to think systematically and thinking about the long-lasting consequences, in this case you will sometimes be higher to put the case, and not a specific person who can only be a talented parasite. And remember that in the pursuit of result there is a reasonable limit. When you (with time) become a real product, when it’s just as natural for you to work for the result, as you breathe, begin to rebuild yourself. Namely, outwardly retaining the former vigor, energy and concentration on the result, internally start to relax, cease to be dependent on the future result. There will be a result or not - you do not worry. You will do everything that depends on you, but if the result turns out to be different from what you expected, it will only make you smile: you know that the device of the universe is not run by you, and circumstances determine a lot.

If you are already a strong Resultant, relax and watch for the clarity of the process. Smile: now everything is determined by circumstances.

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