Personal self-improvement

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Что делать с собственным эгоизмом?
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Personal self-improvement (working on oneself) is predominantly a conscious self-education of oneself, development of necessary personal skills and qualities, and sometimes development of will, thinking and other mental functions.

Personal self-improvement is a kind of self-improvement, because apart from the personal, there can be physical and other self-improvement.

Personal self-improvement is almost the same as the growth and development of personality, but when it is said that a person is engaged in self-improvement, it is emphasized primarily the independence of this work, the fact that a person does it himself. If a person writes «I’m fond of personal growth," it may mean that he does very little by himself, but he likes psychological (for example) groups and what he likes with him.

Personal self-improvement usually includes the following directions:

• Education and development of thinking. See the Productive thinking

• Increase the culture of communication and the overall psychological culture. Look Conflictogen, Accusations, How to learn conflict-free

• Work on your own success Look Ten features of a successful person, Methods of effective self-organization

• Moral self-improvement. See Benjamin Franklin’s Moral Development Plan

• Improved character. Look How to fix the character

Psychological arsenal of self-improvement

The path of self-improvement offers a fairly broad psychological arsenal for achieving the set goals: the arsenal as a way of personal development, and the arsenal of the path of personal growth. It is self-confidence, the creation of a developing environment around ourselves, the development of new roles, the passage of psychotherapy, as well as rewards and punishments, the conditioning of classical and operational, suggestion, infection, use of samples, study and training, cooperation with people in its self-development.

Self-improvement, building yourself - is more effective if you have a clear idea of ​​what you are aiming at, and there is a vision of your ideal.

How to work on yourself?

In working on yourself there are quite different ways (strategies), different practices and techniques. This is definitely worth getting acquainted with.

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