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Personal trainings

Personal trainings - trainings of the most various subjects, setting the task of personality change.

Types of personal trainings

The subject of personal trainings is diverse. Sufficiently, it can be singled out as:

• Business, business (trainings «Public speeches», «Leadership development», «Objectives», «Personality of the leader»),

• Personal life (partner search, man-woman relationships, emotional problems),

• Personal development (management of emotions, development of will, leadership skills).

According to the goals of the work of the RT are divided into the following main groups:

1. Instrumental trainings

2. Psychotherapeutic trainings and groups,

3. Trainings of personality development and personal growth.

According to the approach and methods of work, LT are divided into:

1. Psychological trainings,

2. Psychotherapeutic trainings,

3. Trainings of the transpersonal approach,

4. Trainings of various religious approaches,

5. Trainings of esoteric and mystical orientation.

The level of personal work

The personality consists of elements of different levels, and the trainings differ in that they are primarily aimed at working with the elements of what level. Accordingly, trainings of specific skills (instrumental), personal growth trainings (personality development), aimed at universal plan skills, state trainings and transformational trainings working with deep (basic) beliefs, values ​​and states are distinguished. It is important to note that the subjects of all these trainings can be both personal and business fields.

Pros and cons of personal trainings

Attractiveness of personal trainings:

• Strong academic results are possible: correction of shortcomings, development of new skills and skills, improvement of relations with close and necessary people, opening new life prospects.

• the opportunity to switch to a new environment, try out new styles of communication and new personal roles. "Ventilation of the soul."

• as a rule, a very attractive environment for warm and lively communication.

Disadvantages and dangers of personal trainings:

• It happens by hobbies of trainings, they turn from interesting study to someone for entertainment or gaining new knowledge to the detriment of their realization in practice. The situation is similar to reading books: we read for business or for the very process of reading "Well, just want to read?". (see Care from Life and Processor and Resultant)

• Strong training for unprepared participants can create a situation that does not develop but is traumatic for the individual.

More see Who needs training and Criteria for evaluating personal trainings

Qualification training icons

Personal training can be of varying degrees of rigidity. Leading trainers, members of the Association for the Development of Personality in advertising information about their training use qualification badges. The presence of the icon indicates that the quality of the training is confirmed by the Association, and the color of the icon indicates the peculiarities of the specific training program.

• The green icon of the Association means a gentle, gentle, environmentally friendly training.

• The yellow icon indicates a balanced training, assuming a moderate load.

• The red icon warns that this is an extreme training, designed for a prepared audience. It is possible to use hard and provocative techniques.

The system of qualification badges, if not fully realizes the principle of "do no harm", then significantly reduces the risk of psychological trauma in unprepared participants. See →

Personal Training for Corporate Clients

There is a widespread fear that personal training for corporate clients will not bring benefits, but harm. For a discussion of this, see →

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