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I do not like those who like me

"I do not like those who like me, but those who like me do not like me!" - a very common sadness (more often female) and a topic for consultations. What is worth thinking about here?

We must admit that behind this there is a very real circumstance: there are actually fewer normal men than normal women. If we do not consider the elite and sucks (it is difficult to reach the elite, and we are not interested in sludge), then on average the ratio of decent women and men is two to one. That is, for the attention of one normal man, two women have to fight. It’s sad, but it’s true. This should be taken as a fact and simply reflect on what can be done to you personally in such a difficult situation.

And what, really, can I do?

First. If a girl has a wide range of good friends and interesting acquaintances, if she happens where there are decent young people, it is easier for her to attract the attention of those men who like her. The narrower the circle of contacts, the harder the choice. Accordingly, one of your important tasks is to expand the range of interesting contacts.

The second. Some girls, although they talk about their low self-esteem, in fact overestimate their attractiveness. With adequate self-esteem, the girl understands that she can choose young people only among those who surround her and react to her. Since there is still no other choice, we must find the best choice from the available.

And you can not choose anybody, if there are some crooks and morons around? Can. But then calmly accept that while you have to be alone, and think about where you move or how to change the circle of communication so that around you decent men appear. Of course, they do exist.

More often, however, we are not talking about very sloppy options, more often just do not want to meet with someone who does not pull on your chosen one, in whom you can not fall in love. What to do in this case? In this case, it is better to start meeting, at least in order not to sit at home alone and, more importantly, to learn how to successfully build relationships with men.

You can call this training for future happy relationships. Training is important in any business, and if you can go to a dance with a young man and to a bar, it all enriches you with experience, you learn to negotiate, conduct an interesting conversation, learn not to be offended and taken care of. It’s not about sex, nor about marriage - it’s just acquiring the experience of communication and building relationships. Practice on who, while for you just a nice young man - will feel more confident with someone who will be really dear to you.

​​​​​​​Third: remember the solution to the problem of a picky bride. The task is curious. If the bride communicates with the applicants in a random order, and each time it is clear (it is clear that this assumption - in life everything is more complicated: it is not always clear who is better or worse), better or worse than any of the previous ones, how to choose the best of applicants? You will agree earlier - you will receive in​​​​​​​ferior, you will choose too long - there is a risk that you have already missed the best, and all the others will only get worse. How right? Mathematicians have studied this issue for a long time, the solution is as follows: estimate the total number of possible applicants and divide by three (more precisely, by 2,718281...). The number is the number of people you should reject. After that, take anyone who will be better than all previous ones. Remember? In any case (we will remind again) it is necessary to take care of that the number of applicants at you was more.

In fact, this is the most important thing. Consider the situation "I do not like those who like me" as their tasks. Look at yourself from the outside (it’s useful to consult smart people) and try to understand what needs to be corrected, changed, improved so that you become more attractive. Most likely, while you are still not perfect and not an elite woman. Think about what you will start to do in order to raise your price in the marriage market, what to do to make you more like yourself and fascinate others.

If it seems that the failure of a woman to marry is really a fear of family life, avoidance of future difficulties and troubles, it makes sense to clearly articulate this as her real obstacle, to set her the task of independently changing her attitude to the family and, for example, writing a bright composition "My happy family future."

What do we recommend? Come to the Training Center "Syntone». At the "Basic Training" accustom yourself to think like adults, on the "World of emotions" you will stop resenting and become a Sun, in women’s trainings add to yourself the charm of femininity. All will come together!

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