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Psychological counseling

Фильм "Путь к себе"

Иногда психологическая консультация мало чем отличается от просто житейской мудрости.
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Фильм "Stop it!"

Самое краткосрочное консультирование
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Профессор М.М. Решетников о психологическом консультировании.
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​​When people have difficulties, they turn to a psychologist for advice. Everyone has their own difficulties, and each person needs his own approach. How to start talking to the client in his language, orient him to the questions that lead to the decision how to distract him from the unproductive negative, give new visions of his situation - all this must be known and be able to a practical psychologist.

Psychological counseling is a broad concept. This includes: individual counseling, pedagogical counseling, professional counseling, management consulting, counseling for managers ... There are practically no universal psychologists-consultants, consultants "in general", more often a concrete consultant specialist in some area of ​​his own. When the consultant is presented, he simultaneously somehow names those areas in which he can act as an expert.

If a "practicing psychologist" or "psychological counseling" is personal problems, "business counseling" or "coach" is business issues, more precisely business psychology.

Inside the field of personal problems, work with addictions (drugs, gambling, falling in love), marital and, more often, family relations, the upbringing of children (sometimes very small, just children and adolescents) is often singled out separately.

Psychological counseling in the field of business is consulting on problems of professional activity and work on resolving interpersonal conflicts and problem situations in teams. Also, in order to resolve interpersonal conflicts in labor or other collectives, so-called mediation consultation can be used. The use of psychological mediation is based on the well-known fact that participation in the negotiation process by third parties that take a neutral position increases its effectiveness.

Consulting is the provision of competent information by a specialist on request for the optimal solution of certain life, personal or business problems.

One-time meeting - consultation, sometimes it is called "session". A series of meetings is a process of counseling. In any case, most often this is a conversation built in a certain way and presented as psychological counseling. Professional counseling is a meeting or series of meetings, when it is announced by counseling, the consultant introduced himself as a consultant, indicated the expected fee and received the explicit consent of the client now. Informal conversations outside these conditions are not professional consulting.

Psychological counseling should be distinguished from medical, legal, psychiatric and other things down to the everyday, where you will also be provided with advice, but of a different nature.

Psychologist-consultants work with individuals or groups. Accordingly, individual and group counseling are distinguished. According to the format, the consultation can be one-time and consists of a series of meetings, which takes place in person, either via Skype, by phone or by correspondence. Serious consultations usually take place in the format of a personal meeting. Consultations on Skype, by phone or by correspondence are less effective, but in some cases are the only possible option.

If individual counseling is a conversation between a consultant and a client in private, then group counseling takes place within the group. If this is psychological counseling in business, it can be a help in solving any production problem, in the private sphere - most often this is family counseling, where it is more convenient to solve the arising problems and problems, so that everyone who is talking about is present.

An interesting type of group counseling is mediation consultation, which helps in resolving interpersonal conflicts. The use of psychological mediation is based on the well-known fact that participation in the negotiation process by third parties that take a neutral position increases its effectiveness.

Psychological counseling can be both short-term and long-term psychological support. Short-term may include one consultation or (if necessary) more, but rarely exceeds 5-6 meetings with the client, psychological support can go for years.

At one time, questions aroused the great length of psychoanalytical support - meetings could be held twice a week for 10 consecutive years. Currently, this (rather psychotherapeutic) work is often limited to two years. Coaching can also be a long one, but there are no questions: what time constraints can there be if such a psychological support is seen as bringing to the client a real benefit?

What will the concrete meeting of the client with this or that psychologist consultant look like, it is very difficult to say: it can be a businesslike and energetic conversation, a sincere conversation with meditations, and provocative ridicule, and a technological technique of immersing oneself in a trance ...

In any case, in what any person addressing to the psychologist should understand, so this difference of psychological consultation and psychotherapeutic help.

A variety of psychological counseling

On what issues is counseling. Basic forms of consulting practice. Basic technologies of psychological counseling. Styles of counseling. Modern approaches and directions in counseling.

Methodology of psychological counseling

The methodology of psychological counseling depends both on the client (his request and his personal characteristics) and on the counselor (his views, school and preferences). In this case, you can describe the typical methodology of psychological counseling, coaching methods, methods of operative psychotherapy and methods of psychotherapeutic counseling. See →

Ethics in psychological counseling

The ethical code of a counselor psychologist. What is permissible is that there is not in counseling. See →

Organization of psychological counseling

Psychologists consultants work both privately and in public organizations. Professionally working consultants usually consist of members of professional Associations. See →


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