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31 step of the system "Mom in the style of Fly"

We bring to your attention Step of the system "Mom in the style of Fly" - the world-famous system of housekeeping Fly-lady in adaptation for young mothers. Do one Step every day and in a month you will feel that your life has changed. You will see that it is possible to succeed in all areas of life, even with a child in your arms!

Remember the main rule of the Fly-Mom: Go to the goal with small little steps! Down with perfectionism! Everything is on your shoulder, just make the first step ...

Step 1.

Tonight you will find the simplest, and at the same time, the most important task is from all. You need to wash your kitchen sink to shine! This task needs to start right from today and perform daily. Every day, going to bed and getting up in the morning, we will see a well polished, shiny kitchen sink. And in the afternoon, after each use (no matter whether you prepared a full dinner for the whole family or just washed your hands), just wipe the sink dry with a clean towel! It s hard to believe that it’s that easy, but it works! Just try it. And to begin with, put a towel next to the sink so that it is always at your fingertips.

For the first time, it’s better to use your proven cleaning products (I’m sure there are suitable jars in your arsenal of home remedies). Try to protect the home, sending the children to sleep, because strong cleaning agents can be toxic. In the future, we will maintain cleanliness with harmless organic cleaning agents that can easily be found in the refrigerator: soda, mustard powder, toothpaste, lemon, after all it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to get a wonderful result in the form of a shining shell. And also in the future we will involve our little assistants. Children will be happy to help your mother if you give them this lesson in the form of a game! After all, the sink can not only be rubbed with a dull sponge, but also scrub hard-to-reach places with old toothbrushes.

When the first step is done, it’s time to praise yourself! From the heart, smile at your reflection in the shining shell, because now it will smile at you every day.

Step 2.

We select homewear for flights. From now on, every morning, getting up from bed, we first of all put on beautiful and comfortable home clothes and shoes, and put ourselves in order. Even if you do not go out, it’s not a reason to walk around the house wearing shabby t-shirts with stains or workouts with stretched knees or in a long-bored gown! You do not want your children to take the image of their mother like that, let alone their beloved husband. Imagine that at work he is surrounded by well-groomed girls. And you are no worse, so take off your robe! So, every morning we begin with the obligatory procedures: we wash ourselves, brush our teeth, apply the appropriate cream (at the same time we do face and neck massage), apply light make-up, comb our hair and dress beautiful clothes and suitable shoes. It is very important to always look great - it gives self-confidence and improves mood, which positively affects the atmosphere in the family. A neat look even in your home clothes will allow you to open doors at any time and receive an unexpected guest.

The same applies to our children: teach them to change into homewear from the very morning. And for this, prepare clothes for yourself and other family members from the evening - this will save you a lot of time in the morning!

Assignment for today: select a few home sets, immediately postponing the annoying, faded and lost shape things. They have long been time in the trash, because you are worthy to always look beautiful. And do not forget to prepare in the evening what we wear tomorrow.

P.S. And remember about step number 1! At the end of the day your kitchen sink should shine!

Step 3. Checkbook of the mother in the style of Fly

Today’s step - to think about what will be our Control Journal. What it is? This is the place where all important information will be recorded: plans for the day, plans for the week, morning and evening routines, shopping lists, weekly menus, important addresses and phones, and much more. Of course, the creation of QL is not a matter of one day and should not be in a hurry. In general, any notebook or notepad for entries is suitable for the Journal, but it s more convenient to use a folder with A5 rings, where you can insert separate files and color separators, and also replace the pages written.

The first section of the QL will be called Routines. Total daily routines are two: morning and evening. Morning routine is a list of things we need to do right after awakening. On the other page will be the Evening routine - a list of the necessary cases before bed. It is clear that the list of each fly-lady will have its own, unique, but I will give an example of a common routine:

1. Clean up the house "on top".

2. Plan the day for tomorrow.

3. Take some time for yourself.

While there is no need to record the whole routine of your family, just think about them.

And do not forget about the previous steps:

1. Dress, get dressed and put yourself in order from the very morning without postponing yourself and children for later.

2. In the evening, clean the sink so that it "smiles." And prepare your clothes for tomorrow.

Step 4. Hot Spot

Today we will analyze a new concept - Hot Spot. These are the places in our dwelling where the heaps of things, necessary and unnecessary, small and not very often, gather and form the chaos. It is necessary to leave at least one sheet of paper in such a place, as he immediately begins with an incredible speed to collect his own kind! :) Hot Spot can be any horizontal surface: a bedside table in your hallway, a washing machine, a chest of drawers in the bedroom, a bedside table, a sofa in the nursery or a chair in the corridor. In general, all those places where there is a temptation to put the used thing, without removing it into place.

For us, there is no need right now to disassemble all the hot spots in our house, because we are just learning to tidy the house playfully, as if between deeds, but constantly. Then it will not be a debilitating occupation, taking away strength and discouraging the desire to keep the housing clean, and the result will turn out to be incredible! And this is sure to notice not only you, but all the domestic ones. So, today we will turn on the timer (it probably is in any mobile phone) for minutes. Just two minutes for each "Hot spot". By the timer call we finish the work! Over time, we will need no more than two minutes to remove (or as fly-lady says - to pay off) all the hot spots and we will make this process into our mandatory evening routine.

I’m sure the kids will happily take part in the fun game you started, because most likely in their rooms there is also a mess and "Hot spots"! We start our assistant - a timer, and then, together with the kids, we are amazed with how much we managed to do together with years of time and how much cleaner and more comfortable it became at home!

Step 5. Disgracing

Today, we will start a timer for 15 minutes and will be engaged in a very fascinating activity - dishonesty! Miscommunication is another key concept of the fly-lady system and, of course, you already guessed what it means! Look around, look carefully around the room in which you are! I m sure there are a lot of different things in your cabinets and cupboards, drawers and drawers, and you can not remember the origin of some of them. And others remind you of the weaknesses in the store, when you could not pass by the next well, a very necessary thing ... And every time you bump into such inhabitants of your house, we convince ourselves that the time will come, and all these blockages will be useful. Maybe not this month, but in a year or two. But time passes, and you not only do not use this thing, but you can not even remember exactly where it is lying, waiting for your time. This means that it’s time to be dishonest! To do this, we take our willpower and garbage package, set the timer for 15 minutes (we do not need any more!), Choose the most littered corner in our dwelling, and without pity and doubt throw out all unnecessary, unloved and useless things. Remember the rule fly-lady: "Trash can not be ordered! It can only be destroyed. "

Step 6.

We fix habits. As you remember, our turn-based plan to transform the house and your life is designed for 30 days. Gradually, step by step fulfilling his tasks, you can become a real fly-lady in just one month and notice significant changes for the better in your life! Every day, take a small step towards the goal that the Fly-lady system offers you. Believe in yourself, you will all succeed, as it turned out for millions of women who have already become a real fly!

Today we will dedicate our habits!

1. In the morning, immediately after awakening, we do an uncomplicated morning routine: we fill the bed, put on beautiful clothes and shoes, put our face and hair in order, make an easy make-up. Now you are completely ready for a new day. After the appearance of the child, many mothers complain how little time you can give yourself. Sometimes even the most simple of the exercises, for example, cleaning teeth, do once! Do not worry, you are not the first to encounter this problem. And in such a situation it is more important than ever to improve the family’s life so that, having received the proud title of Mom, remain, first of all, a Woman. After all, grooming is not only a characteristic of appearance, it is your inner sensation!

2. Teach children to perform their own routines - put themselves in order and dress up as soon as they wake up (including by personal example).

3. Daily devote 15 minutes to disguise the house. Only completely getting rid of the rubbish in your housing, we can spend much less time cleaning, greatly simplifying your life.

1. We bring in the evening routine the preparation of clothes the next day.

2. Before going to bed, we check whether our kitchen sink is smiling, dry it with a towel.

3. During the day we find a few minutes to remove the hot spots.

4. In the Control Journal, gradually forming the Morning and Evening routines, inscribing the items specific only to you and your family.

And do not you think that the proposed tasks slowly bring you closer to the coveted goal - order. Do not succumb to perfectionism! Only baby steps - small steps will allow us to go all the way.

Step 7. Daily developmental activities with children

Let’s start one more section in our Control Journal from today. This section will be called "Daily Developmental Activities with Children". Of course, you might think that you spend enough time with your children, trying to give them every free minute. And this is undoubtedly so, but here it will be a little bit of another. Quite often, "spending time with children" means simply being in the same territory with them, because a modern mother always has a lot of pressing things to do!

Therefore, today’s task will be as follows: divide a blank piece of paper into 7 parts (each part corresponds to one day of the week). And every day we devote certain developmental activities. For example, (if your children still go to kindergarten), we distribute the days from Monday to Friday as follows: Monday - study of the alphabet, Tuesday - development of speech, Wednesday - development of fine motor skills, Thursday - drawing, Friday - physical education. And then you find in your daily flow of business 15 minutes to sit next to your baby and make a kitten out of plasticine or dough, without being distracted by anything else. Only together: you and he. After all, it matters not the quantity, but the quality of the time spent with the child. Let it be only a quarter of an hour, but be sure every day! Benefit it will bring a colossal, believe me! And the results will not be long in coming.

Having noticed somewhere new ideas for studying with children, be sure to take them to your note and write down in the necessary section of the Control Journal to implement in the very near future. Today, even for infants, there are many developmental activities: it’s finger games, and looking at things of different shapes, colors and textures with detailed mom’s comments and much more.

P.S. And remember the previous steps! We fly to the order! ;)

Step 8. We make clean in the refrigerator!

Let’s today carry out a thorough inventory of the contents of our refrigerators. We will ruthlessly get rid of delinquent products, wilted vegetables and half-eaten portions lying from the day before yesterday’s dinner. The remaining products will be placed in the proper order. And of course we will pay close attention to the cleanliness of shelves and containers. Here we will have to spend a little more time, because it will most likely take a little more than 15 minutes. But the result will please, in addition, it will have to be done only once!

Now it’s time to start another section in the Control Journal called "Weekly Plan". And immediately determine any convenient day for you and your family to conduct a revision of the refrigerator. I assure you, once a week will be enough to keep it in a constant clean. Just regularly check the freshness of the available products and wipe the shelves with a sponge or a rag. Then your refrigerator will always be in excellent condition (after all, it will not have time to get dirty in a few days!))). And to occupy it will be a minimum of your time!

Step 9. We arrange a romantic date with ... our own husband!

I think you yourself notice that after you became parents, your relationship with your beloved husband has changed. There are fewer conversations on souls, you are not so often as before, you get out somewhere together, less often you are alone. Now most of the cases are devoted to children, you are adjusting your life for them. But still it is worth remembering that you are not only loving Mom and Dad, but, as before, beloved husband and wife!

I understand that you are always busy and your day is already loaded. But despite this, find time for each other. Highlight the Weekly plan 1 evening a week for a romantic date with your own husband. Always there is an opportunity for a couple of hours to leave the children with a babysitter or grandmother coming. And if now there is no way to leave the children alone, put them to bed early and arrange a date right at home! It is not necessary to invent something unusual. Spend time the way you like: together choose and watch a movie, dine by candlelight or just sit hugging and talk about what interests you both.

Step 10.

Almost a third of the tasks have already been completed on the way to the order, and if you did not miss the previous steps, changes in your life became visible not only to you, but to everyone around you. Your home is changing imperceptibly, changing. You have become calmer, satisfied with your appearance and with how much you are in time for the day! Do not miss the routine at the beginning and end of the day, dismantle the hot spots on time, and 15 minutes during the day, fray - systematically, the shelf behind the shelf, the cabinet behind the cabinet. Do not forget to look into the most remote and frightening corners of your house - on the mezzanine and balcony. Then soon we will move on to the next important stage of the Fly-lady system - cleaning in the Zones. But about this a little later, please be patient!

Starting today, I suggest you add one more small but important point to your routine - the Laundry! Without it, even a few days can not be dispensed with. So let it be included in your plan for a week. Of course, the choice of the right time for washing remains with you. You can enter this item at your discretion in the morning or evening routines, or even immediately at both. For example, some fly-ladies load the washing machine with dirty laundry in the morning, and in the evening they start a washing cycle and hang out the laundered laundry. When it matters to me, how do you build this routine in your family. The main thing is to avoid blockages of dirty linen and clothes, with astonishing speed accumulating in the bathroom and on the chairs. It is important that you can easily shift the laundry to your household, including children. If you wash with your hands, place beside a separate basin with soapy water for your young assistant, let him rinse his handkerchief next to you. When you add dry linen, the child can also help as much as possible: for example, look for pairs to socks or lay out clothes on piles. Try to do homework during the day, while the kids are awake, actively connecting them to all cases. Then the dream of the child will be a time that you can rightfully devote only to yourself.

Step 11. We say words of approval to ourselves and our relatives.

At this step we introduce a new rule: from now on, every day before going to bed, we remember five (or better - more!) Of the things you have done in a day, for which you can praise yourself with all your heart. This can be home affairs (for example, you managed to wash all the windows in a day), and the successes in the training sessions with children (you could give the children for 15 minutes, and an hour), and the culinary successes (the girlfriends were delighted with your new pie recipe). Yes anything! If only you felt a sense of satisfaction by doing this. The best thing is not just to memorize, but to record your achievements. The Fly-lady system advises you to create a separate notebook for such praises and call it the "Journal of Success".

If you do not want to waste time on recording, you can remember and approve of the day’s actions orally, but necessarily on a regular basis. First, it may be difficult for you to find 5 reasons for a kind word, because we are used to thinking more often about things that we did not have time to do or could not do, and fall asleep with displeasure with ourselves or with our relatives. Now there is no place for such thoughts! You need to praise yourself! Even for what seems like a small and insignificant accomplishment. It will give strength and will fill with self-confidence.

In addition, you must always praise your home. Do not ignore the husband and children. But your praise should come from the heart. If your baby has drawn a kitten and proudly shows you his creation, it’s not enough just to say "Good work!" Between the case. Stop for a minute, digress from your daily tasks, notice the long tail of the kitten and what fluffy tendrils. Such words of approval are especially expensive and cause the desire to do something even better.

Also act and in relation to the beloved spouse! Mark any of his help with praise and gratitude, do not take his actions for granted. Words of approval work wonders. Be sure that, having learned from the bottom of your heart to praise your loved ones, you will receive much more help from your husband and children.

Step 12. Plan the menu for a week.

I’m sure not many of us like to spend time in daily painful thoughts, what to cook for dinner or what to spoil your family on the weekend. The Fly-lady system offers a way to make life easier: plan the menu! What this gives: and tangible time savings, and eliminates the daily agony of choice, and optimizes spending on the purchase of products. But do not rush and plan immediately for a significant period. As usual, the baby steps move to the goal - small steps: we start planning the home menu from three days, and then gradually increase the period to one week.

And at this step - in the planning of the menu - we again need a Control Log. We write in it dishes that are often on your table and which do not refuse to homework. Do not rush to list all at once, write down gradually, as you remember. When the list is ready, next to each dish name, indicate the ingredients that are needed to prepare it. List the listed products in the list. And already with this list boldly go to the store, where it will be enough just to look into the list and type in the cart only the products necessary for cooking. This will significantly save your time for a whole week ahead. After all for this term you no longer have to go to the shops - all the necessary products will be at your fingertips!

In planning the menu there is another significant advantage, namely - saving money! By creating a menu and a list of the right products, you will no longer be tempted to buy extra. If you are not going to do cheese cakes in the week, then do not buy cottage cheese. And you do not have to throw it out in a few days. So, there will not be any wasted money.

Step 13. Personal care.

Find at least a little time to care for yourself - another rule is the fly. Remember when you last recorded in a beauty salon or dedicated an evening to spa procedures at home? With the advent of children, finding time just for yourself is becoming an even bigger problem: here you have time to clean your teeth, not that in the bathroom to soak up ... Constantly you have to strain your ears: suddenly the kids woke up if something had happened. If you are not so, then congratulations, you are lucky!)

At the same time I want to see in the mirror and feel like a beautiful woman, not a tortured mamma, agree? And your loved ones will be more pleased to see before their well-groomed Mom and Wife. To make dreams come true, we pick up the Control Journal and create a week-long self-care plan! As in any big business, we’ll have an elephant in parts! ;) For example, on Monday we do a manicure (one kind of groomed pens lifts the mood), Tuesday we devote to face treatments (we apply a mask or peeling), we look after the hair on Wednesday (make masks, rinse with herbal decoction), on Thursday we pay attention to the pedicure legs, too, need care), on Friday - correct the shape of the eyebrows (if necessary - do the staining), Saturday - the time of procedures for the body (scrub, bath, moisturizing lotion), Sunday - hair removal (all unnecessary hair - down!).

As a result, with daily procedures you will spend no more than 15 minutes of your time, and your appearance will change! And be sure to write down in the Control Journal new recipes, recommendations and tips for caring for yourself. Try, mark the best means, and your transformation will notice everything around!

Step 14.

Perhaps, when talking about unloved domestic chores, most often mention washing the floor. Indeed, this occupation is tedious in itself, and even when it is necessary to manage even with the children ... Great work is to at least briefly distract the baby while the mother diligently wields a mop or rag, because the child seeks to help and diligently gets under his feet. Therefore, most often housewives try to manage to cope with washing the sexes during the children s daytime sleep.

This leads to the fact that you have a clean floor, but there is absolutely no time for yourself. We have already discussed that we do household chores during the wakefulness of children, actively involving them in any work. In every case there is something that will be able to your baby. And a child’s dream is our own time! What is the solution? Everything is simple! Fly recommend every day to wash the floor in only one room! That is, today you washed the floor in the kitchen while the baby is playing, tomorrow we will wash the bedroom while the kid looks at the pictures in the book or wipes the dust off the shelves, etc. round! This method saves you strength, and you keep the house in a constant cleanliness in all rooms.

Step 15. Accounting for personal finances.

Let’s make another small but very important step on the road to order in our life! Let’s start keeping records of personal money! This is important for many reasons, one of them is to learn how to plan a family budget, but this is a little later.

To successfully master this task, decide where you want to keep a daily account - in the Control Log, Excel spreadsheet, your smartphone or in a special program, for example CashFly. It does not matter which way you choose, the main thing in accounting for finance is not to deviate from the intended goal and fix your spending every day without missing a single detail.

Your task at this stage is to tell your household about the new rule: bring home checks for all purchases made during the day. It is very important to enlist the support of relatives and to involve them in accounting for family finances. Otherwise, you are unlikely to be able to estimate the true size of income, and most importantly, expenditure. Record all purchases, payments and transfers, including through the Internet.

I advise you immediately to allocate certain items of expenditure: utility payments, the purchase of products and medicines, the purchase of clothing and footwear, entertainment, etc. For each family, these articles will differ, and there is no identical approach. The main task now is to find out your daily spending, to determine your spending habits. And then soon we will be able to competently manage our finances!

Step 16. We make the list of purchases.

We have already overcome many important steps on the way to order in the house. In Step 8 we conducted an audit in the refrigerator, releasing it from the spoiled products and neatly laying out the remaining ones. Then we made a menu for a few days. So, it’s time for a new task - to select a day of purchases in your weekly plan! Just choose the day when it will be convenient for you to go to the store. Now it is on this day that we plan to purchase a week ahead (except that some products, such as bread and milk, will be bought on occasion near the house).

Of course, we will go to the store not empty-handed, but with a list of the goods we need! We already know how dangerous it is to come to shopping centers without clear leadership. And strive to get to our basket along with the planned vegetables and also packing yogurt, and cheese sliced.

In the list we will include everything that the family needs for the coming week:

1. products (of course, in accordance with the menu that you have planned!);

2. goods for children;

3. Cosmetics and hygiene products.

4. household chemicals and household goods;

5. miscellaneous.

Having a detailed shopping list in hand, you spend much less time searching for the right product and do not succumb to the temptation to buy extra goods, which means you will save money for more important purposes!

Step 17. We go to bed on time.

It would seem that the difficult thing: go to bed. After all, every day we go to bed sooner or later ... But from today we will complicate the task: we will go to bed at a decent time. And in which you decide on your own. Of course, this depends on many factors, and for each of us they are individual. But it is worth to listen to the advice of experienced fly-ladies: for a well-being and a blossoming look try to sleep for at least 8 hours. Do not sit in the evening at the computer or in front of the TV. All the interesting sites and programs will wait for you until tomorrow. It is better to take care of a full sleep. He, like nothing else, charges us with energy, gives strength and gives a good mood. Make an invaluable gift to yourself - get enough sleep every day.

And of course it’s worth taking care of the regime for your children. Decide at what time you put the kids to bed or check how the older children go to their beds on their own. Sleeping in the evening at the same time clearly is an important step in shaping the regime of the day of any child. And of course the pediatricians are not tired of talking about the benefits of the regime. But this is also an invaluable advantage for parents! Knowing firmly at what time your child will go to sleep, you can more accurately build your plans and execute them.

So at this step we will not only set our decent time for falling asleep, but we will also put children in the evening at a certain time, which does not change day by day. Before this, it is best to have a special ritual, so that the baby’s organism gradually tuned to sleep: arrange bathing in the bathroom, make a relaxing massage, read your favorite story, caress. It does not matter which action you choose. It is important that it is repeated systematically. And very soon your child himself will remind you that it’s time to get ready for bed, the laying process will noticeably decrease, and you will have more free time.

Step 18. Create a family calendar.

Today’s task will be important for the whole family: you need to create a family calendar. It is needed immediately for several reasons: as a reminder of important and memorable events, and as an assistant in the end of all affairs by the appointed time and as an incentive not to be late for meaningful events. And besides this, such a calendar must unite the whole family! And it does not matter how your calendar will look: it will be a large wall format or, on the contrary, a pocket format with small fields for entries. It is important that he was in a prominent place in your home and each member of the family could use it at any time.

To make the daily calendar useful, mark the following dates on it:

1. Identify the birthdays and significant dates of all household members, relatives, friends and co-workers. For registration you can use additional colored stickers. For example, green stickers indicate the birthdays of family members, prepare blue ones for friends, etc.

2. Select the days and times of regularly attended classes, circles, sections and training courses - your, your husband and children.

3. put in the calendar and all the upcoming events: business dinners at work, parental meetings in the kindergarten and school, going out into the light, writing to a doctor, a spa, fitness, etc.

4. Do not forget to make significant household chores requiring the help of other family members: moving, repairing, choosing equipment, in general all that affects the life of your loved ones.

A family calendar is an important step on the road to harmony in your home. It will help you and your loved ones in time to remember the upcoming events and prepare for them in advance.

Step 19. Business between cases.

They say: for two hares you will chase, you will not catch a single one. But this saying does not fit the fly system at all. On the contrary, the fly-ladies can do several things at the same time!

After all, if you think carefully, you can combine a lot of things! Brush your teeth? This is an excellent opportunity to at least two minutes in the morning and in the evening to strengthen the muscles of the legs: just get up on your socks during washing. That’s 2 things right away! Does your baby like to dabble in the bathroom? Find yourself a job to taste: apply a mask-5 minutes, correct the shape of the eyebrows, wipe the mirror from the spray or taper the manicure. Stitch the linen? Include an audiobook, which was planned to listen to for a long time, but did not find enough time. Patiently waiting for the baby to cope with all the fasteners before walking, disassemble the hot-spot in the hallway, put things in their places. Yes, there are few applications for several minutes of time! There are lots of options, choose any.

Try combining several things in this way. And you will not even notice how an hour or two more time has been added in the day, which you can devote to your beloved with peace of mind.

Step 20. Morning exercises!

If, looking in the mirror, you are upset by the sight of your figure after giving birth, it’s time to put yourself in order! And for this it is not necessary to spend time and money on a trip to the gym. You can choose the right exercise. And do not postpone them until better times (when the kid goes to the kindergarten or a permanent nanny will appear). Get started now! To do this, you need, first, to determine your particularly problem areas: the back or stomach, hips or buttocks. Secondly, having decided on the places that require attention, choose effective exercises and add them to your weekly plan. How to create a program of classes? Use tips from the Internet or special magazines, and you will pick up an individual program of classes that is right for you.

Daily alternate exercises on two problem areas (for example, exercise on the press and on hands on Monday, exercises on the back of the thigh and load on calves - on Tuesday ...). Do 15 minutes a day for 2 sets per zone. Choose the music that charges you with energy, turn it on louder and forward, at the gym! Involve children in their studies, your example will only benefit them!

A quarter of an hour a day is difficult to find out from your schedule for classes? Then the advice from the previous Step will be just in time! Do two things at once: wiping the dishes, pulling the stomach, and this will strengthen the abdominal wall. Laying out toys, lean for each separately, and this will tighten the hips and buttocks.

Remember, if you can not spend several hours a week on fitness or at the gym, this is no excuse! Your figure is only in your hands! By spending only 15 minutes a day on exercise, you will become a mother, to whom children are proud. And a reflection in the mirror will make you a compliment. And flying in the Fly system will become even easier and more pleasant.

Step 21. Zones in the house and cleaning.

I think you and your family have already noticed the transformation of your house: 15 minutes of trash relieves your shelter from accumulated rubbish, formed morning and evening routines allow not to leave a lot of cases for the weekend, and on time harvested hot spots do not allow to accumulate things in random places. In general, we are already on the verge of constant order in the house. And finally, the main principle of the Fly-Lady is waiting for us - cleaning by zones. But before this step, we once again remember the rule: trash can not be ordered, you can only get rid of it! Therefore, if your house is not completely fuzzy, do not rush to move to the division into zones. Continue daily "antikusornoe boogie" to throw out 27 things until the trash does not give up their positions.

Cleaning the Zones is a new concept, which means that from now on your house is divided into 5 separate plots. And every week we focus our attention on only one of them. First - thoroughly licked, then - do a thorough cleaning in each Zone. I suggest the following order of Zones (of course, you can change it depending on individual preferences and features of your house):

Zone 1: entrance, hallway, corridor;

Zone 2: kitchen, dining room, pantry;

Zone 3: children’s room, bathroom;

Zone 4: bedroom, toilet;

Zone 5: living room, balcony.

It may seem that cleaning in the Zone is the same as a general cleaning, only with fewer negative emotions. But this is not so. As usual, we use the rule of 15 minutes: put the timer on the allotted time and, without being distracted by other matters, continuously and systematically do as much as we can. Do not try to do everything in one approach. Remember the baby steps - only small steps will lead us to order. Cleaning the Zones is a process in which you need to do a little bit every day.

But when you start cleaning in the Zone, do not forget about the routines: clean up the tops in other parts of the house, just lay out things to their rightful places. By the way, we only deal with cleaning in the Zones on weekdays, on weekends, it is enough to perform routines.

Select areas that are convenient for you, and remove at a time convenient for you. You can change not only the order of the zones, but also the number of days allocated for putting them in order. So, for example, on Monday you are cleaning in the hallway, and from Tuesday to Friday - in the kitchen. The choice is yours. The main thing is that it is convenient for you and your family!

Step 22. Personal time.

Following the advice of the fly-ladies, you and others note that cleaning began to take much less time than before, and for yourself, there was more time, so you are always well-groomed and satisfied with your appearance. And conscience no longer reminds you of yourself, because you manage to give your husband and children enough attention. But you did not stop there: now you manage to do all household chores while the children are awake, actively involving them to participate. I think it’s time to talk about the Personal Time that has appeared at you)

Perhaps the idea that even your personal time needs to be planned in advance will surprise you. Of course, you can just spend time pleasantly for you: watch a new movie with a cup of your favorite tea and soak up, enjoying peace while your little fidget is asleep. But each person has a craving for development, a desire to learn new things and strive to realize oneself. A woman is not enough to be just a good housewife and mother. I’m sure, and you have a desire to achieve something. Of course, keeping the family and giving it top priority!

But in caring for loved ones it’s so easy to forget about yourself, your interests and hobbies. From now on, you have a task: think about what you would like to do in your personal time. Do you already have a hobby that is always lacking in time? Or maybe you have been going to learn a foreign language for a long time. Or maybe you have plans to change your profession or start your own business, bringing in income and leaving time for communication with your family. Now, on maternity leave, you have a wonderful chance for self-development and making your dreams come true. Do not miss this opportunity, spend this time wisely.

Step 23. The Hour of the Blessing of the House.

The House of Blessing Hour is the name of the weekly Flight Lady cleaning hour. And it is this hour - the longest harvesting period for the whole week!

Choose a day for the House Blessing Hour yourself. It can be any convenient day for you. Many landlady-flags nominate for this first half of Monday or break Hour of Cleaning in two halves: at the beginning of the week and before the weekend. But you yourself determine the time, suitable for you and your family. It may be difficult to allocate an hour without a break. There is a way out: make a list of household chores and gradually execute it during the day. And remember: do not rush to have time all the cases that have been accumulating over the years. We allocate only one hour per week, because we will not need more! Fulfilling the recommendations of the system: observing daily routines, getting rid of trash and systematically analyzing hot spots, maintaining order "on top" - you will be able to maintain the entire house clean without overtaxing and exhausting general cleaning.

Which business should be included in the list of obligatory for the Blessing of your house? Of course, every hostess will have this list, but for example I will write the cases that the Fly-lady offers:

1. Vacuum or sweep the floors in the center of the rooms; It does not need to move along the walls, rearranging heavy furniture or shifting carpets.

2. Wipe dust wherever you can reach without help.

3. Freshen the floor with a damp cloth in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

4. Wipe the glass doors and mirrors in the whole house.

5. Review existing magazines and newspapers; all unnecessary - in the trash!

6. Immediately remove the debris accumulated during cleaning.

7. Change bed linen, hang fresh towels in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

And it’s all! Did you notice that Hour of Uborka touches mainly on that part of the house that is in sight? All the rest of the corners of our homes we will put in order while working in the zones. And down with perfectionism! We do not have the goal of creating the perfect order in the whole house at a time. The list means "wipe the dust" - so walk around with a damp cloth, do not try to clean everything up to a single speck of dust. Our secret is constancy! And do not give up the help of children. Do you sweep? Let the child at this time keep the scoop or master the vacuum cleaner. Clean the dust? Remarkably, the second wet cloth can be given to the child. And what a space for children in dishonesty! You can come up with a game: who will collect more old newspapers or who will quickly fold used towels. In general, it will bring good help and will teach the baby to clean regularly. Children want to imitate their parents and will happily take part in all your affairs.

Step 24. Reference section of the Control Log.

Today we again will get our assistant - the Control Journal and we will put in it one more important section - reference information. From now on, we keep all the useful information in one place so that other family members can look into it, and so that you do not rummage every time in search of the right number in a pile of papers.

So, let’s take enough space for records and enter all the important phones and addresses for you and your family. For example, in the category "Health" we will refer:

- phones of hospitals, clinics, doctors;

- emergency aid (emergency station, ambulance, insurance medical service)

- pharmacies (including reference and round-the-clock), veterinary clinics, etc. etc.

In the category of "Apartment - life" the following phone numbers will be located:

- repair shops

- telephones of the management company and all specialists: plumber, electrician, plumber, home master, lifter, joiner, etc.

- Everything that is related to public services, their services and payment (Internet and cable TV provider)

The section "Education" should include the numbers:

- schools, kindergartens,

- studios, circles, sections, courses where your children or you

- individual teachers, tutors and tutors of your children.

Write also all contact information (phone, addresses, dates of birth and other important events) of relatives and friends. Now the relevant information will always be at your fingertips!

Step 25. Day of commissions and paper matters.

Today’s task is to define one day in a month, which we will devote to routine, but constantly postponed cases. For this day we will plan to pay utility bills for housing, internet and telephone, and also include correspondence on the day of commissions and business meetings (consultations in banks, trips to repair shops, etc.) - that is, which can not be solved by phone. In addition, on the chosen day we will perform paper business - everything related to information on any media: paper and electronic.

Here is an indicative list of cases that can be attributed to "paper".

1. Sort photos (this also applies to digital images, I think it’s time to revise your folders and albums, fooling up the blurry and repetitive photos);

2. Expand receipts (paid - in one folder, waiting for their turn - in another)

3. Post books (and return the read books taken from the library or from friends)

4. Sort the files on the computer, delete unnecessary, archive the rarely used and. etc.

5. Write letters and postcards.

6. Disassemble the contents of the purse and throw out the trash (checks and receipts in places, unnecessary business cards and discount cards - in the garbage).

Step 26. Zone 1: entrance, hallway, corridor.

Today, in detail, we will analyze the first Zone for cleaning, ie the entrance, the hallway and the corridor. We do not need to eradicate the disorder in the corridor. Today we just outline a plan for what needs to be done next month. All items of the plan from the compiled list of tasks should be divided by the number of days in the month that you allocated to "flights" in this Zone. Adjust the proposed list for the life of your family. And by the way, we are always cleaning from the top down (ie we begin the ceiling and gradually go down to the floor):

1. Sweep the web and dust clouds under the ceiling.

2. Wash the cover.

3. Wash switches, calls.

4. Wash the front door, pay special attention to the door handles.

5. Wipe the mirrors.

6. Remove dust from open surfaces.

7. Check what is stored in the cabinets and shelves: move to another location things out of season.

8. Put your order on the shelf with hats, headscarves, scarves, gloves. Also remove something that does not match the season.

9. Disassemble bags and bags, look into the pockets of clothing (often there is a whole warehouse of all kinds of garbage).

10. Wash baby toys with which you walk, strollers and bicycles.

11. Revise and, if necessary, update the shoe care products (creams, brushes, etc.).

12. Wipe with a damp cloth of plinth.

13. Vacuum or shake out the entrance mats.

14. Wash the floors.

I remind: cleaning in the Zone is worth doing only after a complete victory over the trash (which, most likely, will take more than one day). Before you start working in the Zone, set the timer for 15 minutes. And do for this time all that you have time. Leave all other matters on the next cleaning day in the relevant Zone.

Step 27. Zone 2: kitchen, dining room, pantry.

Let’s talk at this step about the second zone of our house: kitchen, dining room, pantry. Of course, it is impossible to make all the cases from the list in one approach, and even in one week, and, of course, we will not wash the kitchen with days and nights. To begin with, as in Zone 1, we thoroughly fray, throw out and give up all unnecessary things, and only after that we proceed to harvest. All items should be distributed on working days of the week (because on weekends we do only morning and evening routines, and spend the rest of ourselves on ourselves-loved ones and family). And as always, we will only put things in order for 15 minutes a day.

What to pay attention to when flying in Zone 2 (and again we are moving from top to bottom):

1. Remove the web and dust clouds from the ceiling.

2. Wash chandeliers and plafonds.

3. Wash the switches and sockets.

4. Wipe the walls. Pay attention to wall decorations (watches, pictures), if necessary replace or remove them.

5. Wash the windows from the inside, refresh the curtains.

6. Clean the ventilation grille.

7. Wipe the lockers from the outside, paying attention to the top and bottom.

8. Understand inside the lockers and on the shelves, streamline the products, check the expiration dates.

9. Wash the refrigerator inside and out. Pay attention to its top. Understand the refrigerator door - do you like all the magnets and evoke pleasant memories? Maybe it’s time to fake some.

10. Wash the stove and oven.

11. Get out under the sink.

12. Disassemble cleaning agents that collect near the sink.

13. Put your order among the rags and sponges, getting rid of the old ones.

14. Wipe out small household appliances (microwave oven, bread maker, etc.), and also think over the optimization of space. Maybe it’s better to rearrange these devices or attach brackets for them?

15. Wash batteries.

16. Wipe the table, leaving only the most necessary things on it, put everything else in its place. Refresh the tablecloth and napkins.

17. Wipe the chairs.

18. Wash the dish washer and the pan.

19. Carry out an inspection in medicines, get rid of expired ones.

20. Wash stored jars and trinkets.

21. Wash bowls of your pets.

22. Arrange the jars and packages with spices.

23. Finally, wash the floor in the Zone, paying proper attention to the baseboard and corners.

And of course, we are attracting children to cleaning! Flight on the system of the Fly-Lady is another reason for joint activity with children!

Step 28. Zone 3: bathroom, nursery

Today we will plan work in the third zone of our house - in the bathroom and the nursery. Do not forget, at one time we compile a list of so many cases that can be performed in a quarter of an hour.

The approximate plan of cleaning the bathroom:

1. Remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.

2. Clean the tiles and seams between the tiles along the perimeter of the bathroom.

3. Tidy up all the shelves, drawers, lockers, paying attention to the top and bottom.

4. Wipe the inside of the window, wash the plafond.

5. Clean the tub and sink, shower and all faucets.

6. Wash the sides of the bath, remove all unnecessary bottles from there.

7. Wash toys and a bathtub for bathing children.

8. Wash or replace the curtain.

9. Wash the battery.

10. Wash the door and handle.

11. Wash the mirror to shine.

12. Clean clothing (dirty - in washing, from drying - in places in the closet or ironing).

13. To mishandle: worn towels, overdue cosmetics, throw out empty boxes, jars and containers.

14. Clean the ventilation hole.

15. Wash glasses, soap dishes, replace toothbrushes if necessary.

16. Replace the squeegee nozzles.

17. Wash the laundry basket.

18. Wipe the balance.

19. Wipe the surface of the washing machine.

20. Wash the powder compartment.

21. Check the stores of detergents and cosmetics.

22. Carefully investigate the space around the washing machine, whether anything has fallen for it.

23. If you keep medicines in the bathroom, make sure that there are no expired ones.

24. Wash the mats.

25. With special care to wash the floors, paying attention to all corners.

A sample list of cases for cleaning the nursery:

1. Brush away the dust and cobwebs on the ceiling and in the corners.

2. Wash the plafond, chandelier.

3. Clean all exposed surfaces.

4. Clean and turn the mattress.

5. Replace or spread the veil.

6. Refresh the curtains.

7. Wash the windows from the inside.

8. Understand the shelves with toys and books.

9. Remove items that must be stored in other rooms.

10. To disassemble children’s clothes, separately to postpone that from which the child has grown.

11. Wipe the walls and doors.

12. Wash switches and sockets.

13. Wipe the plinth.

14. Wash the floor.

15. Remember, as long as we are just planning, do not rush to start doing things from the list.

Step 29. Zone 4: bedroom, toilet.

Today we will stop and make a list for flights in the fourth Zone - the bedroom and the toilet. Here is an approximate plan for cleaning these areas, which you can change depending on the characteristics of the house and your family way of life.


1. Remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.

2. Wash the chandelier.

3. Wash the window from the inside.

4. Freshen the curtains.

5. Wipe off any open surfaces.

6. Understand the cabinets and chests of drawers, on shelves and tables, get rid of the trash that comes across the arm.

7. Dismantle books and magazines, put them in their places.

8. Wipe the mirrors.

9. Wash the door and handle.

10. Wash the switches and sockets.

11. Walk with a vacuum cleaner on the couch.

12. Wipe the back of the couch.

13. Wipe electronics.

14. Wash the bedspread, replace if necessary.

15. Turn the mattress over.

16. Freshen up the linen.

17. Wipe flowers and pots.

18. Wash the battery.

19. Wash the skirting boards.

20. Wash the floor.

Toilet (of course, if you are the owner of a combined toilet and bathroom, you can only perform those items that were not performed in the previous week, or on the contrary, include the toilet in the third zone):

1. Remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.

2. Wipe the walls.

3. Clean the shelves.

4. Wash the cover.

5. Wipe exposed surfaces.

6. Wash the door and handle.

7. Clean the toilet from the inside and out.

8. Wash baby pots.

9. Wash or replace the brush.

10. Remove all empty boxes and containers.

11. Wash the mats.

12. Thoroughly wash the floor, paying close attention to all corners.

Again I remind you that all listed cases should be distributed on 5 weekdays of the week (after all on weekends we pay attention only to our routines), and clean with a timer, for 15 minutes at a time. Perfectionism - fight! Only small steps will not let us go astray and lead to order in the whole house!

Step 30. Zone 5: living room, balcony.

Today we will talk about the last, the fifth Zone of the house, which is planned for us in the last days of the month - a living room and a balcony / loggia, if any. So, I propose an approximate plan for cleaning the living room:

1. Sweep the cobwebs and dust from the ceiling.

2. Clean the chandelier.

3. Wash the windows from the inside.

4. Wipe with a damp rag eaves and window sill.

5. Refresh the curtains.

6. To put things in order on the bookshelves (to return the books taken for a while to their lawful owners!).

7. Clean in cabinets and chests.

8. Remove dust from all exposed surfaces.

9. Wipe the walls.

10. Wash the door and handle.

11. Wipe switches and sockets.

12. Throw away unnecessary magazines and newspapers.

13. Wipe the desk and landline phone.

14. Wipe pictures and other wall decorations.

15. Refresh the leaves of plants and wipe the pots.

16. Clean the equipment.

17. Wipe all the shelves, mash unnecessary trinkets.

18. Remove the place of the pet, shake out the rug.

19. Vacuum the carpets.

20. Vacuum the sofa and armchairs, wipe their backside.

21. Wipe the battery.

22. To review the discs, spoiled and irrelevant - in garbage, some - in a car, taken for a while - in a package for return to the owners.

23. Arrange order among the papers and documents, as well as among the computer files.

24. Wash the mirror.

25. Thoroughly wash the floor and skirting boards.

Plan for cleaning the balcony:

1. REMOVE EXTREME THINGS (the balcony often becomes the haven of trash of many generations of the family).

2. Remove dust and spider web in the corners.

3. Clean the windows and frames from the inside.

4. Wipe the windowsill.

5. Refresh plant leaves, wash pots.

6. Clean the door and handle.

7. Understand the shelves.

8. Wash the floors.

9. And throw away all the unnecessary things!

Step 31. Family traditions.

Congratulations, you’ve come a long way, and have successfully made it to the last step. I’m sure your house has already changed, you have more free time and energy. Now we will talk about the last, but very important for home and family occupation - about family traditions.

Do you remember if there are traditions in your family? Home rituals are of great importance for the rallying of the family. They can become a link between children and parents, preventing the separation of family members from each other. Children, even very young, are very fond of making traditions (therefore, for example, they fall asleep badly without the ritual of putting them to bed).

In general, if there are no traditions in your family yet, or very little, it’s time to come up with them! It can be anything! Think what you and your family like? What pleases all of you? Maybe a romantic dinner at the end of the week. Or freshly baked pancakes for breakfast on weekends. Or waving a hand from the window before leaving for school or work. It is family traditions that bring warmth and soulfulness to the relationships within the family, create a unique atmosphere of comfort in the house. And it is the memories of family traditions that bring people closer together. Look at this here ...

And those wise women who do not just read the article, but implement it, send us files in the Excel, where they plan their household affairs and they do it. Look how beautiful and serious everything is!

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