Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Problem body: what really determines our inner state?

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История жизни
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Фильм "Ник Вуйчич"

Посмотрите на лицо и глаза Ника. Всем бы такие бодрые и веселые глаза!
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The body and the inner state of a person are interrelated. Very interrelated. At the same time, a healthy body in all respects does not guarantee an internal state of happiness and joy, although the problem body guarantees that its owner can not be really happy. But: what is a problem body? but a healthy body? Specifically, how to determine the difference between them?

Does Stephen Hawking have a healthy body? And Nick Vuychich?

To answer this question, I’ll give a list of body zones that primarily determine the inner state of a person, and their relative strength. Based on my practice and observations, I will prioritize them. At the beginning of the list - the zone with the strongest influence, then - zones with less influence.

First place: FACE. The main point of the face is the eyes. Eyes are different: alive and extinct, closely-focused and somewhere floating ... Do you think that the eyes – it’s just a reflection of your condition? Not this way. With what eyes you begin to walk, you will receive such a state. Eyes are the main key of our states.

Second place: BACK. The main point of the back is the turn of the shoulders. The slouch of weak shoulders almost always means insecurity, while stooping does not reflect a weak personal position as much as it shapes. Unroll your shoulders, right?

Third place: Muscular rest, absence of rattling. Two main points: muscle relaxation and calm breathing. Flows of relaxation and breathing practices are the basis of wise yoga. I think that I learned auto-training thirty years ago, one of my best life contributions. Total: each person has to learn, learn and learn these things ...

Fourth place: VOICE. The main points are intonation and timbre. Selecting an actor for the role of a noble person from the higher world, they turn first of all to a voice: it should be with a beautiful velvet coloration, which is achieved by connecting thoracic resonators. Similarly, you want to develop your soulfulness in your children, teach them to read poems with intimate intonations. The voice, intonation and timbre give the finest tuning of our personality.

Fifth place: The figure of the body. The main points are gestures and gait. Not so long ago, during a walk, I met two women walking absolutely royal gait... What beautiful faces they had! I noticed the pattern of this gait, I have been absorbing it for several months: as soon as I include this gait (I called it all-imperial), the internal state changes almost instantly: dignity, strength and ease are added simultaneously. Oh, if I could master this gait even then, in my childhood!

If you are attentive to yourself, make an inventory of all these zones. What do your eyes express? How do you hold your shoulders? Body relaxed? Is the breathing always calm? Listen to the timbre of your voice... Pay attention to your gestures and gait - everything is fine?

Note at the same time that serious problems in even the least powerful zones can put a cross not only on your professional career, but also break your personal life. You have a bad timbre - and you will never become a popular psychologist. You have a crying voice in your voice - and you will be persecuted all your life with a penchant for depression ...

Nevertheless, cheerful and attentive eyes will hold you, even if you are slightly stooping and somewhat jingling. Eyes - stronger. If you keep your shoulders wide, you can live with muscle tension: you will succeed. Posture is more important! You may have an unsuccessful voice, flaccid intonations and a dim voice, but if you breathe always smoothly and the body is relaxed, you will still be all right! You are calm!

A lot of Russians walk with hideous gait, using terrible gestures - and they are at the same time quite happy, if they have at the same time at least some of the positive physical capital: either a living voice or cheerful eyes.

Perhaps you do not have enough strength and attention to follow the entire economy of your body, but if you follow what you do, then remember the priorities: your eyes and your posture are most important for your inner state. On your posture, you always (hopefully) have enough strength, since the back, or rather the posture is held by the strongest muscles of the body: the latissimus muscles of the back. They will manage. And as for the eyes, the eyes are light, and no effort is required to control the muscles of the eyes. It’s easy! The main thing is to get used to paying attention to it.

The main attention is on the posture and eyes.

As for the question of Stephen Hawking and Nick Vuicic, look at Steve’s eyes and Nick’s smile. They know how to do from what they have - a healthy body.

Smile, gentlemen!

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