Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Working with fear

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Work with fear - techniques and procedures that can prevent fear, get rid of fear or use its positive side. Work with fear is predominantly a psychotherapeutic procedure, appropriate in a situation where the problem of fears can not be solved with a strong-willed, reasonable and active way.

Important: work with fear is appropriate, and sometimes it does not. A significant part of people go with their fears for years, not even suspecting that most of them can be really removed in a couple of hours of work, and even a larger category of people are looking for psychotherapists who would work with their fears, although there is no need for it ... When a person is not used to exerting himself, then in the face of any difficulty, it is easier for him to make a confused face and say: «I’m afraid, it’s scary!", And then nothing can be done.

Start playing the victim’s position ... Familiar?

There are many lovers to fear. People are uncomfortable to admit that they are simply lazy and unorganized, and it is easier to explain their trampling in place by the internal fears that are hindering them. To be afraid is easier than going forward and doing business. Believe that only the psychotherapist will take off your fears and everything will work out for you - easier and more pleasant than bringing up your concentration and strength, than to understand your values ​​and decide what you want to live and do something for.

"He who knows WHY, will stand any HOW» - wrote F. Nietzsche. The appeal to the main values ​​of life and meanings, the ability to distinguish the main things in life from everyday trivialities, the ability to put oneself above fears, as well as therapy by Frankl meaning, is no longer a job with fears, it is an eminence of a person when fears no longer become relevant. Scary or not scary - it is already not important.

Fears happen to everyone, but strong people usually do not engage in their fears. A strong person does not have a serious need to work with fear, how not to work with the problem of washing: what is there to work, went and washed! A strong person is busy with other, more positive tasks: how to solve a specific everyday problem, which is prevented by fear, how to develop courage and self-confidence ... Strong people, only noticing their fear, do just what is scary - and this not difficult.

However, no one will deny that fears really interfere with effective activity, and if there is a possibility of removing fears, with them, if they have worked, it is really worth it. Effective work with fear can occur in different strategies and through different channels, through an appeal to the mind, body, soul and spirit of man.

It is important - not every fear needs to be removed, it is not always necessary to pay attention to fear ↑. Often, special attention to fears only strengthens them.

Fear is in many respects the fear of the body. Fear lives in the body. This is the tension of the body, it is the physical clamps, it is a bodily stupor or a vegetative storm ... If a person s body is rattling, his eyes are swimming, his voice is uncertain and quiet, fears are stuck on such a body from all sides. By relaxing the body, controlling breathing or launching energizing bodily procedures, one can remove fear or at least reduce it. The basic procedures that help a psychologist successfully work with fears recorded in the body are auto-training and desensitization.

In addition to working with the body, psychological work with fear is effective. It is working with the internal benefits of fear, the search for the ability to beat fear with another emotion, working with a terrible picture and its connections with feelings. Implosive therapy, the anchoring of emotions, the method of paradoxical intention, indirect and direct suggestions are known techniques of this direction.

Work with specific fears

• Fear of the unknown

• Household fears - fear of the exam, it’s terrible to talk about the salary, it’s scary to leave the child alone, it s scary to start pouring cold water ...

• Fear of water, fear of swimming

• I’m afraid of cockroaches and other living things.

• Fear of a bicycle

• Fear of a relationship

• It’s scary to be at home alone

Fears of young children have their own specifics. About them, see →

Examples of work with fear

• Father screams - work with fear and anger

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