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Self improvement

Self-improvement (working on oneself) is a deliberate development of worthy (necessary in life and ethical) skills and qualities, and on their basis - development of new roles.

Wikipedia: Self-improvement is a process of conscious, personally-managed development, in which, in the subjective purposes and interests of the personality, its qualities and abilities are purposefully formed and developed.

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Некоторые люди знают, что такое стремление к совершенству, и живут этим.
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In self-improvement, a person focuses not on internal sensations (harmoniously to me or not), but on the demands of life: do I cope with the challenges of life? Am I worthy? Anyone who is interested in self-improvement sees the tops of development and wants to achieve them. Self-improvement is working with the vertical of human life.

You can improve yourself in different directions. The main types (directions) are moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and professional self-improvement. Separately, one can single out personal self-improvement, which usually includes the education of oneself, the development of necessary personal skills, and sometimes the development of will, thinking and other mental functions.

Self-improvement is a work for which no one will pay you, at least - not immediately. And then - why? Why strain yourself, doing self-improvement?

If you suddenly do not like your shadow - some stooped, curved, - then, to straighten it, you straighten yourself. Naturally. Similarly, if you do not quite like your life, the only way to correct it is to correct yourself. Changing ourselves - changing lives. Your life is a reflection of your personality, and you must start with yourself.

However, dissatisfaction with oneself is not the only reason for the desire for self-improvement. In addition to problems, there are opportunities in life, and there are people who consider it right to use all the best opportunities that life gives us. If you live well, but want excellent, then you are good, but you have to become - excellent! Forward to self-improvement!

How to work on yourself?

You can work on yourself, develop yourself, independently, relying on your own strength. So in due time worked Mihailo Lomonosov, Alexander Suvorov, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and many, many other famous people who left a big mark in the history of their country. They did it without any outside help - and they did it! So, it can work out for you. Another thing is that today it is faster and more effective to work on ourselves with the help of more experienced people: teachers, teachers, psychologists and coaches. In order not to get confused in the ways and strategies, practices and techniques, read How to work on yourself.

Once again: you can work on yourself and yourself. Only people like it - together, and with the leader, and especially well, if it can be done from any city and from any country in the world - online, via the Internet. Today it is already possible. We invite you to the Distance online! Distance - this is the most popular in Russia system of self development, developed by N.I. Kozlov. This development of communication skills, leadership, self-organization, the establishment of relations in the family, the ability to improve health, accustom yourself to go to bed on time, wean yourself from complaints, excuses and samopodstva, teach yourself to hear, understand and professionally feel people. All this can become yours. Today, work on the Distance can be including online, on the Internet, and in different formats: and more simple (cheap). and more expensive, but guaranteeing the best quality results. Look, what is "Theater-studio Sinton", what is "Forum-Distation" and "Life-Quest." And most importantly - go ahead, start working!


Диагностика потребности в самосовершенствовании - Автор методики Г.Д.Бабушкин.

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