What is love - the answers of children

American children respond to the question: "What is love?":

When my grandmother started arthritis, she could not bend over and paint the nails on her legs. Then the grandfather began to do it for her, even after he also had arthritis in his hands. This is Love.

Rebecca, 8 years old.

When someone loves you, he pronounces your name in a special way. Your name is cozy on his tongue.

Billy, 4 years old.

Love is when you share your fried potatoes and do not expect to be shared with you either.

Krissy, 6 years old.

Love is what makes you smile, even when tired.

Terry, 4 years.

Love is when mom brews coffee and first tries it herself, did it taste good.

Dani, 7 years old.

Love is what happens to you in the room for Christmas, if you stop unwrapping presents and listen.

Bobby, 5 years.

If you want to learn to love better, you need to start with someone you can not stand.

Nikka, 6 years old

Love is when you tell a boy that you like his shirt and he starts wearing it every day.

Noel, 7 years old

Love is like an old grandfather and grandmother, who are still friends, even after they have recognized each other so well.

Tommy, 6 years old

Mom loves me the most. Something is not visible, that somebody else kissed me for the night.

Claire, 5 years old

Love is when mom gives dad the best piece of chicken.

Elaine, 5 years old

Love is when mom sees daddy dirty and sweaty and still says he’s prettier than Robert Redford.

Chris, 8 years old

Love is when your puppy licks you even after you left him alone for a whole day.

Marie Anne, 4 years old

I know that my older sister loves me, because she gives me all her old things and she has to buy new ones.

Lauren, 4 years.

Do not say "I love you", if it is not. But if it’s true - repeat this more often, and then those you love can forget.

Jessica, 8 years old

The author of this survey, Leo Baskaglia, set out to find the most caring child. The winner was a four-year-old, whose old neighbor recently lost his wife. Seeing that the man is crying, the child went to his yard, climbed on his lap and just sat there. When his mother asked what he had said to the neighbor, the boy replied: "Nothing, I just helped him cry."

Russian children respond to the question: "What is love?"

Love is when the father kisses his mother in the morning.

Ksenia, 5 years old

When grandfather is very much throttled, it means that he has a love for his grandmother.

Artem, 6 years old

Love is when my mother and father buy me a lot of gifts.

Masha, 5 years old

Love is when my mother does not scold me when I do not listen.

Mila, 5 years old

I was kissed by a girl in the kindergarten, this is love.

Kirill, 5 years old

When my grandparents take me from the kindergarten, this is love.

Jeanne, 5 years old

Love is when mother does not swear at her dad.

Vika, 6 years old

Love is when my mother allows me to play computer.

Seryozha, 6 years old

Love is when I fell, my mother kissed me.

Igor, 6 years old

When Masha kisses me, this is love.

Yaroslav, 6 years

Love is when the sun shines and all people are happy and do not swear never.

Dasha, 7 years

Perhaps these are features of the collection, but in the answers of Russian children the consumer attitude is heard more. Colleagues, probably, this is ours, the parent shortage. Adjust the situation, show a personal example?

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