Constructive and humble

Фильм "Спирит: Душа прерий"

Смирения тут нет точно. Но это и не тупой деструктив, по ходу нашелся и конструктив: свобода.
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Anyone who is looking for a constructive solution, has not yet reconciled - at least in the soul. The one who has reconciled, does not look for a constructive - even in the soul. Is it always right not to reconcile, always look for a solution? Not obvious.

If there is a wall in front of you, it’s silly to try to break it with your head: it’s worth waiting for at least a while. Reconcile that for a while you will have to wait. However, if after some time you understand that you can already search at least detours, you need to go up and start looking for a way out.

Lord, give me peace of mind to accept what I can not change,

give me the courage to change what I can change,

and give me the wisdom to distinguish one from another.

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