Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Mood boosters

There are many simple methods and techniques to improve your mood. Here's your job:find yourself a minimum of 50 promoters of your mood. And better - 100!

• Drink tea?

• Take a shower?

• Read your favorite book.

• Go outside, stay in the sun ...

• Dance!

Excellent! Now from the list of Mood Boosters, delete expensive and harmful, leave the most affordable, not requiring expenses and useful for the soul and health.


Now accustom yourself to using these tools. It happens very interesting: when the mood is good, you do it all, because you want. And if the mood has deteriorated, then you do not even want to correct it...

That's right.

Children do this. If you are a little older and want other adults to deal with you, put aside your "I want - I do not want to" and do the right thing. If the doctor says to eat pills – we'll eat, huh? So here: dressed up - and in the gym! Right after that, life will be different!

If you want to look at the question more broadly, we will give you some clues. First - the theory of the question. What helps to normalize the mood?

Physical activity. This includes such wonderful things as morning running, contrast shower, brisk gait, energizing dances. What of this and in what form can you use in your life?

Posture and smile: straighten up, straighten your shoulders, smile! Watch your face: most emotions are formed and launched by them. Try to raise your upper lip: with such a face, disdain and disgust will start easily, but with joy and love you will find it difficult. However, you need a positive. Then:

1. To disaccustom yourself from the habit of being in a bad mood, start to photograph your displeased face. You will not like it, then look for the options right there and then make a photo of "how my happy face should look like."

2. Go to the mirror and say 10 times loudly and expressively "What a bad mood!". As a rule, already on the 5th-6th repetition, a smile will begin to appear, and the mood will improve.

3. Sometimes there are no problems, but we live without joy. How to fix it? Approach the mirror and, admiring yourself, say in a short breath: "Ah! What a beauty! And with a smile even more beautiful! ". Tips in the absence of mirrors: shop windows, car windows, a glass of juice, a spoon... - most importantly, accustom yourself to look for any version of the mirror!

4. If you fall into negative emotions and feelings that reduce your effectiveness, start smiling and stretch your smile to the maximum and keep it at least 1 minute. In a few seconds you will feel that there is no previous negative emotion. It was replaced by a positive attitude.

5. For a quick transition from a negative state to a positive one, you have to take and laugh. To do this, make a sharp exhalation from a slightly opened mouth, laughter will go, then leave a smile on your face and keep the inner state: "I did it! I did it!"

Correct thoughts. Ask yourself about the negative: "Why am I doing this? Why do I need this emotion now?". "What benefits do I have in my grievance? Is it possible to solve my task in a different way?". The inner dialogue quickly allows you to come to the realization of unnecessary emotions.

Positive interactions. What you give to others, comes back to you and makes you happy. When you pet a cat, a cat purrs you with coziness and warmth. You smiled - they smiled at you: "Share your smile, and it will come back to you more than once!" A simple but effective way to cheer yourself up is to do something good for another person!

Physical relaxation. It's hard for you to talk to your wife, you're both starting up and going over to high pitches. What to do? We lay down next to each other, relaxed ... And in this half asleep state we held talks quite peacefully. And if they still quarreled, they postponed the next conversation until morning. While you sleep, you will come to yourself. Excellent!

Distracting your attention from the negative. In a problem situation, when you have already thought everything over and decided, you need to distract yourself from empty anxieties and worries: switch your attention to business, to heaven, and the simplest thing is to practice breathing practices and keep track of your quiet breathing... Okay!

Light and colour. Go out, stay in the sun, improve the lighting at home, create a bright and festive interior of the apartment and decorate the walls with positive pictures. If you are at home, turn on the brighter light, put on something bright, you can add your favorite smells: thank God, perfumes are now at hand.

And now everything is the same, but only closer to everyday life and practice.

The most effective key to changing the physical and mental state - gym, dancing, walking, breathing exercises, yoga. What do you prefer? As soon as you start moving more actively, the mood gets better.

After a load, it's very pleasant to relax. If you have relaxation, lie down and relax. Or at least 15 minutes sleep, or remember something childish and pleasant.

Shopping is one of the most proven mood boosters, it is also one of the most expensive in terms of money and time. Leave for the most extreme case. It also includes everything that is called "To consume a carcass", namely spa procedures, manicure, pedicure and massage.

Much easier, for free and without taking time, our musical anchors help us: your favorite tunes can be listened to, you can hum. Live surrounded by your favorite music - great!

Attention: some of us have favorite melodies - sad. So this - do not. More precisely, a beautiful little sad - quiet - the music helps to get rid of a person from sadness, but the music that pedals the suffering and untwists the inner pain - gets stuck in the soul and the future joy extinguishes.

British psychologists conducted a study involving 220 volunteers and came to the conclusion that beautiful sad music helps people get rid of negative memories and sadness. The results of the scientific work are published in one of the profile journals. The study also found that when listening to a beautiful sad melody, bad memories are "erased" from memory, the level of stress is reduced, and the mood improves. A useful thing is changing the situation: even if you went out of the office to the street , this switches to a different mode. It s getting more fun! It's also useful to change the environment: meet friends, with your loved one. If there is, arrange a noisy company, if not - it is good to read something from your favorite authors. It s nice to watch your favorite films, but only good comedies, not tearful melodramas, and again it s important not to get carried away.

Jokes are by the way. The Internet has a lot of funny stories, it distracts and switches to a cheerful mood. Read it! Usually after a dozen good jokes you begin to smile.

Attention! Raise your mood and pull yourself out of the crisis - these are different things, do not confuse them. If you want to shoot, funny jokes will only anger you. We need gradualness: from strong experiences it is necessary to deduce oneself "into zero", and not into joy. However, the readers of this article do not seem to be shooting, so - we will continue!

Food anchors: a little you can, but do not get carried away. The simplest is a chocolate, it really contains substances that raise the mood. But any sweets are better combined with sports, then it will be tastier and more useful.

By the way, sex is a wonderful combination of sweets and physical activity, a wonderful mood promoter. Well, the most proven and most accessible way is to start smiling!

Have a nice day!

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