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Fairy Tale and Reality

Фильм "Амели"

Сказка о Стеклянных Шариках.
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Фильм "При чем тут гвоздь?"

Очень часто наши клиенты не хотят простых реалистичных решений, им нужны решения сказочные, глубокие и красивые. Ведь это создает им их богатый внутренний мир!
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A fairy tale and a reality are two ways, two formats of perception of a life.

Reality is the perception of what is happening as a series of neutral events, of certain objective facts. This is an objective perception (as far as possible). A fairy tale is a subjective interpretation, comprehension, guessing and arbitrary interpretation of what is happening with an active connection of the imagination, as a result of which something integral and emotional, beautiful or terrible tale about life is composed (or about something more specific: a concrete person or a concrete situation). Man through perception always forms a complete image of the world (situation). If any parts to the picture is not enough - a person looks for them, thinks up or thinks. This is connected with the fact that, seeing the same event, different people interpret it in different ways.

Skladochka fat from different people can mean anything, from: «I’m a terrible zhardyayka!" before "I can take good care of myself" and "I can afford and know how to have fun." Skladochka fat can be perceived as «I’m ready for maternity" and just: "Skladochka fat."

What determines this or that way of seeing (perception) of the situation, the creation of certain fairy tales? Any fairy tales are created on the basis of local (and family) culture, primarily because of habits, traditions, as well as emotions and moods. However, traditions and emotions are not determined by everyone: clever and adult people choose in which fairy tale or with what fairy tales they live. And when to leave tales, start living in reality.

We can say that this is the Choice of the most suitable Life Tale. Probably the best is positive and promising. Look Emotions and vision

Tale of Glass Beads

Glass balls like crystals for children - the same as gold bars or diamonds for adults, Win even one gold bar or diamond - good luck and joy, but in the life of one little boy, an absolute miracle - the stars were so incredible that he won all the balls from all his classmates during the break. Look Tale of glass balls

Relevance of formats

Perception of life events in the format of a fairy tale - for people naturally and typically. In this sense, we can say that all people live in fairy tales almost all the time of their lives.

The description of events in the format of reality is a more difficult and less common skill, requiring special preparation.

If the fairy tale is more beautiful and richer than reality, it is more natural and right to live in a fairy tale. Which, in fact, happens.

If a particular fairy tale is negative, traumatic, creates sick points in the soul, it is usually more preferable to perceive events to go to the format of reality. Events such as humiliation, insult, resentment, rape - are usually experienced very hard, although in reality they can turn out to be events of less importance.

Where is it to learn?

The theme of Fairy Tales and Reality is dealt with in the «World of Emotions" training in Syntone.

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