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Go to the store: my audiobooks appeared there. "Simple right childhood" – a must read for all! This is the first book in Russia how to educate children like a man. "Simple right life" is a clear and wise book on how to combine joy, meaning and effectiveness in your life. Appeared - finally! - even "Philosophical Tales" - a book which I’m fallen in love for, and hated for life. Listen!

When you are going by car, you can listen to my audio lessons: how to become stronger than stresses, how to establish relationships in the family and even bring order with the children. Lessons of happiness and efficiency - will always be with you! So, get: Video lessons; Audio lessons; Techniques; Trainings; Books, Audiobooks and enjoy free materials.

Simple, right childhood

I got a new book: "Simple right childhood: a book for smart and happy parents"! This book is about a man’s approach to raising children. Yes, sometimes it’s unusual. But our children are intelligent, you can talk with them in an adult way and seriously. What can this result in? Read a book! Audiobook can be bought here.

TESTS by N.I. Kozlov for you

To find out your prospects for family happiness, we recommend a test: "I am the sun". For those who love their children, we created a test "What are we like, parents?" If you want to learn 120 features of your character in 15 minutes, take a unique test: "What is your character?" To help you in finding attentive friends, I developed for you a new test "Listening Ability."

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