Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Training and education on examples and samples

Дети играют в эмоции, копируя родителей.
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Дети с удовольствием повторяют все то, что мы им говорим - с нашими жестами и нашими интонациями. Слушайте себя!
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Children copy adults with pleasure. Copying the behavior of adults, children master this world. Children like any physical activity, they like not only to run but also to fall, they like to be offended and ashamed, they like to kiss and fight, they like to copy adults when they smile and when they swear. Children copy us when we smile at them: they copy our smile. Children copy us when we make a surprised smile - and we suddenly see the surprised eyes of our child. The child copies our hands and shoulders when we tireily throw up our hands, and soon learn how to make the same tired shoulders. Children draw from us our fear and our insecurity, and when we vigorously swear at them, they with their inherent energy remember all the details to somewhere also convincingly start shouting at someone else.

Parents raise their children primarily by their example. Yes? - Not certainly in that way. The truth is that the behavior of parents is indeed an important example, which is usually copied by children, but children observe the behavior not only of their parents, but also of all who surround them, plus children often see much more vivid images on the television or computer. Life would be too easy if the matter of upbringing was reduced only to parents behaving themselves worthy ... Unfortunately, everything is more complicated, and the restrained behavior of parents is not always contagious so than wild cries and bright curves in the faces of cartoons .

The importance of one’s own personal example is usually said from a pedagogical point of view, so that parents "do not blame" on external influences and look first at their own behavior. Yes, it’s useful, but to say that "you can really teach someone just your example" is, of course, an exaggeration: in science such data are not available. Moreover, there is evidence that a person learns from a variety of sources and through a variety of channels. In any family parallel learning on the samples is learning through positive and negative reinforcement (conscious and unconscious), through suggestion and through reasonable discussion ...

Accordingly, it is more accurate to say that parents need to take care not only of behaving themselves decently , but also to win competition with other attractive samples for the child, attract the attention of the child and be the central figure with which he will copy style, manners and lifestyle.

How? Let’s think together.

If you spend more time with children - yes, it will help. Most often copied what is in front of the eyes.

And when you are in the company, look at the child’s eyes: he often looks at you or more at all the others around him? If on others, then it’s time for you to develop leadership skills (I’m not kidding) and learn how to behave in such a way that the views in any company were primarily on you. Look - at the leader!

Simpler and more realistic: involve the child in joint with you mastering of good habits. Teach yourself a good posture - ask the children to follow you. When you notice that you are slouching - you have three squats. Option - you have a fine in favor of the one who caught you in a stoop. You can be sure that soon the children will start to follow not only yours, but also your posture, will walk with a straight back and together with you squat. It’s fun!

Likewise, you can draw them to learn the habit of "We remove the net", pure speech without garbage words and other exercises that are feasible to children.

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