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Feedback from Summer Basic, or spirituality in Syntone

Отзыв о Базовом Личностном: эффективность в общении и управление собой-2009
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What I used to call work on myself was just thinking about problems, assessing one’s own behavior, reading philosophical and spiritual literature, and lack of concrete deeds. On the one hand, I came to the training prepared for the changes, ripe before them, thirsting for them, and, on the other hand, I have not yet done concrete things for change.

At the training I learned WHERE to change and most importantly HOW!

It was important to understand that to work with your strengths, add more and more to your merits, much more productive than to get yourself into a war with yourself, with your shortcomings. After the training, there were no shortcomings, even thoughts about them disappeared, they gave way to interesting and important beautiful tasks. For example, such: to become a beautiful, energetic, athletic, active woman. Previously, my formulations were such - I’m not beautiful, I’m fat, I’m terrible, I’m weak, I’m passive, etc. etc. Guess yourself, where did this way of thinking lead me.

To my interesting tasks, I was able to develop a clear plan, which is both necessary and desirable! And to the plan, I came up with very small and pleasant things: I follow the posture, walk and on my face is now always a smile (EVEN WHEN NO ONE SEES). It would seem that a smile and a posture are trivial things. An no (you can sometimes say this word of 3 letters)! Thanks to the correct posture, I began to look people in the eyes, not on the shoes. And I saw such an interesting world! People are beautiful, different, alive! And the smile on my face was able to light smiles on the faces of passers-by! So, someone became in this world a little warmer and brighter, as in that very wonderful children’s song. And every day life presents gifts: I smile in line for a train ticket - pass ahead, smile to passers-by on the street - treat ice cream and give flowers ... Friends and parents also noticed a change for the better. And I felt lightness in my body, despite my 80 kg yet (another interesting creative task!). And two weeks ago I was thinking hard: "What I’m terrible" and walked around the mirror side. Most likely, apparently I was so. Thoughts determine reality.

Thanks to personal training, I was able to understand what I want in different spheres of life, set myself tasks. I was able to include in my tasks and those that I used to fear, wanted to do, but I thought that it was not feasible: the joy of life, health and longevity, harmony in the family, synergistic business on the principle of win-win, patronage and charity, support and education of children disabled people, changing the Russian mentality in relation to people with disabilities, integrating disabled people into work processes, changing attitudes towards nature and cleanliness in my native city, in my country. All these are great and interesting creative tasks. And for each task I have already prepared the first step. After all, "a path that is a thousand leagues long begins with the first step!"

I became interested in people! The language of their body, their speech, their eyes, their thoughts, reactions. After returning from the training, I held the first in my life negotiations with the customer live (previously all orders were via the Internet or through the intermediary company). The conversation was so interesting that the customer did not let me go for an hour, although we discussed the working moments in 15 minutes. And I did not do anything supernatural for this, listened attentively to my interlocutor, looked into my eyes and sincerely admired the story, thoughtfully answered the questions. And my behavior was natural. There were no fears, no clamps. For me, this is a real success and taste of life!

I made the first professional photo shoot in my life! I felt relaxed and at ease, so my model - a girl with an angelic face - was cozy and comfortable, and we got very real photos.

The training was a real breakthrough for me!

I realized that my fears are only fears of fears themselves, and not fear of doing business. When there are deeds and worries, there is no room for fear.

I read many books about spirituality, worthy of life. Many beautiful words. And so I met a man who does not speak beautiful speeches about spirituality. I met a person who lives spiritually.

Nikolay Ivanovich! Thank you for a wonderful sample of Simple Right Life.

Summer 2009,

Shulgina Nataliya, designer Portfolio

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