Child: development, education, re-education, management

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Родительские внушения могут воспитывать детей как лидеров. Так воспитывалась Маргарет Тетчер.
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Raising a child, re-educating a child, managing a child are completely different tasks and fundamentally different methods. Understand what you need, and do not confuse please!

Child management is the ability of adults to purposefully influence the child’s behavior in a particular situation, here and now.

You can perfectly manage your child and be no educator if you manage without any system, solving only operational tasks and not thinking about the direction as a whole.

Child upbringing is an impact that shapes the childэs personality and systematically changes his behavior.

If you put the child in the right environment, you almost no longer need to manage it: it gradually begins to permeate with a new way of life. It is necessary to manage the child, that he now washed his hands, brushed his teeth, did his homework. And you can, for example, learn how to manage a child. In this case, the child every time you are near, is controlled. But did you step aside, and what would the child do? No one knows, because the child is not raised. He just manages, you can solve problems situationally with him, but he himself is not the bearer of certain habits, views, values ​​that you would like the child to have. A child’s upbringing is the doing of a man who in himself bears some views, values, habits - he has become different. He became a man, became an adult, caring, thinking, and learned to be friends. For him, what is needed from him is important.

Re-education of the child is the breaking of what has already been brought up, and the construction of a new one on the ruins of the old.

This is the most difficult thing to do. A sad destiny of those who did not learn to manage the child and did not take care of his upbringing in advance.

Child development - all the positive changes in the child, occurring as a result of serious, qualitative leaps, and small, gradual changes. This is all that the child grows (with age) itself, which is formed under the influence from the outside and develops in oneself by the child.

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