Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Correct Life


​​​​​​​The right life is a life made by ones own hands, and brought joy to the person himself and the people around. Correct life is a life in which harmony combines meaning, joy and efficiency.

Such a life can be called simple, if she lives a person naturally, strongly, confidently. Everything that we are sure of, seems to us simple.

Now many people say and think that the right thing is not, that everyone has his own unique way of life, to which there can not be any single measure. It is argued that someone’s life can not be more correct than someone else’s, as there is no single cut of clothing suitable for everyone, and the story of the right life is only the imposition of completely different people’s private opinions of the one who tells about this right life. - True, it happens so. Only when on clothes you see curves or sloppy lines, you understand that these clothes are not from the best fashion designers. A creative approach to life is one thing, and an inept or inaccurately constructed, or even a broken life, is another.

"The right life is necessarily difficult and boring, in which there is much work and little joy," fortunately, this is a myth. The right life can easily be easy, natural and joyful.

For some, it seems that the right life is a solid precept, work and discipline. It seems wrong, just do not throw everything into one pile. There is a reasonable discipline in the right life, but the word "discipline" is not pronounced sadly, but with pride. "Making" - definitely not. When you force yourself - this is a wrong life. "Job"? "There is not more work in the right life of life than in any other life, but work becomes joy.

After all, what is work? We usually call what we do not want to do, but we have to. When you start to live correctly, you do not "have to" anything, and by the internal feeling you stop working. You will do everything you need, but if you do it naturally, it will be part of life for you, but not work. Breakfast in the morning - it is necessary, and for this you need even to sit at the table and feed yourself. But is this work? You do this for yourself, have your breakfast with pleasure. And in the right life you just do everything. As a matter of course, you do all the things you need to do.

Maybe the right life is extra tension and stress? This is the first load, and later, when it is built into your lifestyle, it’s more yours and naturally.

Of course, some efforts will always be, but sometimes you just want it. Jumping at a disco - well, also a load, but we do not mind? To build and maintain a good relationship, it takes as much energy as to quarrel. So why then waste your energy to quarrel, if for the same forces you can live in a good way?

In the real right life, no one guarantees you complete and absolute happiness, you will often experience both shortages and shortages - but you will know that you are living right! When you all feel that you desperately need three lives consistently and at least two in parallel, when every day for you is scary short, when you absolutely will not have enough of a lifetime - you have a right life!

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