Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Exercise "Good": the ability to enjoy life

Exercise "Good" is one of the exercises of the Distance, wider - the direction of the Distance, helping to strengthen (or regain) the state of the inner Good and the joy of life. The task is to learn how to keep yourself always in a state of "Everything is good" and the position "The world is friendly". The way to solve is not to suppress the inner Poor, but create the inner Good.

What do you need to work out in this exercise? The wording of the exercise "Good" for the students of the University of Practical Psychology is:

• Usually I’m fine, minor cons add easily to a positive positive. I know and use my mood boosters, my piggy of positive energy is full!

• Even if problems have occurred, I do not make a problem out of it and know how to scoop up pluses in any situation. In a regular situation, if necessary, I come out of the negative for "..." minutes, I can include "Good" without any justification.

• I have no enemies, there are creative situations. When people object or make comments, I do not run back, but at first I think.

• If you shoot me on video, on my face and in speech the ratio of positive and negative is one hundred to one. In the advanced version, I begin to live in the mode of Sunny.

The state of "Good" is created and supported by a smile, a general spiritual program, service programs, beliefs and other means of managing the state of mind, and also - real affairs, improvement of life and control of circumstances. Auxiliary tasks for practicing this exercise:

1. "Learn the word Good". In any regular situation, whatever happens, we say to ourselves with an inner smile: "Well!". They shout at us - "Okay." We shout - also "Good." Consider that this is just a reminder that life is worthy of being appreciated! Many people like to sing songs on the topic. Well: songs can be any, from "Well, well, let’s sing a song to us, merry wind" to amateur "The world is beautiful, yes, yes, yes, good!"

2. We use auto-suggestion and affirmations. There is no task to inspire yourself with what is not, but why live with the negative suggestions that we learned as a result of education?

3. We get used to using "Mood boosters". It’s really funny, but many people in a bad mood somehow forget that the mood can be just - raise. Learn, we will remember!

4. "Borrowing the Pros". We work out the reasons for "Good", we learn to see the bright side in any event. The mug fell - well, fell, but did not break. They hit the car - well, they hit a little, but they did not completely destroy it. Smashed the car completely? - well, but did not shoot down a man, but just broke the car. You can buy a new car.

5. "Wealth of the world." We learn to see beauty, hear the music of the surrounding world, feel the tastes and smells. Learning to live and do business with a feeling of pleasure, to thank life for each gift from her.

6. Making ourselves a more positive body. To do this, remove the obvious clamps from the face, it is useful to pay attention to the usual muzzles such as grievances or "oh, I was upset!", It is useful to work out the Hands of greeting.

The development of the state of "Good" occurs through several stages, and at first this state is not entirely natural, rather artificial. We are accustomed to call natural what one does not need to waste energy, something that is customary.

When the child learned to walk, but it was natural for him to crawl, he stood on two legs and stubbornly took two or three steps, this was also artificial for him. When the child took a fork in his hand, instead of naturally raking the food with his hands, for him the fork was a stranger, and there is a fork - completely artificial. Over time, with repetition, with addiction, the former "artificial" becomes natural.

"Good", like any other skill at first it turns out difficult and "artificial", that is unusual. However, this is only a matter of time, you only need to exercise, and after a while "Good!" Will become a habit, a natural state. For most remote people, this exercise takes between two weeks and two months when you work half an hour a day.

In this exercise, two major difficulties: the state of the body and ideological protests. As for the body, the body should really be taken care of: sleep, lead a healthy lifestyle and follow the functional bodily positive. If you have internal ideological protests, take a look at the Five Chairs exercise.

What is the criterion that the exercise is "Good!" have you mastered it? Here you can use the following metaphor: a healthy, cheerful and normally developed person walks beautifully and does not fall, and if he accidentally stumbles, it rises immediately and without difficulty. The inner well is also good: it accompanies you through life always and without difficulty, and if suddenly there is an accident or a life will hit, then your recovery is almost immediately and easily. Yes?

Environmental Practice

Exercise "Good" is a great exercise, it will bring you lightness. joy and a sense of inner comfort, but it requires a certain counterweight. Indeed, we do not like pofigizm when an energetic man learns the exercise "Good", then lies down on the couch and then he does not get up from him ... And what? Now he does not need much, he is always fine, even when his wife is already shouting at him - he is still good ... The "Good" exercise must necessarily be supplemented 1) by the habit of approaching everything constructively and 2) the philosophy of high values ​​of life. On the Distance there are the exercises "Translating a problem into a task" and "If I loved."

The task of "living with the inner Well" is put by the distance workers, and not only by the distant people - a lot of wise people throughout the life of mankind. Here are different illustrations on this topic.

​​​​​​​I have an inner warm space.

Ksenia B. writes: Today is another great day, and I want to boast of my successes in the exercise "Good." Now I manage, miracle, to maintain a high mood during the day! And an even and calm state!

Before, I did not understand how it is possible to keep one condition inside, but something else will happen from the outside. And now I have a kind of space inside of me, in which I start to get support of my own mood. It’s like building a room in the middle of a clearing and learning how to maintain a different temperature inside it than on the street! Put a small fireplace and look at the street minus from the inside! Of course, the drafts are still blowing out, but not so terrible as the old hurricanes. And they leave the room under the watching gaze now most often themselves. On New Year’s I plan to have a full fireplace and put a Christmas tree :)

Today, for example, the mood was 5 out of 10. And I raised it to 7 in 9 minutes! I just deliberately chose another state!

And with Lesha, too, it turns out! There were already 4 situations today, which initially upset me and caused helplessness. I did not know how to do it better. Immediately realized that it upsets me, realized that now I do not know what to do with it, wrote down and went to think about something else, about a more pleasant and also about Lesha. I understand that he did not want to upset me. Simply, I have not yet learned to fully understand and accept it. This is not an excuse for spoiling yourself and his mood. Moreover, this is all fleeting, like a draft.

I’m fine fellow!

Which hand is easier to break?

Actors: Mom Tanya Kachalova and six-year-old son - Yura Kachalov (names and surnames are not changed). So, Yura falls from the Swedish wall in the kindergarten and breaks her hand firmly. Emergency, flasher, siren, hospital, X-ray, gypsum. My mother is notified by phone. Mom in tears is carried by a taxi to the other end of the city. In her head it turns, as she herself fell into the shed at the age of 6, and her mother came running to her, she could only say one thing: "Tanechka, how are you?". Breaks into the surgical department. He sees a son at the end of the corridor. Runs to him and understands that now, too, can only say one thing: "Yurochka, well, how are you?". Runs up. The child raises his eyes, looks at his mother and calmly says: "Mom, such happiness, imagine! I broke my left hand, not the right one! It’s very convenient!". The phrase about "how so" gets stuck in my mother’s throat. "Yes, son, you - well done!"

Fair of good mood

"I was fascinated by an ordinary bag with an unusual inscription:" Everything will be fine, I found out ... "Or like this inscription on a mug:" Never stop smiling, even when you are sad, someone can fall in love with your smile " and the sea of ​​other "sweethearted" gizmos.Where else can you meet the "individual liquidator of fears" or anti-conflict matches? Only here and only for 30 rubles. " →

Pulling canoe is our entertainment!

Looking unbiased at what is happening below, I saw an interesting picture. A few people seemed to be doing a common thing - they were pulling a boat. But two of them, the Italians, were tense, sullen, irritable; they constantly swore, as befits real Tuscans. The rest, the Indians, seem to have had a good time and even found entertainment in it. They were relaxed, bantering over the awkward canoe and their grazes, but a special joy was caused by a pie that fell on one of the tribesmen. Surprisingly, the latter, nestled against the red-hot granite, was always laughing with relief, loudest of all, of course, after being dragged out from under the boat and he could breathe freely. Read more Jean Ledloff →

I really appreciate my calm confident "Good"

The first results appeared in a couple of weeks. Out of my life, desperate situations have disappeared, a feeling of joy of life, a desire to live, not to be an observer, to start to manage my life and enjoy this process.

I learned to switch to the "Good" state for 7-10 seconds, and choose which "Good" I need now and use it.

I learned to take all events positively. Not some thoughtless "yes it’s all right!", And this is "calm Good", which can be deciphered as:

• Yeah, it happened - well;

• I do not know what to do at once - then I’ll think about it, discuss it;

• I will find advantages for myself in the situation;

• I will find possible difficult moments that may arise, I will calculate the solutions and I will be ready for them.

And I began to focus my attention on the fact that any situation is an opportunity to see the other sides of one question and learn something from it.

Situations with communication with people who are unpleasant to me are still in the process. What is done for today: I got rid of the negative emotions associated with these meetings, now everything goes quietly and benevolently. This was largely due to anti-beliefs, and most importantly, due to the fact that I finally began to live again not on the scale, but sensibly and with a desire to change for the better.

In general, during these 2 months of work on this exercise I became calm, with a charge of "good", I did not have periods of apathetic idleness. If I get tired of doing one thing, I switch to another, and then I go back to the right one. I became more active, much more time for the week. I began to move in a new direction of work. Denoted the main life goals. Their understanding and awareness of themselves removed a lot of empty worries, fears and frustrations. I began to communicate more calmly with people, I became more positive not only externally, but also with an identical charge inside.

Now most of the time I’m "Sunny" without any dark spots, and my very quiet confident "Good" is very dear to me. And it’s so nice!

Report from Pysnik on the exercise "Well" in full.

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