Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Developing awareness

​​​​​​​The development of awareness is the development of the ability, ability and habit to accompany the consciousness of their states, their actions, their activities, the course of their lives.

Recently, the word mindfulness has become very popular and is often mentioned not in the case. A large number of psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches suggest that their peculiarity is the development of awareness in people. It does not say what exactly is meant by this quality, what observable attributes are involved.

There is awareness of speech, there is awareness of movements, there is awareness of thinking, there is awareness of one’s life as a whole - what are we talking about?

Claims of certain spiritual gurus or psychological schools: "We develop awareness!" - nothing more than a publicity stunt. Awareness is developed by everyone: parents, when they teach a child to get a spoon in their mouth, and teachers who teach the first class to write on the line, and an instructor who teaches how to use new technologies. "We develop awareness" - it sounds the same as "We give knowledge!". All give knowledge. All normal teachers develop awareness - only in different areas and directions, and this is a way that is long in infinity.

Awareness develops constantly throughout life, it is an ongoing process that does not have any end point. The development of awareness is always the development of awareness in some part of human life, in that activity where this awareness is in demand. One training, which helps the development of awareness, is not and can not be. There may be trainings that draw the attention of participants to different moments of awareness, but all the moments of awareness at one training are simply unrealistic.

As in the development of any skill, the development of awareness has its own levels and directions.

The development of mindfulness of the basic level is promoted by all practitioners who help to own their emotions, primarily a calm presence, the habit of being relaxed and meditation practices that successfully unite it.

If a person lives today, realizes only his immediate or immediate needs and desires, then this awareness is low. If a person looks at life more broadly than through the prism of his desires, he takes into account not only himself, but also other people, plans his future, knows how to load his head with necessary thoughts, and the soul with necessary feelings, then his level of awareness is already much higher.

Awareness can be developed, awareness can not be developed. In this paradox, it is said that the development of mindfulness is not one definite process with a definite completion, but a branching infinite path, the following stages of which are revealed only to those who have already passed its part. The phrase of Socrates: "The more I know, the more I understand how little I know" is fully applicable to the special: the more a person begins to live consciously, the more he begins to understand how many are still unconscious in his life.

Nevertheless, a person with some kind of developed awareness is easy to distinguish from a person living unconsciously. External signs of awareness - an attentive look, the absence of excessively harsh, impulsive movements, concentration in a relaxed body. In communicating, the attachment is manifested in the ability to clearly articulate your thesis, control your emotions and the ability to repeat what the interlocutor says. In the cases - the availability of a list of affairs of the day, the rationality of goals for the year, etc.

A person who is aware of his life can always answer the questions: "Who am I? Where am I from? What am I doing? Where do I go? "(And in small things, and in a great life perspective). Conscious people see what they do, hear what they say and how they talk to each other.

The more a person’s awareness of his actions and his behavior, the clearer the person’s vision of the patterns and tools he uses, his understanding of his motives and goals, his problems and his capabilities.

To develop mindfulness is possible and necessary, but also to develop one’s awareness should be consciously, considering the directions of future work.

The main directions of development of awareness

For those who would like to develop their awareness, it is important first of all to determine the direction of this work. It is impossible to understand everything and it is not necessary, but awareness in important matters is important. At the same time, the development of mindfulness in many ways resembles physical development, where there is general physical training and the development of special skills. We can give here some clues that help the development of general awareness.

For the development of general awareness, work out a calm presence, free (if it was) from a sharp impulsiveness and distortion. Never twist your head sharply - at moments of sharp turns, consciousness becomes difficult or turns off, awareness disappears.

Awareness of speech: work out the Total Yes. You will start to hear others, and most importantly yourself.

Awareness of behavior: learn to simultaneously direct one vector of your attention to the outside, to the surrounding life, and the second vector to yourself, and at the same time to note what you feel at each moment of time.

Awareness of movements. What you have done impulsively, abruptly, quickly - start to do slowly and smoothly, seeing and feeling the movement, turns, tension and relaxation. Only then do the speed.

Awareness of activity. Learn how to decompose complex actions into simple, elementary operations, and train each component to do the best: beautifully and on time.

Awareness of actions. Before you do anything, learn to view it from different perceptual positions: is it true that you want, how much it corresponds to the interests of others - and so on.

Consciousness of their values. Decide what you really value, what your goals and values ​​are.

Awareness of their work and life in general. Every day, start by drawing up a to-do list for the day. Thinking over the affairs of the day, be guided by the tasks of the week and month. The objectives of the week and month should match your goals for the year. Accordingly, think over your goals for a year, three and five, write these goals into a vision of your whole life.

Awareness of thinking. Constantly formulate in words facts about what is going on inside you and around you, look for new facts, formulations, points of view. Recognizing the presence of emotions as fact, think about the facts and conclusions from them, and not about emotions.

Developing awareness in practical psychology

One training that helps develop awareness is not and can not be. There may be trainings that draw the attention of participants to different moments of awareness, but all the moments of awareness at one training are simply unrealistic. Different moments of awareness develop in different practices and at different trainings, and the development of awareness, which occurs on a good training, is not always indicated with a view to training. What, nevertheless, can be recommended? Syntone program (N.I. Kozlov), Stalking (Sergey Shishkov) See →

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