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How to develop positive

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Умению радоваться меня научил папа. Игра заключается в том, чтобы найти чему можно порадоваться в любой ситуации!
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Positive gives energy, health and improves relationships. A positive world view in our culture is not very accepted and little developed, but it is definitely worth developing.

Refinement - remaining within the framework of reality and common sense, remaining an active and reasonable person. Rely on the chance, the luck, the power of positive thinking, which will surely attract us luck and do everything for us - it’s not serious. We are talking about adequate, adult and active people who set reasonable goals, build realistic plans and know how to act, and not just rely on the friendly universe.

If you are unwell, you have a fever and a severe cough, you can interpret your condition differently, from "Horror, I’m dying" to "It’s all right, I’m starting to be treated." The second, positive attitude is more useful for health and for the soul. However, telling yourself and others that this is all nonsense, refusing to rinse your throat and sit unkempt in a draft is another. This is not positive thinking, but stupidity and irresponsibility.

The positive has its disadvantages, and reasonable people use a positive attitude of the world, like any other tool: where appropriate.

The development of positive is the development of a positive world view, the development of goodwill and the development of a joyful lifestyle. The following methods, methods and exercises will help in developing a positive outlook.

• Good moments - exercise helps to notice the good that is happening in your life.

• Stop on demand - the ability to see good is not an afterthought, but instantly, right there.

• A wider circle - expand the circle of joy and good mood.

• A gratitude diary is a way to teach oneself to a positive worldview and attention to close people.

• Notebook of successes - it helps to collect and remember your positive experience of positive world perception and increases self-confidence.

• Error! - development of skills calmly, without autoaggression, treat your casual misses.

• Change the lexicon. The way we use language turns affects our worldview. It is important to remove negative and dirty words from your vocabulary, instead of using problems, use the word of the problem, instead of the disadvantages - features.

• My strengths. Knowing your own merits is very important - it allows you to understand what you can rely on in yourself. Work and develop yourself is much easier if you keep your strengths in front of your eyes. So, we start to write down our dignity for 10 pieces every day. Do not repeat!

• Exercise "Good!" - In life, not everything can be nice, but you can learn to see something good in every situation.

• A bit of victory - Learn to celebrate your success!

• If I loved - Develop the ability to look at people and life through the eyes of a person who loves. Watch positively and with love.

• Good deed - How to make people in a good mood? To help! Simple human participation creates real miracles.

A lot of people developed a positive worldview, and it’s interesting to get acquainted with their successful experience. So, Personal positive formula!

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