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Languages ​​of love

​​​​​​​The language of love is the form and way that one person gives his love to another.

There are languages ​​in love. If you talk about your love in a language that you do not understand, your love will remain misunderstood for him. His love for another person must be reported in the language that is close to him and understandable. And there are many languages ​​in love: someone is closer to the language of words, to someone the language of action, to someone the language of touch ...

If for one to love is to help, and for another - to sit and look into each other’s eyes, these two loving people in the evening after work can not understand each other. She thunders the pots in the kitchen, prepares dinner for her lover and is angry with him, which he sits on the couch and does not help. A beloved at this time sitting on the couch and sad, why the beloved does not sit with him and all the time he runs away to the kitchen ...

The main languages ​​of love.

• Touching and kissing - a loved one wants to touch, hold his hand, kiss ...

• Time together - if your loved ones spend time with anyone, but not with me, it’s insulting. And if he wants to stay with you, it’s joy!

• Words of love - from a loved one I want to hear that you are dear to him, that he loves you!

• Caring is any effective help, including washing, going to the store and any small services by the way).

• Sex - yes, it’s a pleasure and affirmation of intimate relationships.

• To obey - for the sake of a loved one, one can not argue once, but simply take and do it. Why? Because for the beloved.

• Attention to your beloved - when you remember and think about your beloved, I want to tell him about it. Sms, just call, small souvenirs from the trip, pick up a gift in advance - this indicates that the question: "Where is your soul?" you have the right answer.

• Gifts - loved one wants to give the whole world. And if the whole world does not work, then the gift is expensive, worthy and exclusive.

• Revitalization. If next to your beloved you have a livelier face than with anyone else - then your beloved is really your favorite, that is, the source of life.

How to use this list

Love can not be demanded. The list of "Languages ​​of Love" - ​​not a reason for accusations in the direction of a partner: "You give me nedodaysh!" How to properly use knowledge about the languages ​​of love?

First of all, this list is a list of requirements for yourself. I give this to my beloved? Think about your behavior, and if you miss something, forget something, then remember and add as much as possible. And make it a habit.

Further, this list is a good reason for a warm conversation. It may very well be that the partner is something more important, and something less, and then you can take care not at once about everything, namely about what is more relevant to the partner.

Suppose that gifts are unimportant to her, and she needs words and touches. So, hug and tell her what she is your favorite. Or, perhaps, it is not important for him to just be together, but for sex and obedience. Well, then so ...

Note - if a partner wants something, it does not mean that he has the right to do this and you are obliged. Suppose he wants sex three times a day, and she - hours to be together daily. It may be that it is too difficult to meet expectations. But if people love each other, it is usually possible to agree on something mutually acceptable ↑.

Male and female preferences

To find out what your partner values ​​more, it’s best to talk to him about it. If, however, the conversation has not taken place, you can (temporarily) adhere to observations about the typical preferences of men and women. For example, for men, the main languages ​​of love are sex, caring for and obedience. For women - attention to her, words of love and gifts ...

The reader writes: "Once I asked my husband how he understands that I love him, at what times and what I need to do for this, that he understands, that I love him? "His answer was:" When we have sex, and when you feed me "(in the sense that I’m preparing to eat it.) For my part, I assumed that he thinks I love him when I cook him, with children and the family as a whole, I communicate with his parents and friends ... "

Safety Engineering

Talk about love languages ​​is relevant for people’s souls about the healthy and in the resource state. When people in resentment, negativity and other non-resource conditions, you have to bring yourself to life, restore your mental health, and not burden yourself with experiences: "Now, I need to tell my beloved more good words, but now I always pull when I To him I come! Horror! Nightmare! " Do not load yourself. Better look Work with emotions and Healthy lifestyle

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