Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Discharge of aggression and negative emotions in men and women

The method of detenting aggression through crying and splashing emotions more often helps women and badly helps men. Moreover, he brings more trouble to them. The fact is that in female aggression, in emotional outbursts of women of the speech plan (such as "How I’m angry with you, ready to kill, I’ll slam now!") Contains only internal tension, only energy without content, but the intention to slap someone here is not implied.

And the words of men are different. These are not just sounds, they mean exactly what they say, the cry of a man is meaningful and concrete, he makes a clear desire to fulfill certain threats. And if, splashing out his anger, a man over and over again lives his own not just weighty, and specifically organizing it for action text, then he does not discharge himself, but winds and charges, and the matter may end not with relief, but with a fight.

When a group of psychologists interviewed employees who were angry at the notice they had just received, they began to show more hostility towards the company after they had the opportunity to voice their critical attitude to its leadership. The consequence of their emotional statements was that they began to inflame themselves more and more (Ebbesen, Duncan & Konecni, 1975).

As for the relaxation of aggression, not through speech, but with the help of real or imagined physical actions, such as to beat an imaginary offender, then experiments here also confidently say that men do not free themselves from aggression, while it becomes easier for women from this.

What should men do with their own aggressiveness?

At first - which is not recommended: it is alcohol, pain in sports and a splash of imaginary aggression. And also: revenge, shit, and seize.

It is recommended (to do consecutively on the items):

1. Calm the breath, keep yourself calm. If there is physical calmness, the body begins to calm itself.

2. Turn on your head and look into what happened. Perhaps you are angry prematurely. Another: the best way to calm down for men is to think through a plan of action for the future. Check it out!

3. Do business - it also calms, because attention is switched.

4. If the aggressive excitement still goes off scale and interferes with the work, arrange for yourself muscular and respiratory pumping with sharp blows and exhalations, until you get tired.

If you did it all: you are now in order. If the remnants of aggression boil again, catch them on interception: we do everything from the first point.


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