Male and female jealousy

Male and female jealousy are phenomena of a different nature. If a woman is confident of the partner’s love, the fact of physical infidelity can be indifferent to her. However, it is almost impossible for a woman to be convinced that physical intimacy has passed without feelings.

The woman is a synthetic being (not in the sense that the polymers are pumped from all the convex sides, but in the fact that the principle of female consciousness is a synthesis). Separation for the female perception is almost inaccessible.

That’s why a woman is never driven by male assurances that sex and love are two different things. The world of a woman is synthesized so much that, in the end, it can fit in the point of her "I", that is, in a hole where a woman seeks to send everything she likes.

The principle of consciousness of a man is analysis, that is, division into parts. When "Bordeaux Todol" characterizes masculinity as sympathy, she does not mean anything like sentimentality. Perception of the man of the world is an act of transferring the "I", connecting with one and then with other settings - multiple role games.

A man, even if he is Othello, easily believes that a changed woman continues to love him. However, only this fact for him is uncomfortable. A man can go mad with a humiliating defeat and anger at the woman who set him up.

But! If the opponent will actively seek the hand and heart of a woman, a man can reconsider his attitude and feel himself not a loser, but a winner (after all, a woman stays with him). In this case, he will cease to suffer because of the betrayal and will only monitor the prevention of a new one.

If a rival is inferior to a man in all meaningful role-playing games (financially insolvent, socially lower, physically weaker), a man can experience the betrayal of a loving woman almost painlessly. The same attitude to change occurs in the one whose opponent is many times greater than him. The courtiers tolerated the connection of their wives with kings. So did the Roman emperors to have sex with loved ones with plebs.

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