The Way of Will and Self-perfection

The best strategy is the combination of the will path (straightness) and flexibility, the combination of motivation and motivation. Anyone who does not know how to make himself, for whom there is only his Want, can hardly achieve significant results in the development of his personality. On the other hand, it is debatable and unprofitable to move oneself only in freedom and only in war with oneself. War always takes more resources than peaceful existence.

Sometimes, when war and pressure are the only effective way to solve the situation. For example, a person wants to start doing exercises, but his body since childhood is lazy, capricious and used to driving the process. A person tries to organize himself to work flexibly and "in an amicable way", using a system of self-organization. I tried once, the other did not work, I could not train myself. After this, two strategies are possible:

1. continue to look for and pick up different motivations for yourself, to interest yourself - but for the time being did not interest yourself, do nothing,

2. force and directly organize themselves to exercise, that is, simply to do, through "I do not want", "I do not understand why" and "I do not know how." Often this way, the way of the will, is more effective.

After the process was launched and the charging you began to do, stop the war with yourself: start picking yourself a positive motivation, develop and create yourself and your personality.

Total, the general technology of using the will:

• We start with the self-organization system. If this helps, real changes appear (he began to do exercises, the employee stopped being late) - we cease to somehow motivate, or motivate occasionally in a chaotic order.

• If nothing has changed during the month, despite all your efforts (found a positive motivation for yourself - it did not work.) They connect the power structures, namely the will, with a frightened scarecrow. We connect point and sight. (got up in the morning and just made exercises).

It helps to organize a method of counting to three. In advance, you program yourself that you give yourself the opportunity to count up to three, but if you called three - you have to do what you planned. It is important not to let yourself be justified: to do in any case, no matter what happens. Have decided to run in the mornings - though in the street minus thirty, though a hurricane, though an earthquake - you run to run. Exactly as much as planned. Therefore it is important to prepare a realistic Plan of Execution of the required.

• Once you have organized yourself to work and started doing something - turn off the will and again look for a motivation system to make it easier.

When and to whom it is useful to connect will?

It is useful for everyone to develop the will, but to use the will - not always. Developed will - as a developed physical force: let it be, but in a concrete situation it may be more useful not to be strength, but dexterity or intelligence. Will is not superfluous - it is inappropriate in this situation.

Metaphor: if you have a black belt in karate, you do not need to look specifically for the fight in which you fit. But if someone attacked you or your friends, then it would be appropriate to show one’s strength.

You do not need to use will:

• The security forces, people with pronounced negative motivation, motive of competition - it is better to develop the head, not the will. Usually, with the will and power of such people are all right. They need a strong-willed effort to force themselves not to fight, but to be friends with the world. And learn to save power not for war, but for creation. It is not enough to have a huge, punchy force. It is good to be able to see in the world except struggle - joy and peace.

• Mentally healthy people, actively developing, accustomed to live on the positive. For such people, a high load is normal and habitual. They do not fight with themselves, but agree. They rarely use their will, they have their own arsenal and ways of life.

Who needs to connect the will:

• Lazybirds and those who are not used to shipping themselves.

• Teenagers, because they are most often expressed defensive-aggressive position and the corresponding negative motivation.

• Motivators and tacticians, development of will is useful from the point of view of general development, so that there is an alternative to the search for motivation​​​​​​​

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