Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Those who plan to work on themselves independently

Фильм "Отпетые мошенники"

Работать над собой лучше под руководством мастера. Залог успеха - ясные цели, качественные образцы, тренировка, обратная связь.
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Фильм "Н.И. Козлов и Марина Смирнова"

Что делать с собственным эгоизмом?
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Фильм "Консультируют Н.И. Козлов и Марина Смирнова"

Сколько часов ежедневно вы любите любимого, то есть работаете над собой?
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Фильм "Как добиваться результатов в личностном росте? Н.И. Козлов"

Work on themselves, develop themselves can be independently, relying on their own strength. So in his time worked Mikhail (Mikhailo) Lomonosov, Alexander Suvorov, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and many, many other famous people who left a big mark in the history of their country. They did it without any outside help - and they did it! So, it can work out for you. Another thing is that today it is faster and more effective to work on ourselves with the help of more experienced people: teachers, teachers, psychologists and coaches.

Psychotherapists here can be useful too, but their role is rather ancillary. The specialization of psychotherapists is treatment, not training, they are still occupied with another: they help a person to rise from a problem state to a healthy state. In the broadest sense, this can also be called personal development, but it is more accurate to talk about help in recovery, in the restoration of normal, efficient functioning. Repair should not be confused with tuning.

With good support, it is always better to work, but one does not work for one (or one).

"What I used to call work on myself was just thinking over problems, assessing one’s own behavior, reading philosophical and spiritual literature and lack of concrete deeds ..."

Nevertheless, it is possible and necessary to work on oneself. The main thing is that the results can be achieved, and the work is fun. Work on yourself must be clever, fun and with pleasure. Multiply - that is, do exactly what you need, and the way you need. Successful people do not practice 1000 movements 3 times. 3 movements of 1000 times, but these movements are those that They need it, it's fun, because it's so effective to work, and it's good to work again tomorrow.

How to make the work on yourself produce meaningful results? The key to success is clear goals, worthy samples, training, feedback. better - a quality and time-tested methodology. Today, the most popular in Russia system of self-development is Distance, a system of planned personal development, developed by N.I. Kozlov. Today with the help of Distant you can work on yourself from any city and from any country of the world - online, via the Internet. We invite you to the Distance online!

For those who plan to work completely independently, we give the basic clues.

From the lifeblood to the lifestyle

As a rule, people start working on themselves because life has given a kick and a specific, very important task has appeared. Not just arose a whim "Now, I'll work on myself!" - it passes quickly, and when in life something became very necessary, when there was a real need. However, life kicks many, and not all are sent to a beautiful flight. It takes more - a head on the shoulders, an understanding that whining and telling about their problems - it s futile that you will only be stretched out by yourself. You yourself. Good. Life pushed, you made the right conclusions and took care of themselves. How long will you last? This is the main question, and your main task is to make it so that you can work on yourself. If you understand what you are getting, that you have results and it's worth it, you will move on. Your task is to work on yourself as a habit and a way of life, so that in another way you would live simply strange, because you are the one who is always in development, and lying around and feeling sorry for yourself is not you anymore! Next, see →

Getting Started with Setting Goals

The desire to work on yourself often begins with the fact that a person is facing some or other problems, but to deal with their problems is a dead-end way. The easiest way people see their problems is that they are burdened and hampered. Engage in their problems can be long, usually it is unproductive ↑. To effectively move forward, it is important another thing - it is important to learn how to correctly set goals. The first thing that will help you is to describe in the most lively and free manner all that you dream about, what you want to get in this life. Have you recorded it? Pleased? And now we have to work - our desires need to be turned into goals. Desires and goals - things are different, correctly set goals can not all. We remind you of the basic requirements: the goals should be formulated positively, the goals should be specific, the goals should be written down. Yes, more - the goals should be adequate ... See →

Pull up the resources

Whatever your wonderful goals, it's useful to remember that nobody will bring anything to you on a silver platter, you need to achieve or organize everything yourself. It is wrong to rely only on one s own strengths, it is wise to take the help of those who can and want to help you, but even this help and support is organized - your concern. All people do, and you will have it when you have the necessary qualities and abilities, when you will become a person worthy of your goals. So start with yourself: take a sheet and describe yourself: in the left column list all your problems and shortcomings, in the right - your strengths and virtues, in the middle graph write down everything that is just your features ... See →

Making a plan of work

In the work plan you should have: work directions, stages of work and specifics - when, where and how. And who will help you in this. Sometimes it's easy to make such a plan, sometimes you yourself can not cope with it, it may require specialist help. See →


It is important to begin. In order not to get stuck in plans and dreams, you need to get down to business faster. There are observations - if you have conceived something and within 48 hours went to action, to realization, - your plans are worth something. If you think about it, but postpone everything and have not started anything, your plans will not come to fruition. So, hurry to take the first step, to implement at least some, but concrete business. See → A variety of techniques can help in working on yourself: a detailed introduction to the beginning, the availability of instructions or a sample, speech inserts, reminders, penalties and incentives ... See → Until you have learned to work on yourself, you can experience a wide variety of difficulties . It seems that he is already used to the new one, but he lost his way and returned to the old channel ... "What to do about it - see → ​​​​​​​

And remember what Churchill wrote:" Victories are not final, failures are not fatal, meaning has only the courage to continue!"

Support in working on yourself

One move forward is not easy, and if possible, work on yourself better with someone, well if in a group of like-minded people, and under the guidance of a master. The wizard will help you more accurately determine the direction, suggest effective methods and methods, give quality feedback, help you not forget your wonderful intentions, create the necessary motivation. If you find out who and where does what is interesting for you, be sure to come and meet these people. Psychological trainings can give you a lot, but you need to get on a good, high-quality psychological training. If you can afford it, we recommend that you find your coach or start working on the Online Distances, where you will have a leader and a group of like-minded people next to you.

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