Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Development of mindfulness in practical psychology

​​​​​​​Recently, the word mindfulness has become very popular and is often mentioned not in the case. A large number of psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches suggest that their peculiarity is the development of awareness in people. It does not say, what exactly is meant by this quality, about what observable attributes we are talking about.

There is awareness of speech, there is awareness of movements, there is awareness of thinking, there is awareness of one’s life as a whole - what are we talking about?

The conversation that we are developing or developing our awareness at the training sounds rather strange. This is similar to the statement that at the training we develop or get education. Education is millions of units of different knowledge, this is the whole human culture, and training is just some knowledge and skills in a rather narrow field.

Many people are sure that after completing the training, they have developed awareness in themselves that now they have everything in order. They use the word "mindfulness" without realizing its volume and characteristics, and if you start asking them, you will find out that when they realize their feelings, they do not fully understand their thoughts, in complete fog with plans for the future, but with the meaning of life in them complete mess.

Claims of certain spiritual gurus or psychological schools: "We develop awareness!" - nothing more than a publicity stunt. Awareness is developed by everyone: parents, when they teach a child to get a spoon in their mouth, and teachers who teach the first class to write on the line, and an instructor who teaches how to use new technologies. "We develop awareness" - it sounds the same as "We give knowledge!". All give knowledge. All normal teachers develop awareness - only in different areas and directions, and this is a way that is long in infinity.

Awareness can be being developed, awareness can not be developed. In this paradox, it is said that the development of mindfulness is not one definite process with a definite completion, but a branching infinite path, the following stages of which open only to those who have already passed its part. The phrase of Socrates: "The more I know, the more I understand how little I know" is fully applicable to awareness: the more a person begins to live consciously, the more he begins to understand how many are still unconscious in his life.

Awareness develops constantly throughout life, it is an ongoing process that does not have any end point. The development of awareness is always the development of awareness in some part of human life, in that activity where this awareness is in demand. One training, which helps the development of awareness, is not and can not be. There may be trainings that draw the attention of participants to different moments of awareness, but all the moments of awareness at one training are simply unrealistic. Different moments of awareness develop in different practices and at different trainings, and the development of awareness, which occurs on a good training, is not always indicated with a view to training. What, nevertheless, can be recommended? Sinton program (NI Kozlov), NLP (NLP-practitioner, master, trainer), Stalking (Sergey Shishkov)

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