Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Sergei wants to rest at the computer

Аудиозапись состоявшегося разговора
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The teaching of students at the University of Practical Psychology is also good because it is primarily focused on practice. Somehow one of the students complained that it is difficult for her to perform the exercise "Plus - help - plus", because her son Seryozha does not listen to her or her criticism, all thoughts only about the computer that had to be hard-fenced. And I saw Seryozha somehow, he seemed to me an excellent guy, alive and smart. I asked my mother to dial the phone so I could talk to Seryozha myself. She called, there was such a conversation ...

N.I. Kozlov. Seryozha, hello! Seryozha, the situation is this: Mom will let you play on the computer, or whatever else you want to do. But, of course, only after you’ll do what you need every time. This is normal?

Seryozha. I know this, but there is one inconvenience. I come home, I do everything, and quite often I have time to do everything before my parents come. And I can already sit at the computer ...

N.I.Kozlov. Seryozha, it’s all right. You do everything quickly - this is normal. As you do, immediately call your mom, my mother will tell you the password, and you’ll rest at the computer. It is clear that the password will be new each time, in the morning his mother will change it. And you need to recognize it every time. Is it reasonable?

Seryozha. Well yes. I will do this for a while, and see how comfortable it is.

N.I. Kozlov. Do you have any better suggestions?

Seryozha. Suggestions: do it the way it was before - remove the password at all.

N.I. Kozlov. And what then will be the guarantees that you were doing things, not games on the computer?

Seryozha. If I sit at the computer, then I will not have time to do the lessons ...

N.I. Kozlov. But you can make them messy. There is an order: first, lessons are made, then life and a computer appear. So?

Seryozha. And why not the opposite? A little computer, some lessons ...

N.I. Kozlov. Great solution, but it’s only for smart and advanced. You’re still early.

Seryozha. Why?

N.I. Kozlov. Why are you still not so clever and advanced - this is not a question for me. When you learn how to behave this way, you will prove it when your mother sees it, when I see it - then it will be another matter. And now it's too early for you. It’s like a child comes to the first class, says: "I want to solve the problem of the 10th grade!". Well, good. Prove, at first ... When my mother wrote me a note that "my Sergei is such an assistant, disciplined, benevolent, accurate, I’m proud of him ..."

Seryozha. Today I washed the vestibule, the dishes, hung things, and cleaned.

N.I. Kozlov. Cool. Tell me, how many minutes did you spend today or hours practicing socially useful activities?

Seryozha. About one hour.

N.I. Kozlov. And how much did your mother do?

Seryozha. I don’t know. She mostly worked.

N.I. Kozlov. 8 hours? And now she is studying for more 3 hours. Accordingly, your mother today was engaged in good deeds for 11 hours. And you - an hour.

Seryozha. But I’m only 13 years old, and my mother ...

N.I. Kozlov. That is, you have more energy? Then you must do more.

Seryozha. But we strayed from the topic. I suggest this: before the arrival of my mother, I do my homework, and then I sit at the computer. And if I did not do the lessons, then my mom turns off the computer. Will it go?

N.I. Kozlov. Seryozha, I think that this is quite possible system. My daughters have their computers and use them completely freely. But they are already organized people. Are you organized or not?

Seryozha. Organized. Here are the lessons I have already done.

N.I. Kozlov. When you are at least hours to do household chores, help your mother, then we will return to this issue. In the meantime, do you want to study on a computer?

Seryozha. Aha.

N.I. Kozlov. Then while mom will come up with new passwords, change them in the morning. You will chastise, grow dumb and be good. Mom will tell me about you at the Distance, how these things happen, I’ll be happy for you, and after a while we’ll move on to the system that you like.

Seryozha. The version is quite interesting. I’ll think about whether to accept it or not. I think for a while it’s worth trying as it will be.

N.I. Kozlov. Sergei, not exactly. Thinking is always useful, but in this case you do not have another option. While you did not interest your mom with your option, she decides all the questions, not you. Heard?

Seryozha. Yes.

N.I. Kozlov. Therefore, you yourself think up what you can do about the house. I’ll ask you - you help your mother! Your mom at the University has a task: she needs to tell you something good, and she does not know yet what for. Will you help her? Do something good that she came and admired you. Said: "Son, thank you, dear!"

Seryozha. I’ll try.

N.I. Kozlov. How many things will she say to you today, "thank you"?

Seryozha. Today approximately 4 times.

N.I. Kozlov. 4 times - not bad. And can you do more today, make a holiday to Mother, as on 8 March?

Seryozha. I’ll try.

N.I. Kozlov. Will you try or do it?

Seryozha. Depends on the circumstances.

N.I. Kozlov. What circumstances !? Come on, tell me!

Seryozha. I just can get carried away with something interesting, for example, reading ...

N.I. Kozlov. And if you loved your mother? If you loved your mother and would like to please her, would you be distracted by the nonsense? Who is more interesting to you - mom or TV? Seryozha, will you make a holiday for mom today, ah, son?

Seryozha. I’ll do it.

N.I. Kozlov. Sergei, you’re done! Wait for Mom. Bye!

Seryozha. Bye!

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