Pronouncing difficult emotions

Pronouncing difficult emotions (PDE) is a specially organized story telling a straining situation and pronouncing your feelings in order to get rid of tension and with the support of a properly listening person. In PDE, both act: one speaks his emotions, the other in a special way listens. PDE - one of the methods of ventilation of emotions

Pronunciation in life occurs quite often. "There’s something bothering me, let’s meet!" - they spoke, spoke out, felt better.

«I’m offended at you!" - this is speaking. Helps, if it hit the mark (if the person himself understands).

Pronouncing difficult emotions as a pair process

The pronouncing of difficult emotions differs from the bougie or splash of emotions.

In the bay, there is only one, it’s boozing. In pronouncing, both act: one speaks his emotions, the other listens in a special way.

It is important that the listener does not object and disagree, does not analyze and does not promise to do something. He simply listens, without entering the depths and without super psychology, in the format of active listening, namely,

• Actively listen.

• We express understanding.

• We use clarifying questions.

• If necessary, take breaks and repeat all over again. until all is ventilated.

Pronunciation of difficult emotions and close procedures

Close to the articulation of difficult emotions forms and procedures:

• Bubbling. PDE differs from bougie. In the bay, there is only one, it’s boozing. In pronouncing, both act.

• Talk about difficult relationships

• I-message

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