The origin of rituals

Фильм "Барышня-крестьянка"

Ритуал «на посошок».
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​​​​​​​ All the rituals were born from completely meaningful procedures. A handshake is a demonstration of the fact that there is no knife in the hand, a demonstration of friendliness. Clinking glasses - previously the host and guest were knocking each other with cups of wine, the wine was pouring over the edge from cup to cup, and this was a guarantee that the owner presented the guest with a good and not poisoned wine.

The ritual "On the Staff" (see the video) - before the long journey you need to cheer yourself up.

The ritual "To sit before the road" is an opportunity to once again think over all the details of the upcoming road and business.

Later, out of all these meaningful procedures, the original meaning disappeared, there remained one form, which now has only symbolic meaning, the function of emotional adjustment and rapprochement of people practicing this ritual together.

Ritual in Ethology

Chapter from the book of V.R. Dolnik "Such a long, uncomprehended childhood"


Not everyone knows that animals are very conservative. They have some idiotic need to live in an endlessly recurring world, where once and for all the order reigns, sometimes uncomfortable and even ridiculous. My talking parrot does not tolerate any changes in the room. If the wrapping paper is placed on the floor of the cage instead of the newspaper, it comes to extreme indignation. When he is sent to the cage, he demands that they first say: "Roma, in a cage!" Having passed part of the way, in a strictly defined place, he waits for the word "Come on, let s speed!" Before entering the cage, he should be reminded why he is there goes: in the afternoon - to bathe, in the evening - to sleep. After he entered the cage, you need to say: "Ah, well done, Roma, ah, well done!" There is something to be missed, and he prompts, saying this for you. If something is confused - returns to the starting point and repeats the entire procedure first.

This is not the result of living at home. Zoologists know that in a natural setting, the behavior of animals is just as conservative. They walk along the same road, inspect the same feeding places, rest in the same place, stop at the same objects. Among adults, the obsessive tendency to excessive order and strict observance of the ritual is manifested in morons. And in children. Remember how at the age of 2-4 years the child demands that everything be laid in certain places so that the feeding and dressing take place in an invariable order, so that you keep the book in a certain way, read the same fairy tale a hundred times, lose the same tale, lose the same tale the plate, included the same cartoon, etc. That this is some kind of innate feature of behavior, I never doubted, but its meaning was dark.

Conrad Lorenz gave a brilliant clue. The brain, unable to unerringly understand the cause-effect relationships between events, should not use the results of their analysis, because by taking the investigation for the cause, you can severely pay. It is better to perceive these events as a single whole, to memorize combinations that turned out to be successful or safe, and to strive to repeat them. If under this tree berries grew yesterday, look for them there today. If you caught a hare in this meadow yesterday, look for him there today. If, on the way to the burrow, this branch jumped, and under this one got used and everything turned out, continue to do so. Who in his childhood did not bind himself to a lot of such taboos? Walking on the slabs, do not step on the joints. Walking along the dark corridor, do not look back. Safely past it, jump up, etc. The behavior of a normal adult is also highly ritualized. And people are superstitious and believe in signs - the majority. The rules of good taste, family and folk traditions are also rituals. Religion is not only highly ritualized, but also requires the flock not to question and analyze its dogmas. So we are all a bit children and parrots.

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