Автор: Н.И. Козлов

What affirmations can, and what can not

Affirmation is a positively formulated phrase-statement, working as a self-hypnosis with the task of changing the habitual way of thinking and forming the future that you want to come to. Examples of affirmations:

• I am a confident person.

• My life is calm and safe.

• I care about my health.

• I am respected and loved by others.

• I like studying.

• I have a beautiful walk.

• I can earn money.

• People see me as a leader and people follow me.

What can and can not affirmations do? Who do they need? How to work with affirmations so that they help?

Affirmations help first of all those who believe in them, and most often in affirmation, as in small witchcraft, women believe. Women like a little pokoldovat, something to whisper to themselves, and after that what seemed previously difficult, suddenly becomes available. The ritual of "telling yourself affirmations" itself acts like a self-suggestion, as a good sign: I talked to myself - it will come true what it was about. I did not talk, I was too lazy to read my affirmations - that did not work out. If a rational person is inclined to live in the author’s position, he needs little affirmations.

To self-hypnosis affirmations began to act, they need to be repeatedly spoken. It is better to pronounce formulas of suggestion aloud, all this with the maintenance of a diary (observation of thoughts, feelings, images, sensations in the course of execution). It is useful to write daily with the left and right hands (for both hemispheres) 10-20 clearly stated affirmations for three weeks, then a week break and a week of control.

Attention: throw out the idea of ​​listening to records with "subthreshold suggestions" that you do not hear, but "hears your subconscious". The idea that one can change life (to become a slender, confident, attractive, successful entrepreneur, etc.), listening to records with "subthreshold suggestions" is nothing more than a myth. Advertising slogan "You just listen to special music, and at the subconscious level the necessary changes happen to you" does not have any scientific grounds. Colleagues, this is checked.

Affirmations are a fairly friendly technique, they can quite "coexist with" and be supplemented by almost any other helping techniques: psychotherapy, physiotherapy exercises and simply a business approach to life’s tasks.

Affirmation should be formulated from the first person ("I", "Me", "Me") and touch the clearly marked problem zone: exactly what concerns you. If a person you are constantly irritating, the phrase "I like people" - too general. It can be used too, but the basic formulas should be more local: "My husband’s mother is a respected person." The elderly have the right to their views, I understand her peculiarities. "I am grateful to Natalya Ivanovna for being my mother’s husband! ".

In the formulations, use statements without negation (without a particle not) and without the word "I can." As the art therapist Lyudmila Evtushevskaya notes, the phrase "I can earn a lot of money" does not affect your income in any way: "Well, you can ..." - and what? And the word "a lot" is unreliable. The clearer, the more effective. Now, no matter how you are warmed by the idea of ​​"money loves me" or "my boss is polite and attentive to me" - this is about others. Remembering and tuning makes sense to yourself. "I take authority from my superiors", "My income is increasing every day". And, most importantly, the already (emphasis on the first letter) is your focus, the sooner the statement becomes yours. Do not aspire to one proposal to invest all desires and needs. Work alternately with health, increasing your own profit, new traits of character. The road will be mastered by the going, but do not constantly run from one path to another, otherwise you will trample a clearing, but approach the goal only slightly...

Affirmations do not always work. If a person tries to inspire himself with what meets in him an inner resistance, that he is going against some or other internal benefits, then the effect of suggestions will be weak and short-lived, and, most importantly, the person himself will not long engage in these suggestions: "forget" "somehow not before this," "not grown together." Smart people in these cases with themselves understand, whether it will be for you - it is difficult to say. There are, of course, very strong-willed people who effectively use directed autosuggestions, but more often the practice of affirmations boils down to the fact that a person inspires himself to something that he was already inclined to, and only pushes in himself what would have happened in him without it. If suddenly it’s about you, what to do? The simplest thing is to organize yourself with the help of an external environment. If you start going to a group where affirmations are practiced, you are lucky: you will inspire yourself with the right things, and your affirmations will be effective. Perhaps there you will master some useful techniques that will strengthen the action of your affirmations: at home we hang reminders organizing you, organize your usual rituals, practicing affirmations at the usual time, in the usual place and in the usual pose, turning to your both hemispheres.

For example, one hand is clenched into a fist, and, pronouncing an affirmation, knocks on the palm of the other hand (a fist from the side of the rib of the palm). We change hands. During the walk to the rhythm of the steps, we memorize as a countenance ...

The action of affirmations weakens when the suggested formula comes into conflict with the bodily corset and just with your facial expression. Conduct an experiment: ssutulte shoulders, lower your hands helplessly, make an unhappy face and say with a mournful intonation: "The world is beautiful! Everything is fine!" - it is obvious that the negative suggestion of the body is stronger than the power of the word. On the contrary, spread your shoulders, allow your hands to fly in a triumphant greeting, and with a triumphant intonation, say: "Everything’s fucking bad!" - The result is obvious, your mood will only increase. Accordingly, if you habitually live with a negatively built bodily format, the best affirmations will lose their force. What to do? Seriously - to correct the body, to work with gestures, expression of his face and intonations. As a quick solution - and a great solution! - use autogenic training. It also needs to be mastered, but if you start using this tool, the power of your affirmations will increase at times.

And finally - do not get carried away with affirmations, do not rush to do autosuggestions where you need to deal with business.

Positive affirmations, phrases like: "Today will be a wonderful day, today I will be fine at school! I’m smart, I’m stronger than arithmetic, I can handle all the tasks, I can do everything, I’ll succeed - Eee! " - perfectly suited for the morning mood of students, at least by the fact that once again reminded that I have all this and I am capable of more.

With mood phrases and affirmations you can (and probably need) to start well, but the actual state of your affairs these phrases by themselves will not change. Real changes do not occur after words, even convincingly said, but after the case. If your house is dirty and littered, with study problems - arrears in all subjects, you really look bad and often get sick, then you need to do not only self-hypnosis, and fix things: pull up your studies and put things in order at least in your room.

It is curious that at work, in the work process, affirmations are usually not needed. When the scripts for the behavior of employees are prescribed, there are no points in any reasonable organization "If you received a work assignment, do not rush it, first use affirmations that will create the necessary internal state for you ...". The task is given - the task is done. This is work. The same business mood best organizes intelligent people and in their personal lives: if you have planned to build a country house and you have everything you need for it, you do not need to look for a special state of mind: you just need to find an intelligent contractor who will do everything for you. A strong and intelligent person will not resort to help of his subconscious for any nonsense, just as a healthy person does not need crutches or tablets in everyday life. If your manager finds out that you are fond of affirmations, it is likely to reduce your business reputation in his eyes.

The subconscious mind, of course, can always be put to work, but it is wrong to become dependent on it. Develop the power of the mind, the more so, most likely, it is quite enough for you. At work without it consult? Results worthy? So, you can. Your new main conviction: "With all my tasks I can quite manage myself, for my actions I answer, and not my subconscious." If you do not believe in it yet, work with it, as with affirmation; the main thing is your intention to live as the Author of your life.

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