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Throw it out of your head, or requests to a psychologist, with whom the pro will not work

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There are a large number of typical negative requests, with which a self-respecting (and client) consultant will work, at least meaningfully and directly - will not. These are the questions: "I want to get rid of self-accusation! How to overcome my laziness? I m too shy - how to overcome myself? How to protect yourself from manipulation? How not to become a victim of fraud? How to recognize a lie?" You need to know these questions from clients, so as not to fall on them. At the same time, the problems behind these issues are quite real, and the consultant’s task is to translate these requests into a positive and constructive plane.

How? Let’s show the main directions.

I want to get rid of self-accusation!

It is not necessary to get rid of self-accusation, but to learn a positive and constructive attitude to yourself. Exercise Error will help you.

How to overcome your laziness?

Do not be too lazy to overcome, but to understand your philosophy of life, determine your goals and teach yourself how to organize. And to start, perhaps, from having to go to bed on time and get up early.

I’m too shy. How to overcome yourself?

Again - do not effectively set negative goals, work more effectively with yourself on the positive. Not with shyness you need to fight, but to develop the position of the Author, accustom yourself to confident behavior, put yourself a royal posture and begin to train non-standard actions. So much more fun?

How to protect yourself from manipulation?

Fashionable and rotten theme. Real results: first and foremost, this is the fomenting of fears, a person in all sees deceivers. As a rule, this all ends. If the client and the consultant are more determined and the client is really learning to defend himself against manipulation, then after studying, he reacts roughly to all moments in communication that he does not like, provokes hostility towards himself and provokes others to manipulate ...

How not to fall victim to deceivers?

If a person will lead the old way of life, have the old environment and will continue to be muddle, no advice will help him, and such questions are often not really a request, with only a way to complain about difficult life and terrible people. If this is not a complaint, but the request is serious, we begin to be interested in: "How often have you been deceived? Who specifically? Why are you communicating with these people?" and so on. It is clear that the decision to change the environment to a more worthy one and to learn to understand people, which involves already attending psychological training sessions, is a completely different matter. Will the client be ready for this?

How to recognize a lie?

People who set the task of using sign language to calculate those who will deceive them and manipulate them, this knowledge does not protect themselves. Programs that teach "to recognize fraudsters and manipulators" lead to the opposite result: the number of deceived and deceiving as a result of these programs is only growing. For more details, see →

Dear colleagues, what questions will you add here?

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