Wedding vows

A letter came: "Hello, Nikolay Ivanovich, I want to share an interesting and pleasant thing." My husband, inspired by your family contract, created his variation in the form of an oath for the wedding, where she was read out to the guests for signature and handed to me to control the performance in look, maybe someone from the site visitors is also useful.

Wedding vow of

Kostyukevich Constantine and Sabinina Victoria

I, Kostyukevich Konstantin, in the face of the gathered I swear not only to love Sabinin Victoria, but to build with her quality I take on myself the following obligations:

Actively create and maintain a warm, soulful atmosphere in the family:

• be affectionate "Sunny" whenever it is appropriate

• to behave calmly and relaxed, including in difficult situations, not to scold yourself in case of failure

• any requests to formulate gently and with restraint

Regularly pay attention to your beloved wife:

• every day - at least half an hour for joint discussion of the day, evening walks, dreaming together.

• at least once a month - together to attend any interesting events, arrange romantic surprises, give flowers and gifts.

Monitor my health, do not overgrown with fat in front of your TV or computer:

• no alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

• do exercises every morning

• at least once a week, exercise well and densely

• provide high-quality and rich sex (about the frequency of modestly silent)

• keep a good level of internal energy, do not "sour", be internally vigorous

Become successful in life:

• provide a decent standard of living: about 100,000 rubles a month (in current money)

• have specific goals for life and move to achieve them every day

• develop oneself and help grow your loved one - attend trainings, read books, set goals and their goals achieve

Be the head of the family:

• key decisions and complex issues - on me, responsibility for them - also on me

• I am the master of the house - the knives are sharpened, the technique is working, the wallpaper is not falling behind, the burnt out bulbs have already been replaced.

In the future, to become a quality father to our children:

• to spend time with children, to communicate with them every day

• to be an example of a male model of behavior - strict and demanding to oneself and others

• to constantly learn how to bring up intelligent children

The term for execution is 2 years.

The period of validity of an oath is unlimited. The text can be revised and clarified by the mutual desire of the parties.


We, the undersigned, testify that this oath was indeed given in our presence by Sabinina Viktoria Kostyukevich Konstantin and therefore is subject to mandatory execution:

Full name Signature

Shchelkovo city, July 19, 2014.

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