Автор: Марина Смирнова​​​​​​​, психолог

Selection of useful literature on the upbringing of children

The literature on raising children is a sea, it’s easy to get lost. What books or articles could I recommend in the first place?

• James Dobson "Do not be afraid to be strict parents" (here chapters from the book) - a wonderful guide on how you can be both a loving and strict parent.

• Karen Pryor "Do not growl at the dog," - an amazing book about the education of all in a row by training, fun and useful.

• Robin Berman "Pampering can not be controlled."

• Marianna Lukashenko "Time management for children".

• S. Feldcher, S. Lieberman "400 ways to take a child from 2 to 8 years," - games, topics for classes, tips for many life situations.

• С.В. Krivtsova "Teacher and the problems of discipline" - helps to identify the causes of conflict behavior of children, and most importantly, gives an understanding of how these causes to eliminate and prevent.

• Yu.B. Gippenreiter "Communicate with the child. How? "

• Yu.B. Gippenreiter "We continue to communicate with the child. So? "

• R. and D. Bayard" Your restless teenager "- for those parents who are tested for strength by their restless teenagers.

• L.P. Strelkova "Emotional primer" - for reading together with children of 5-8 years of age, helps to recognize and understand their emotional states and to think about their attitude towards them.

• Jean Ledloff "How to raise a happy child." The principle of continuity "- first of all for future parents, and for parents of kids. A good way of making your child.

• D. Gray "Children from Heaven" - a lot of practical advice.

• Bodo Schaefer "Mani, or the ABC of Money" - can be read to children 10-13 years old. For those who think how to teach children to treat money.

• Bodo Schaefer, Karola Furstl "Money is good for a woman" - helps mothers make financial decisions regarding themselves and children.

• Leonid Zharov and Svetlana Ermakova (here are excerpts from the books) "About two - alone" "To whom to give the apple" and "How not to yell. The experience of calm education. "

• Ivanova Catherine. "Teachers and children: a view from the outside and from the inside, or the Pedagogical Poem Today."

• S.L. Soloveichik "Teaching with enthusiasm" - how to develop a love for study, and, more broadly, to the work you are doing.

• B. and L. Nikitin "We, our children and grandchildren" - an example of understanding their own experience in the education of children.

• And the greatest authorities from pedagogy, - Makarenko "The Book for Parents" and Y.Korchak "How to Love a Child" - are good for reflection and discussion.

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