Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Diary of emotions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This exercise is done easily, just start a diary. Namely, in notepad or in Excel every half hour start marking your internal state on the scale "The world is beautiful", "The world is good", "The world is neutral", "The world is hostile" and "The world is terrible". You will like this scale, the world is alive in it, and you establish relations with it. Then the transcripts:

• MP - life is wonderful, we love and are loved;

• MX - life treats us as friendly as we do towards it;

• MN - the world itself, I’m on my own. We are not friends with the world and do not quarrel;

• MB - life is hostile to me, but I have a chance to be a winner;

• MS - in this world it is impossible to win, my fight is lost. I’m still alive, but this is only for the time being, because I can be crushed at any time ...

As you will quickly understand, it is not so much a living emotion or a concrete state that is recorded, but rather our view of what is happening, our philosophy of life ...

It’s very good, if you now tear yourself away from the book and get a diary. Yes, yes, now is the time! Therefore we stop ourselves, we break away from reading: one, two, three, come off - went and did it!

Done? Thank you! That’s right!

Sometimes such a scale turns out to be rather monotonous: The world is good, The world is beautiful, The world is good ... In this case, the deviations from it are all the more important: is it true that after this event I changed my opinion about the World? The children did not remove the toys, I got angry with them - and the world after that ceased to be friendly, it became directly hostile?

Yes? Perhaps you got excited ...

Therefore - in all important cases, write down your comments, in connection with which your vision of the world has become different. Where it leads? To the fact that your internal state only by keeping this Diary of emotions will become more stable, mood swings will become a rarity for you.

That’s something your children and your loved ones will be delighted with!

Such a Diary of emotions already leads many hundreds of people, and the stabilization of the internal state is confirmed by reliable statistics. And not only stabilization, but a rise in the overall emotional tone. Indeed, most people after a maximum of a week of work confidently make a decision: in my world there can be anything, but there is a bar below which I do not go down. The world in which I live is usually good and friendly, often beautiful, rarely I can admit the world is ordinary. But is the World hostile? .. - I do not descend to such a thing ... And this is an important decision!

​​​​​​​When you figure it out, you can add a Mood Scale to the Scale of Emotional Tones, where you can set yourself scores for example from -2 to +2 (Very bad, Bad, Normal, Good, Excellent!) Or, as in the iMoodJournal game program, from 1 up to 10 (It can not be worse, Very bad, Bad, So-so, Medium, Normal, Good, Very good, Excellent, Insanely good!). Here are examples of scales that the Distanters themselves developed and used.

If circumstances permit, it is very useful to add here briefly the name of your condition (sleepy fun, serious concentration, the joy of a person who gave a piece of heat, a little nervous joy, resentment, fatigue, working vigor, enthusiasm, calm contentment) and the situation in connection with which you have this state of mind. And after some time, the most advanced can combine the Diary of emotions with time management, starting to keep track of time, that is, recording not only your mood and state of health, but what has been done by you over the past time. Very comfortably!

Your conduct of the Diary of emotions will solve several important tasks. Typically, the very conduct of the diary makes the emotional state of a person both higher and more stable. Curiously, many people are surprised to find that their real emotional state is somewhat better than it seemed before the diary. It seems that sometimes we are inclined to invent negative things about ourselves - maybe to be able to complain and regret ourselves? With the help of the Diary of emotions, you reasonably begin to get acquainted with yourself, with your emotional world. Your immediate task is to get a real picture of your emotional state, to understand, because of what it changes in plus or minus, and on this basis - to find the opportunity to change your state.

By the way, as an idea: with a high probability to manage your Diary with pleasure your children can join, especially if you teach to do it with the help of drawings. Of course, while you are not, they will hardly remember their condition every half hour, but they will do this to you, plus they can easily draw back what they had in the shower in the morning, in the afternoon and so on. And these are good topics for conversation!

If you work at the Distance and quite serious person, Ksenia Golubtsova has made a gift for you: you can download the finished form in Excel for easy registration and formation of the final schedule of the Mood Diary, all done in two versions - for boys and girls. Download!


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