Автор: Максим Батырев

45 tattoo of a manager. The rules of the Russian leader (M. Batyrev)


The titles of the chapters of this book are tattoos. This is a set of principles and rules, tested by the long-term practice of a successful manager, his life and organizational experience. These are simple and vivid stories about how and why you need to do business if you want to succeed. Behind each of these chapters are meaningful actions, someone’s pain, torment, joy, successful and unsuccessful experience, dismissals and leadership, and most importantly - the desired result.

Resolution: to study, to observe, to comprehend, to apply!

You need to read this book. Thoughtfully. Leisurely. If you are a leader or want to become one. If you are successful and if not very. Why? She wrote PROFESSIONAL. A person who systematized and described his WAY. To success. Attention: not to luck. To success.

Perhaps you will ask: what is success? And add: well, you know, it’s such a complicated concept ... Of course. You’re right. But there is one sign that takes into account all the nuances. A successful person on the question, are you happy, answers: Yes. He does not say: well ... happiness ... you know ... it’s for everyone its ...

This is a book about management. Books about management are millions. But this book was written by a professional. And he described in it the rules, the effectiveness and significance of which he tested himself. And therefore he has the right to share with you.

You can ask: what are the guarantees? None. For there are no technologies that will allow you not to use your head. That’s why I made such a resolution in the headline.

The rules of management from Maxim Batyrev (he is known by the nickname Kombat) are specific, practical, effective and justified. They rely on the principles of effective management. Therefore, if you start using them, you will see: the work of your subordinates becomes more meaningful, responsible and effective.

Is it easy to apply these rules? Perhaps, it is not. And it will not all at once. Because using any new skill requires changing your habits. But it is our current habits that do not allow us to be at the desired point of the world. So...

True, there is another way. For example, sit under the tree and wait for Santa Claus. Or buy "happiness pills", the more so, sellers a huge amount.

Is it enough to study these rules to become an effective leader? No. Management does not have sufficient knowledge. The leader goes by the warrior’s way. And he knows that the peak of mastery is unattainable, but every day we are given to take a step closer to it. And the master is not the one who has reached the top, but the one who is always on the road. Therefore Maxim Batyrev is a master. And his rules deserve attention.

Perhaps some rules will frighten the heads of the good-hearted and quivering, who are eager to turn their structures into a flock of happy happy butterflies fluttering happily and inspiringly working under the guidance of a wise and kind boss. And regularly bring him buckets of nectar. If you are a bit like the described type, then this book should not be read to you. Avoid, as they say. Since it does not say a word about all sorts of "corporate values," by which many are trying to "feed" their companies in the hope of a result. I read a lot of such documents. They all resemble the bad translation of the Bible. And neither works. Which is quite surprising to the authors.

So, Max’s rules work. If you apply them, and not just read the text.

Do I agree with Maxim Kombat Batyrev in everything? No. Some questions I propose to address in a different way. But for Maxim - the result, so his technique should be studied. And as the great Confucius taught us, "... there are different ways to achieve results."

In 2013 I celebrate the 20th anniversary of my work in the profession. I have trained many leaders. But when my technologies are approved by leaders - masters, such as Maxim, - this is a special pleasure and special pride.

I recommend. If, of course, you are interested in the result.

Alexander Friedman, consultant and business coach in the field of professional personnel exploitation

Dedicated to my main teachers Valery Vladimirovich and Tatyana Vitalyevna BATYREV

Any similarity with real people I ask to consider as an accident.

During the writing of the book, no one person and no animals were harmed.

From the author

- Boomerang was invented in Australia. And what would have happened if it had been invented in Russia?

"Why do we need a boomerang?" We have a rake!

Joke from KVN

They say that everyone wants to write a book. There are a thousand reasons why this should be done "later". The last time, a couple of years ago, I came up with a reason for this: I do not have enough convincing arguments for managers to buy this book (as I call executives, and not at all sales specialists).

Becoming the winner in the All-Russian Competitions "Commercial Director of the Year 2012» (held by Salecraft), "Manager of the Year 2012» (organized by the International Academy of Management and the Government of Moscow) and entering the TOP-1000 best managers of the country according to Kommersant Publishing House arguments found. For example, the company What to Do Consult, in which I am one of the directors, for the fifth year in a row becomes the undisputed leader in its industry.

We were not always leaders, and I was not always the director. Tigran Harutyunyan, a consultant on strategic management of organizations, says that my success is not a classical case for world practice: I managed to reach it in just eleven years, without ties, kickbacks, European education, but with a thousand mistakes, a hundred drops and serious tests like a four-hour sleep a day for several years.

Why would a top manager write a book? Not a consultant who will sell his name and services because of it, and not the owner of the business, who will thus propiate his company? Top manager - why?

For example, then, that we practically do not have domestic books, which hired managers write for hired managers. At the same time, hired managers have orders of magnitude greater than owners and consultants.

This is in the first place.

Having made the way from a small seller to the winner of a professional competition of federal scale, I want to share my experience. I want to show my rake, which was attacked and filled with bumps, my successes and failures, so that other hired managers or those who want to become such, it was easier to rise and revive our country.

Secondly, this book is next, that you need to be able to be grateful. To those people who learn both good and bad. Teachers, managers, employees and loved ones.

Everything that is described here took place within the same organization - in the company What to Do Consult, which is performed in 2013 for 20 years. The book shows our organization from within - with all the difficulties, problems, internal cuisine. Sometimes it happens: you read about a cool company, and rolls a lump to your throat, it’s disgusting from contrivance and falsity. Here everything is true. Here about fate with its twists and about how we went out together straight.

I tried very hard to read easily, because I hate instructive stories in the spirit of "how to become a successful billionaire in 24 hours" or a book of ready-made management recipes. After all, even if you accurately reproduce all the technologies and methods from such books, they will not work in the absence of a solid foundation on which your company and your unit are built. And the foundation is first of all the principles by which you conduct business. In this book, I call principles tattoos, since they were forever imprinted on me after various events that occurred in life. From blow to jaw to waterfalls of female tears. These are my rakes, these are my bumps, these are my tattoos. My head Olga Fursovna Samokhina says that in this book I am exposing my managerial heart to the reader and that not everyone can decide on such a step.

The title of each chapter is a tattoo left for a long memory by the lessons that the manager’s destiny and other steep turns of life presented to me. They will never disappear from my memory, like real tattoos - from the body, and they always accompany me.

My main goal is to explain why it is necessary to conduct business exactly in such ways, as described here, if you want to succeed. Behind each new chapter lie meaningful actions, someone’s pain, torment, joy, successful and unsuccessful experience, ups and downs, dismissals and leadership, and most importantly - the desired result.

And further. I know that people who have a dissenting opinion on any occasion will read this book. Such everywhere is enough. So, if you have a desire to criticize me, argue with me, then you do not need to do this. This is my experience, this is my life, this is my path, and I consider them to be correct. I have no claims to be an expert or a truth in the last resort, and I do not impose my opinion on you. But I know for sure: any person is always in one of only two states - protection or training. Reading this book, you can learn, but you can swear.

Finishing. Before you start looking at my tattoos, I’ll remember one of my favorite sayings. This was said by Leonardo da Vinci.

All people are divided into three types:

- those who see

- those who see when they are shown

- those who do not see.

I wish you to see always and everywhere!

Good luck!

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1. First learn how to play by the rules, then come up with your own.

At the dancing evenings, workers must come in light clothes and shoes. Dancing in working and sports clothes is prohibited.

Dancing in a distorted form is prohibited.

The dancer must perform the dance correctly, clearly and equally well with both the right and left foot.

The woman has the right in a courteous form to express displeasure at the man’s non-compliance with the prescribed distance of three centimeters and demand an explanation in a courteous manner.

Smoking and laughing should be in specially designated places for this.

Rules of conduct for dancing evenings, USSR, 1974

In some not very memorable book on business (I apologize in advance to the author), I read a particularly memorable example on how it’s nice to break established rules. Since the author and the source I do not remember, we will convey the meaning of the read close to the text:

Breaking the rules is fine! Only those who violate the rules can achieve truly outstanding results. Let’s look at my statement on the example of Hollywood. It has long been known that in Hollywood there is a formula for success that brings hundreds of millions of dollars in box office fees. This formula consists of three components:

1) the film should not go more than two hours;

2 ) the film should have a happy ending;

3) the main character must at the end remain alive.

And then James Cameron appeared with the "Titanic" - a film that changed the entire film industry! He broke all possible rules!

1) the film is almost 3.5 hours;

2) at the end, almost all the characters die, including ...

3) ... the main character.

As you know, this film was the first in history to collect more than a billion dollars in the box office around the world and still continues to hold the first position in the ratings!

Learn from James Cameron! He did not follow the rules and won!

When I read this, I was angry.

Guys, what are you doing ?! But what about "Terminator", "Alien", "True lie"?

All these films, thanks to which Cameron became famous, hits that beat box-office records, filmed according to the rules of Hollywood! Is not it so?

I’m not just annoyed-the trend that has been traced in the last few years is infuriating and the young generation is being brainwashed: "It’s not necessary to study! Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had no education, and they became billionaires! High schools and school do not give anything! "

And nothing that they plowed like a damned twenty hours a day? Nothing that they were geniuses, that such people can be counted on the fingers of one hand - and on the planet we are several billion?

The newfangled wave - the community "Business Youth" says: "Do not work for your uncle! Open your company, guys! A sixteen-year-old girl named Olya from Syktyvkar began to wash the windows - and now she earns 40,000 rubles every month! "

And what will become of Olya five years from now ?! She will not learn anything! She’ll wash her windows all her life!

Read it is not necessary! Someone is trying to impose their opinions on you and brain zombies! Be free, do what you want!

And what about the development of the mind, the stimulation of one’s own imagination, the formation of personal beliefs based on basic knowledge?..

Sometimes it reminds me of a strange kind of genocide - intellectual. Even sometimes it’s scary what will happen to those who are now fourteen or fifteen, in ten years’ time.

I am deeply convinced that in any society it is necessary to first learn how to play by the rules, and I constantly say this to my employees who are looking for "magic buttons" of success.

And the boxing section taught me this, to which I came just at the age of fourteen. ...

In the distant 1995, after the next series of "Rocky", I decided that it was time to become a boxer.

When I first went by bus to the next city for the first time in boxing, I imagined, as in reality, the ring, the title of the absolute world champion, thousands of fans, hands stretching the champion’s belt over my head, my rival’s unhappy face and beautiful women lining up in turn for autograph.

Mom and Dad, after much persuasion, found money for real men’s sports, and even bought new sneakers for me. I went into the hall, saw a group of senior comrades boxing in the ring (in this ring!), A dozen boxing pears, stern men’s faces with flat noses and a hefty coach. Everything was like in a movie.

"Hey, rookie! Come on in! "

They shouted to me. We were twenty-five people. I waited for us to be given out punching pears and begin to learn how to beat, but we were forced to run around the ring. Sixty circles.

After that, the coach said that we are free and can go home.

Of course, I was discouraged by this development of events, but I thought it was a test of strength, and I came the next time. We were forced to run sixty circles and ten more to squat. And we did not learn to beat the villains again.

The third time was the same as the second, and the fourth is the same as the third, plus 10 laps running, but only backwards.

I was indignant and irritated. How so? Where is my champion belt ?! Where is stabbing the jaw? Where is the instruction, how correctly to insert the cap and spit into the bucket, which is supported by an assistant coach?

After the fifth time I could not stand it and went to the coach.

- Something I do not understand, is there a section of runners around the ring or a real men’s club?

- We are developing breathing room. Before you begin to learn anything, boys, you need to learn to breathe.

- I can breathe, let me teach boxing!

- Wait, everything in order should be.

- I want a glove and a sparring partner. Teach me to fight, not run!

The coach smiled, called the squat boy, whispered something in his ear and said that he would spar with me in the next lesson.

Before the fight, I once again reviewed the "Rocky", setting myself up for the main battle in my life, kneading my fists, cracking my knuckles, twisting my head, bouncing like a real boxer, imagining how I would ever stand on a pedestal and let out a tear under the anthem of Russia .

And here it is, this moment! The coach, slightly grinning, put on my gloves, laced up the helmet and put a real cap in his mouth. It was strange to me, but I knew that every real boxer went through it. Ring, give me a ring!

Twenty-four pairs of eyes from the nursery group saw me out with envious glances. My opponent looks calm, he does not have a helmet - that means, you must immediately hit the jaw!

The battle.

I run up to him, swinging like an old Russian hero in an open field. Hit. Oh, there is no rival, he is already jumping from behind and smiling. Ah well! Will you run from me? On you!

... Again it is not.

In general, it lasted about five minutes, after which I felt a slight dizziness and wild thirst. I had nothing to breathe in this fucking helmet, the gloves were heavy, and my legs generally became leaden. As you know, not one of my goal hits reached.

And then my rival emerges from before me and hits me with his right hand, which somehow looks terribly like a reinforced concrete beam. Although the sympathetic comrades watching me told me that he only kicked me lightly, it did not seem to me. At the time of the fall in the ring, I thought that a freight train had run into me.

This was my last fight and a good lesson for those guys who initially supported me and also did not want to just run around the ring. After that, they changed their mind and ran their marathon with great joy.

Since then, in my jaw, I still have a tattoo "First learn to play by the rules, then come up with your own."

The boxer did not come out of me, but I remember the lesson for the rest of my life. Wherever I have appeared since then, I have learned to play by the rules of the system, trying to understand the nature of these rules and the motives by which they were adopted.

In business the same is true. In life, too. You can not earn a million at a time, if you have not learned how to earn a ruble. You can not become a director if you do not supervise the department. You can not attract many customers if you have not learned to understand what drives them. And so on.

You always have to learn how to play by the rules and not look for the magic buttons.

Even if James Cameron personally tells you how to break the rules, it’s unlikely that you will get "Avatar".

And the likelihood that you are Steve Jobs, is 1: 7 021 836 029.

2. Read, comprehend. Train your main muscle

How to develop the imagination, if you are all the time fed ready-made images?

Doublethink means consciously believing in lies, knowing that this is a lie!

Examples from everyday life: "one must be beautiful to be happy," "I need an operation to become beautiful," "I must be skinny, famous, fashionable" ...

Young people are taught that girls are whores, females, thing.

They can be beaten, humiliated ... This is a marketing holocaust !!!

Round the clock, our whole life, the powers that be have stupefied us! Therefore, in order to protect ourselves from the penetration of this stupidity into our thinking, we must learn to read!

We must urge our imagination, develop our minds, defend our beliefs, believe in them! We must be able to preserve and preserve our own personality.

"Teacher for the change". Monologue of the teacher before the students

They say that collecting something is not normal.

I’m very much abnormal. I can even say that I’m a fetishist. And one of my strongest addictions is books.

I read my whole adult life. Definitely thanks to the parents, for which they thank you very much.

I remember how in the first class those comrades who were testing us under an hourglass for speed reading were amazed: the paragraphs I had to read in a minute, I finished by the middle of the deadline.

Class in the fifth in the city library ended not read by me children’s literature. I had to switch to "adult" books.

My parents signed me to four or five periodicals, which I swallowed on the same day when they were dropped into a mailbox.

I remember when I was in military school, the surprise of classmates. I was the only cadet writing newspapers, and I swallowed books one by one. At the senior courses we were given as much as 1200 rubles of scholarships, and we had to go to Moscow, to the publishing houses, because it turned out so cheaper. Extremely pleased with myself, I brought back a pile of books and happily nailed the next shelf to the wall of a small room in the hostel. My companion was, alas, not happy.

But when I got a job, I did not have any desire to read professional literature. Honestly tried, and nothing happened: I perceived the advice of the authors of business literature as an attempt to teach me to live. Me! Twenty-two-year-old, "grown-up" a man with "a colossal worldly experience," some unfamiliar uncles and aunts are trying to teach to live! Yes they went!

My first head N.A. very actively insisted that I read one business book on negotiations. I remember very well that it was a book by Asi Barysheva, a well-known business coach for sales. I had to force myself, because the pressure of the leader was stronger than the reluctance to learn from strangers.

Looking ahead, I will say: ten years later, by the time of her third book, "Sales in an Adult", Asya was already a good friend of mine. She devoted a whole chapter to the work of the unit headed by me.

The chips, tools and techniques from that book worked, I had the first sales, and, of course, I began to swallow the professional literature without chewing. My library grew in some geometric progression, and books on business turned into a drug.

In my own estimation, most of my personal achievements are related to what I read, and with the subsequent reflection, which quickly turns into action.

Nevertheless, very, very many people did not understand why I spend 1000-3000-5000, and sometimes 10 000 rubles a month on books. Literally they twisted a finger at his temple and said that I was crazy. Yes, I really was. But people who do not read have always stayed somewhere behind, on the spot, continuing to twist their fingers. And those who read, grew up with me by leaps and bounds. And I was very glad that I managed to put several dozen people on this drug.

Do you know what is most interesting? Very many people, having started reading, say: "What a fool I was, that I did not start earlier!"

And I admit honestly: books are investments that come back.

All the money was returned in a couple of months ...

One time, our company hosted a seminar Igor Mann. He told me that he reads about six hundred books on business everywhere and now in his piggy bank. Then I caught fire and decided to beat his record. The sixth hundredth I read when I was just over thirty.

The books were delayed. Need to learn how to conduct training? I studied the works of clever people and from ten books I extracted something of my own. Need to learn how to interview? I bought publications for journalists and turned knowledge into skills. To study the issue of leadership? Recruitment? Delegation? Motivation? Copywriting? Blogging? Dozens of volumes, thousands of pages on each issue!

Once a picture of my bookcase, laid out on the page "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" in Facebook, won the competition of bookcases, for which I was presented with a couple of books with autographs of authors.

At work, the cabinet with sagging shelves looked not very attractive, and we created from these books the library of our company - let the employees read and develop.

Nevertheless, not everyone could be infected with a personal example. A lot of people did not want to read. Until now, I sometimes hear strange phrases like "What can I read there? Life will teach me. " Or: "Our Russian business will not suit all these American models."

Until now, I believe that people who do not even try to start reading, just invented a steel alibi that they cover their own weakness and laziness.

Although there are other, special people. They read just like that. With one of these comrades I met a few years ago and for a long time could not understand why books pass through it like water through a sieve. It turned out that this man reads business literature as an ordinary book. And he does not understand the information received at all. Does not even reflect on what has been read. I read everything.

I could not even imagine that people can not read like I do. But when I met this man - and he, you know, just raised his intellectual level and turned into a good theorist, - then I had a tattoo: "READ AND REFLECT THE READ!"

It was such a reading that helped me. If I did not apply ideas and chips from someone else’s successful business experience, I would surrender on the third book and stop reading. I would be sure how others, like "there is no sense", and left.

But even this is not the most important thing.

Now a complex text will go, but please step on it. What is written here is very serious.

Communicating with a lot of people, I came to the conclusion that the level of intelligence and creativity is in direct proportion to the quality and quantity of stimuli our brain receives. Like any muscle, any muscle develops due to stress. The more and more often we use our creative "muscle", or, more simply, the brain, the stronger it will become. In short, the brain needs to be trained.

It’s no secret to anyone that no living system (human organism, collective, country, tree, cauliflower) can remain in a neutral state. It either degrades or develops. The other is not given. It can develop only from external factors, or stimuli. If there is no incentive, the system begins to degrade. In this case, incentives can also destroy, if they are substandard. A poor stimulus for the human brain can be, for example, "Dom- " on TNT, or for the stomach - semi-finished products with the addition of an infinite number of carcinogens.

The lack of incentives leads to the death of the system. This is the essence of evolution: everything that does not find use in us, nature simply takes back. Some fish living in the depths of the ocean have no eyes. The reason is that these fish do not use sight, and everything that is not used will gradually become atrophied. And vice versa: everything that we use and constantly train, is poured in by force.

This means that the more a person reads books about sales, communication, management, marketing (yes about anything!), The more often new ideas come to him for business, for personal effectiveness.

And that’s why every day such people get to know the essence, in the meanings, in the logic of what they are passionate about. And this, in turn, occurs, because the brain responds to the stimuli that we give to it.

In short, just a brilliant idea can not come to the head.

Now about the quality of incentives.

Recently in the magazine Chief Time I read a short story about academician Natalia Petrovna Bekhterev. He is the scientific director of the Institute of the Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The essence of the article was as follows. SCIENTIFICALLY INSTALLED what happens in the brain under a variety of influences.

When a person starts to do something new, the whole brain starts to turn on, which starts to work actively. Gradually, various areas of it begin to shut down, and in working condition are only necessary for the current operating activities. Therefore, if a person is engaged in a "stereotyped" activity all his life-for example, he is behind a conveyor belt and does not read anything new, and spends his free time playing dominoes-then only two parts of the brain are involved: one is responsible for the conveyor, and the other for dominoes.

So now the most important thing. The rest of the brain atrophied.

And in 40 years, this person will not be able to learn a foreign language for anything. This part of the brain, underloaded with stimuli, has for many years been accustomed to not working - and has ceased to work.

Here is an excerpt from the article about Natalia Bekhtereva: "When I worked with patients experiencing difficulties with memory, and asked them:" Do you read a lot? "-" Yes, all the newspapers. " And then all the newspapers were almost the same, and I answered: "If you do not read something else, then I do not envy your old age." It is necessary to practice at least a variety of reading. "

If you want, that you had strong hands, it is necessary to pump muscles on hands.

If you want to have strong legs, you have to run and squat.

If you want to quickly think, quickly make decisions and make discoveries, you need to pump the most important muscle in the body - our precious brain.

Reading professional literature, you begin to understand the concepts and meaning of doing business. And you become stronger.

Reading fiction, you begin to understand life. And you become wiser. By the way, tabloid novels are a low-quality stimulus.

Communicating with smart and successful people, you perceive their experience and you become closer to success.

Begin to understand the eastern culture, look smart cinema, learn any new and high-quality skills and theories - and your muscle will work at full power, moving your development. Evade - it atrophies and degrades. Or, if you want, it will stupefy.

So read, master read and train the most important muscle in the body. And do not forget to make yourself a tattoo, right on your forehead. I have one. It helps!

3. Refuse from wrong strategies is a manifestation of strength

In the village lived a stubborn donkey,

He weeded grass without worries.

He ate oats, but did not obey my mother.

And I did the opposite.

Mamma disobey - is it possible?

Even the elephant was surprised,

But the stubborn donkey did not obey Mom,

So he grew up a DONKEY.

Children’s poem

In 2000, I remained only a year before the release from the Serpukhov Higher Military Command Engineering School of the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation. I have already more than adapted and gained strength, I had many friends and like-minded people, and, of course, I wanted to become a real officer. Very clearly pictured himself a splash of champagne on graduation, gold epaulettes on a white shirt and distribution somewhere in the region of Kansk or, if lucky, Teikovo with the passage of further service on the glorious "Topol-M".

Just at the same time, my father retired from the same forces on the length of service. I do not know what exactly was the fraud in the Ministry of Defense at that time, but after twenty-seven years of service the lieutenant colonel of the Armed Forces of our country was left without a housing certificate, which was put to all military pensioners.

After that, my father considered it his duty not to let me make a career as an officer. One Sunday he came to my school. The conversation was difficult. I really did not want to throw a distance for a hundred meters to the finish. I was one of the best cadets of my company, for the last three years I have not received a single four in the certificate, and I already even wrote my thesis paper. In addition, I played a youthful romance, a state of uncertainty on the "citizen" scared.

But my father insisted. "Son, this is an incorrect life strategy. I have already served more than half my life for the two of us. This will be enough for you too, we have given our debt to the country. If you think that retreat from the planned strategies is a weak position, you are mistaken. This is a manifestation of strength - to direct your life in another direction and manifest yourself in another. "

Of course, after such words, I did not want to become an officer and went to Moscow to be transferred to a civilian university.

This lesson I remember for a lifetime.

It is always a pity to throw what you create around you, what you become, what you know and know. Here everything is so familiar, and there, in the unknown, is scary and unclear. It’s better to have a bird in your hand than a giraffe in the clouds.

But still you need to be able to change the strategy. You need to be able to turn off the path, look for other behaviors, try something new, sometimes step back, if, after pummeling, you understand - what you wanted so far can not be achieved.

Sometimes, I have to remove people from the position of managers, because they can not cope. It’s unpleasant not only for them, but for me, I’ll tell you. It is not the easiest task to tell a person that he has not coped, and at the same time leave him to work in a company in another position. People in such cases are clearly divided into two categories: one does not want to hear anything, "clings" to the post, they try to stay in the big boss’s chair by tricks, persuasion and manipulation, and when they do not, they leave the company. The second one is much harder, but they are holding themselves with dignity and take a step back. In my experience, these employees, having abandoned the previous strategy, win a hundred percent of the cases. They return to their previous positions, where their activities were efficient and effective. Ex-managers have the opportunity to look at the business with different eyes. Knowing how and what is happening at the higher level and how decisions are made there, these people begin to work even more fruitfully and show themselves, as a rule, real experts in all matters at their new / old level.

I once read an interview with a Japanese top manager who claimed: the most important lesson in his life was a demotion. This allowed him to achieve serious career and professional success.

The change of strategy, including the rejection of the previously chosen one, can lead to excellent results. The most important thing is the position of the strong. The conscious position of a seasoned, courageous man.

People who struggle when they fail to realize their strategy, and do not change the ways to achieve their goals and stick to their strategy with their hands and feet, are weak. They look pathetic. How many times have I seen how for the sake of inscription on the business card "department head" people changed their place of work, went to small gray organizations for a lower salary, but they remained "with shoulder straps".

And sometimes, people come from outside for an interview. I tell them: "It’s all right, we are ready to start working with you, but you have to show yourself, work two, three, four months with clients. If it is confirmed that you are really able to sell in the field, we will appoint you. This is important in our business. " Sometimes from such my words they start to shake them literally. And under the pretext that "he already spent the whole 1,5 year of his life on a linear position of a specialist and on work with clients", these "leaders" go to the same small gray organization for a salary less than they would have received from us, being specialists.

From the outside it does not seem a strong position. A person can not change his personal strategy - "to be the leader of someone and somewhere" - and this sometimes becomes ridiculous.

Many will ask me, but what about the example with Thomas Edison, who tried to invent a light bulb 6,000 times? Well, firstly, this is an exception, and secondly, Edison himself said: "I was not mistaken 6000 times. I just came up with 5,999 ways why this does not work. " He tried it every time and changed strategy all the time.

I will give a more rigid example. I’ll tell you about the founder of the boutique of business literature Boffo Dima Lebedev, whom we met in the summer of 2012. Very competent and nice guy who wanted to change the world. He created a really cool company with a cool client-oriented approach, struggled very long, worked very hard, was very worried about his offspring, but he did not change the strategy. Maybe Boffo was ahead of his time, maybe his time has not come yet, maybe we will never manage to create a mass need for class business literature, or maybe some toggle manager will someday switch, but Dimin history is known to everyone. He sold everything that could be, including an apartment, did not go on vacation for several years, but did not teach people to read much about business.

And then changed the strategy and began to earn the first money on boutiques of tea and coffee, shirts and shirts, dishes and cookbooks, even on beer. All under the brand Boffo. I’m happy for Dima and I want him to succeed. So honestly, like him, we have very few people in the country working. But, if he had not changed the strategy, the brand might have disappeared with him.

Do not give up the chosen strategy, if nothing happens, fight your head against the same wall, take care of your strategy, even though you are slowly drowning, is the position of a public victim. "I will be true to my ideals, for them I will die young. Look, see everything, how bad I am, but I’m a patriot of my strategy ... "

To refuse the wrong strategy is to show common sense, the ability to take control of the situation, press the brake in time, turn the steering wheel in time. Let them laugh at you and say that you lost, once stopped. Let’s see what will happen to these people, who will be the very last one who laughs well.

I think that Dima Lebedev has a tattoo all over his back: "REFUSE THE ILLEGAL STRATEGIES. This is the manifestation of power. "

I have this one too. My father made it to me.

4. What is obvious to you is not obvious to others.

There will come a time when our descendants will be surprised that we did not know such obvious things.


- Maxim, did you hear the new song of Elena Vaenga «I’m standing alone again"?

- Dad, I do not know who Elena Vaenga is.

- How, son, you DO NOT KNOW VAENGA ?! Everybody knows her!

- And I do not ...

A recent dialogue with my father

On July 29, 2002, I came to work for the company What to Do Consult, with which I linked my future life.

I got there, like most of my acquaintances, by accident. At the end of the university I was looking for a job in the specialty and I came to get a job as a service engineer. Employees of the personnel service, magically recognizing in me the talent of the negotiator, assured that they would teach me this. So I was here.

I want to immediately pay attention to the following aspects.

I have not worked for a day in a commercial organization, all my previous studies have been like Tom Sawyer.

I did not know why the negotiator’s talent was recognized in me, since I never worked with clients either.

I previously spent four years in the army, where I was somewhat isolated from the developing society, why I sometimes felt like a savage.

Moscow for me was not then a city of opportunities. The place where there was work, whereas in my homeland it was extremely difficult to find a job.

And here it is, the first working day. My first head, NA, gives the assignment to travel to the client to the other end of Moscow, a CD with the demo version of "ConsultantPlus" and some instructions that I forgot about as soon as I got down in the subway.

Negotiations, in my opinion, were remarkable. Nobody drove me out of the doorway, they did not shout at me, they listened to me, politely saying that, probably, some day information will come in handy and sent back.

I was afraid of N.A., did not know what to expect from it. Seeing me, she said: "Fill the report. In half an hour, come and take it. " What report? Where to take? How to fill in?

I did not like this situation. And I was shy for some reason, because I did not know anyone, I was not approached with people, people were busy with their own affairs. So he sat like a statue, looking at the flickering screen of the monitor. A disgusting feeling.

Two of my roommates were talking, I was listening to their ears with the edge of my ear, and here (oh, a miracle!) One of them says: "I need to N.A. in 5 minutes, I need to fill out the report", obtains an application for exit paper, turns over sheet and begins to fill in the fields. Ah, that’s it! I took out my sheet, turned it over, began to study carefully, slowly filling out what I understood. But what is, for example, "Segment: BDJ, KM, KGS, K, S, M, GAR", did not guess.

Somehow, groaning, after an hour and a half he stumbled to N.A. and began to give her a half-filled report.

- And why did you not bill the customer, since there was an interest in us?

What to say? What I did not know about the need to bill my client and for the first time I hear about it? That I have no idea what an account is and how to set it up? That I work the first day and can count on the fact that I will talk with me as a novice? That on the first day I do not want to seem stupid, so I do not admit N.A., that I do not understand a fig?

Without waiting for an answer, N.A. shouted to one of the hard employees:

"Vaclav, help the newcomer to bill!"

Vaslav, without bothering for a long time, did something quickly, someone quickly called, found out the account number, poked something on the calculator. Five minutes later I had a freshly printed account in my hands.

What I do with it further, I did not expect at all, since the words "expose the customer account" for me in a single sense did not add up. I remotely understood who such customers are and what the account was, understood well what the word "expose", since we in the army exhibited sentries around the protected objects, but the phrase "to expose the client account" definitely did not fit into the framework. Intuition let me down at that moment, and it was frightening to ask, so that I did not think that I was "special." I did not know what to do.

Passing by N.A. asked:

- Well, sent an account?

Opa! Now he "sent". How can I send it? "Russian Post", or what?

- No, - I say, - did not send.

- Well, the fax is here. Go, send it quickly.

It was felt that my leader was beginning to get irritated.

Probably, many people, reading all this, think that I’m not a close person. Only I do not believe that you can send a fax from birth. In 2002, I also could not. After standing for about three minutes on a strange machine called Fax, I realized that not only the first but also the last day of my work is going on. Now I’m going to slow down a little more, and they’ll fire me. I also understood that the client needed to deliver the account, so he got ready, dressed and drove to the other end of Moscow. The client was surprised when she saw me for the second time in a day, I smiled, handed her the bill and said:

"The manager asked me to give you an account, because you showed interest in our services." Here, take it, please.

- Maxim, but why did you go? Would put it to me by fax.

- I decided to do it personally. It seemed to me, it’s better, - I said and left back.

In the office, I was already searched, from NA I received a scolding because without warning I left for the client. But since I realized that this is my last day and there is nothing more to be afraid of, I unhesitatingly told her that I did not know how to send a fax, but I fulfilled the task of delivering the account. To which he received a logical answer:

- And what, it was difficult to ask?

I answered - yes, because I was not used to running and asking, I was not used to the fact that everyone was left to himself, not used to guessing about certain things.

That I do not know where the report is, how to fill it out and when to take it.

What is an account, how to set it up, why, when and to whom to call to get the account number.

What is a fax and how to send it.

That I do not understand local abbreviations such as BJ, KM and others.

We agreed with N.A. that I will ask her about everything that I do not understand, and that she will explain everything to me, but only after I ask. And that I should learn this. That here is not the army, where they think for you, and you are the executor.

I remember the evening after the first day of work.

I rode in the train, looked at the trees flying past the window and thought: if I ever become a leader, I will never make my subordinates feel like I had today. Confused, frightened, unintelligent.

During these two hours I had the first working tattoo: "WHAT IS OBVIOUS FOR ME, NOT EVEN IF FOR ANOTHER". Subsequently, it became the Rule #1 of my management style. And in working with clients, by the way, it also helps a lot.

I am always sympathetic to every young applicant, employee, trainee and work with him as a mentor, spend the first days and weeks telling how we work, on what rules, what is the result of the work, to whom on what issues can and it is necessary to address, and so on ... All this happens on my initiative, I do not wait for a person to get into an uncomfortable situation, because he may not admit that something is unknown or incomprehensible to him. I remember how I felt when I was a beginner.

And to all the lamentations of leaders who lament over the fact that their employees are weak and incompetent, not such as "we were in our time", that they do not even know how to work with the database, that they are not even prepared for negotiations, that they do not even ask the customers of elementary things that they do not read such and such books, I always answer the question: "Did you tell him that it’s so necessary? You taught him? "

" So it’s elementary! "- I hear back.

And I always say the same thing: "WHAT IS OBVIOUSLY FOR YOU, NOT OBVIOUS FOR OTHERS".

This rule is important for the leader of any link, and it is always with me.

5. Look for the strong, the weak will cling themselves

To wisely live life, it is necessary to know a lot.

Two important rules to remember for a start:

You better starve than anything to eat,

And it’s better to be alone than with anyone.

Omar Khayyam

If you say you can, you are right.

If you say you can not, you are right too.

Henry Ford

Perhaps, in all the books about personal happiness, about achievements, efficiency, effectiveness, and so on and so forth, you will find advice of this kind: to become strong, you need to communicate with strong people.

I will not be an exception, with only one reservation: to communicate with the strong, you need to make an effort, because you do not need them in FIG. But the weak are needed, they must drink someone’s blood ...

And now a little story.

July 29, 2002, when I was hired, except for me, another friend was accepted. I immediately nicknamed him Good, by the similarity of the name with this nickname.

The whistle was a strange character, with a scar for half a head. He was very fond of ponutting groundlessly, and in the inner pocket of his jacket he always wore a flat bottle of 0.25 cognac, which he ate during lunch, and sometimes, I thought, at breakfast.

Since we came in one day, we had something in common, and we spent free time from clients together. Gudok constantly told me how steep he was at the previous place of work, when he was in charge of a warehouse and making money on fish and rubber boots. The warehouse, he kept saying, is a straight golden vein. All this he was broadcasting near the cask with cheap kvass, which replaced our lunch. He also told me that he knew Pysos and Borisych from Zheleznodorozhny, and that he had put some two thousand dollars with these little patriots and would soon be rich and happy.

Not a word about the current work, nor a word about why he left his gold warehouse, I could not get out of it. I told myself little about myself, but Gudok, especially after a hundred grams, turned into Al Capone and infinitely narrated about his heroic showdown, always confusing details in the same subjects.

The only person who was afraid of Gudok was N.A.: she had to take the reports, but she did not want to do this. Especially after Gudok once went to dinner. N.A. asked him to breathe, and with a crimson fear Gudok began to mumble something, as if he had a stomach ulcer and he needed to take medicine every day. NA asked to bring her a pack, supposedly she wanted to know the composition of such a strange medicine. Then Gudok pretended to be a hamster, blinked and blushed bluntly, trying to show me with gestures that I had to leave the office urgently, run to the pharmacy, buy something and bring it to him. But N.A. saw his gestures, then said:

- So, so. Either you stop drinking, or you do not work here.

The whistle at this moment was not at all like a little guy who puts someone on two thousand dollars on the outskirts of Zheleznodorozhny. But it reminded me of a small kosan with a red ears.

After this conversation, Gudok changed. He miraculously suffered the "cure" of his ulcers for the dinner time, but he began to make me think hard about the "How bad things are". How hard it is to sell ConsultantPlus in a saturated market, what kind of brazen clients and greyhound leaders we have, for what scant money we work. In a word, a classic speech of a weakling. The classical nagging of the majority of the population of our country.

It happens and will always happen.

Thousands of people will walk around you and complain about life, or injustice, or something else. They want you to help them solve their problems or support them morally and say that they are right. Better yet, that you become like-minded. They are vampires who are looking for their victims to make them vampires too.

Such vampires are complainants who do not want to do much, but they ache a lot. It’s hard to do, but it’s easy to complain. I have a general feeling that it’s fashionable to complain now. In our country this is such a way of self-expression. The more you complain, the higher your rating.

And, if you do not become a Blade - a fighter with bloodthirsty from the movie of the same name and will not resist this infection, the vampires will take you to their community and you will also become a whiner and a weakling. What is most interesting, vampires do not need to be looked for, they will find you themselves. You need them to make you weak, otherwise they will not feel right and right, but it is important for them.

I did not resist, and Gudok infected me. My probation period was getting worse and grayer, I also began to complain about life and work, and it continued until N.A. called us. She said: if we do not have a result within a week, we will have to leave the company as did not pass the probationary period. After this conversation, Gudok confidently walked to the metro and returned with a thick magazine "Work and salary", and for some reason I very much wanted to stay. Perhaps, because beautiful people worked here, and maybe because I did not want to go with Gudok to the vegetable store.

And I started working with tripled energy, just to get the result that NA waited for. But no matter how I tried, I did not succeed. The buzzer smiled indulgently and rejoiced that I was not getting anything.

And then I decided to go to the coolest seller who worked for us. Everyone called him Alexei Sergeyevich, and as I was called, he did not even know, because he did not care. His costume was worth eighteen times more than mine, he was a loud, cheerful, smiling and successful man.

- Alexei, can I consult with you?

He looked at me, smiled, nodded at a chair beside me and said: "Go ahead."

I told him that I have been working for a long time (for a month and a half!), I can not sell, and now there are three days left, and I will be fired if I do not bring a single client. And I respect his successes and I want him to share his experience with me.

Alexei once again smiled and asked me why he should help me.

I was shocked. And he even got angry. After all, he came, normally asked for help, delicately talked, even compliment on the way he did. Alexei Sergeyevich said:

- Understand, I will spend time on you, which could spend on myself and my clients. You can not be here in three days, and I can work qualitatively for these three days. Why should I waste time on you instead of myself?

He was obviously sarcastic, although I did not feel any aggression. On the contrary, he was obviously good-natured and wanted to hear from me.

- I want to become as successful as you. I want my first job in Moscow not to be the last. I want to learn from you, Alexey Sergeyevich.

Alexei Sergeyevich smiled even wider, slammed his huge hand over my hand and said:

"You have three beers in the cafe" Dzhanga "at 18:30 after work.

At first I was indignant, because at that time I needed an electric train, and then I got .5 hours to get to the house ... but I quickly broke off: it would be completely unreasonable to count on the fact that Alexey Sergeyevich would start helping during working hours.

In general, he met with me. And the next day, too, and the next. He became Lyokha for me, and it turned out that he was three years younger than me, to which I still hardly believe: I thought he was older than a minimum of ten years. He talked about the meaning of the work, about the ability to keep and fall, about the fact that one should remain a man and be able to rejoice in small things, that one should set goals and love his parents. Nothing special about customers, nothing practical about work.

But he was glowing with love, he was hit with positive energy and success, and my shoulders were automatically straightened. I wanted to live. I would have known Lyokha that in eight months I will be ahead of him by results, I probably would not have bothered with me then. But I liked him more than Gudok.

Now, after eleven years, I perfectly understand the words: "Communicate with strong people. Only under these conditions can you become strong yourself. " And one of my favorite tattoos reads: "LOOK FOR THE STRONG, THE WEAK LIKE THEMSELVES." This tattoo was made to me by Lyokha in the cafe "Djanga".

Strong will never approach you and they will not say first: "Hello! How are you? I’m Strong, but what’s your name? Oh, are you weak? Do you want me to help? Do you want me to make you the same as me? Hold your hand tight, ran into the bright future!"

Meetings with the strong need to be achieved. Strong should be sought. On the strong need to be equal, with the strong need to take an example.

Weak ones will find you yourself. And come with a big spoon to scoop this spoon your dreams, hopes, good mood, faith in success and smiles. How did it work.

The first transaction I had on the last day of a two-month trial period, more precisely, at the last hour. And I stayed to work in the company "What to do Consult" for decades. But Gudka was fired, as promised.

Leaving, he said that the company is bad, but he is good, but I did not listen to him anymore. For two years he periodically called me and told me about his glorious past. I listened to him and smiled. And here he called me again, and I happily informed him: I was appointed the head of the sales department. At that moment he worked as a security guard on the food base and every evening drank 0.25 cognac near the metro. He somehow never called again.

Probably found someone else who can talk about Borisych from Zheleznodorozhny and rubber boots ...

6. Everyone can be forgiven for making a mistake (under certain circumstances)


We are merciless towards others,

To their unlucky fate,

To their mistakes, words, passions.

We would remember, sweeping a sword

At another with an enviable rhubarb:

Even a match for the right to live

Pays full self-immolation!

Igor Kholupsky

Each person, probably, has cases for which it is really embarrassing. I’m going to tell you about this now. But before that a little about the business of "ConsultantPlus" - it is important to understand the meaning of my misconduct.

Business «ConsultantPlus» is not relevant for our country. This is what all my friends say, who hear stories about working in this large network. The entire strength of the huge structure that unites all the cities of Russia and more than half a million legal entities is that all RICs (regional information centers - companies representing the interests of the network in their region) operate strictly and exclusively according to the rules set by the vendor.

Everything is based on performing discipline, observance of strict service standards, adjusted price policy, observance of sales rules and collective security system. In general, this business is the embodiment of the dream of any politician, since all RICs live by the same laws that are required to comply, otherwise they can simply break the distribution agreement with you and you will cease to be part of a unified system. At the same time, the rules must be observed in a voluntary-compulsory manner, as periodically every RIC is checked by specially trained staff of the Coordination Center "ConsultantPlus". If you violate any rules and regulations, you may be fined for a very decent amount.

Most importantly, the rules relate to morality and high morality: do not give kickbacks, timely update the system, respect customers, do not bring unchecked products to the market, compete honestly, and so on. It is no wonder that "Consultant Plus" for the last five years has practically forced to surrender its main competitor - "Garant", who, with all due respect, something did not go well for a long time ... But once it was quite a serious company, which when working with potential customers were even afraid of.

And in November 2003, I had a collision with one of the dealers of our main competitor. I worked as best I could, but opponents dropped the price three times from ours and watched what would happen next. And then I started with my supervisor on the report to develop a plan for retaining the benefits.

And then my manager smiles slyly and says: there is, they say, one way.

And invites me to break the rules.

Deep in the details I will not climb, I will say simply: under certain circumstances, the price of delivery of the kit could be the same as that offered by our competitors.

I was somewhat shocked and even said that we have always worked honestly and that this is what distinguishes us from the bulk, but she insisted on her own. In short, I succumbed and deliberately violated the rules, and did it under the strict guidance of the manager.

In those negotiations, for the first time in my heart I hoped that the client would choose us. However, with the same price offer, the client signed my contract. So I became a "violator of generally accepted rules." Honestly, I really suffered and scrolled a hundred times that report, after which I had to do so. And even now, after ten years, I’m going through that case.

December, then January, followed by February with March, spring came in April, and now it’s time for the whole country to leave for the May holidays - to those in the country, to whom in Turkey.

On April 30, 2004, three hours before the May holidays, the head of our department visited my office and in a deathly voice informed me that "we were all caught". In five minutes I found out that I was not one such "offender", but each of us was involved in this dark matter. Ten minutes later I found out that the founder of the company, Pavel Mikhailovich Gorislavtsev, was calling us all, but everyone in turn.

Everyone, gaily chirping, began to collect portfolios. Here and there they heard exclamations: "What do they want, in such conditions to work?", "Well, it was a forced measure", "Let’s see how he would act in my place", "All of us will be fired, ha-ha -ha, "and so on.

I do not want to seem better than others, but I write frankly ... I did not feel like laughing for some reason. It was a bit disgusting because of everything that was happening around. And at the same time I felt like a heavy stone fell from my soul. I remember my thoughts: "Come on, answer now. The earth is round. So the last hour of your work in this company came. "

I remind you that the entire business of the ConsultantPlus network is based on highly ethical norms and rules, and our founder was at the source of business creation and very skillfully defends his interests.

Pavel Mikhailovich (or P.M., as we usually call it) talked to each person about forty minutes. People went out pale, no longer joking. They came up to me, shook hands and, dragging their feet, left the office. Someone did not even come up and did not say goodbye. All were dismissed. I did not have to expect that something else will happen to me.

The time was already 22:00, 40 minutes later the last train was sent from the station, but this matter bothered me least. I stayed last.

I was summoned to the office. PM gave me a blank sheet of paper and told me to write an explanatory note of how my supervisor made me to forge documents, so we could offer the client extra-favorable terms.

I did not write and said:

- Pavel Mikhailovich, no one forced me to do so. It was a conscious act of an adult. Let me write about myself, not about my manager.

- I have a stack of explanations from other former employees, and all about the same thing. Write and you.

- I will not give my leader, even if he is not right. Punish me.

"Oh, how brave and honest!" Did you bring the client in an honest way?

- No. And I’m still tortured. I am ready to return all the money related to the expenses for this client.

- You will return necessarily. Igor Yurievich, - PM turned to the top manager sitting in another corner of the cabinet, is he the best seller? And how did he become the best? In this way?

- All other transactions are clean. I personally checked. One flight, but in the ranking among the sellers he has the first place with a wide margin from the second, so everything is legal, "Igor Yurievich said.

I looked at my watch and realized that I was going to spend the night at the station. I was so disgusted that I wanted to burn out of shame or fall through the earth. I said:

"I am fully aware of my guilt and suggest not to waste time." Sound your decision. All the previous decisions regarding my other colleagues are known to me, so do not stand on ceremony with me separately.

P.M. lit up, said that I can be free, and started to puff smoke on the ceiling. I did not understand anything, so I asked:

"I mean, is it free?"

"You stay in the company."

"Why such a privilege?"

"Because you’re the only one who thinks he made a mistake." You’re the only one who does not blame others. And you’re the only one who is ready to do anything to correct the mistake.

"But this is a violation of established norms and procedures."

- Everyone has the right to a serious error, but only one. And everyone has the right to be forgiven. Under certain circumstances.

- At what?

"With people like you." When you’re ready to get out of the skin, just to restore your reputation in my eyes. And you take a blow at yourself. I like it.

I thanked PM, left the office, bought a bottle of warm beer and spent one of the happiest nights in my life, walking around Moscow at night. I clearly had something to think about.

After that night, I had a tattoo on my left buttock: "Everyone can be forgiven for a mistake, but only under certain circumstances." You can get forgiveness, repent of what you’ve done, take the blame on yourself, be ready to make an effort to save your face.

Six months later, Igor Yurievich and Pavel Mikhailovich appointed me head of the department. Probably knew that I would never step on those rakes a second time. And I will not give another one.

For the past ten years, I vehemently defended the interests of business, I fanatically follow the observance of the same rules and regulations and force every employee "from the cradle" to know and fulfill these norms. Because someone is already, and I know for sure what our business is on.

And the tattoo "Everyone can be forgiven for the mistake ..." helped me more than once: for example, when it was necessary to return one erring employee who accidentally found himself with our competitors ....

But only under certain circumstances.

7. Do not do work for subordinates

Once, all the leadership of a large company was taken far away to the islands for a long training. None of the managers in the company was left.

Upon return, it was found that all the divisions of the company were divided into three categories:

1) the result fell,

2) the result did not change,

3) the result grew.

After that, the top managers together with the owner took decisions.

1. Send the heads of the units where the result fell, for one more month’s training, so that they learned how to delegate their powers.

2. Issue an annual bonus to managers, in whose units in their absence the result remained stable.

3. Firing department managers, where the result has grown, since people without them work better than with them.

Baika from one of the managerial trainings

The performance of work for subordinates is a classic error of all leaders who "grew from below." Or they worked, worked well and successfully, and then they were appointed managers for the good work in the same or similar division. This is not even a mistake, but a trap that can deprive any young leader of any desire to be an administrator.

I got into this trap in October 2004, right after I was appointed to my first managerial position - head of sales department. Please note that at that time it was a weak division, which was at the end of the rating of all sales departments in the company. At the same time, his previous managers were wonderful people. They were removed from their posts, and I was sent there with a rescue mission.

I was then the best seller of the company, proud, cocky, somewhat dashing and silly, but absolutely knowing exactly what to do to support myself, my family and even my friends, my mother’s dog and my cat. But here around me the environment changed: many people appeared who also wanted to eat. These people were now called my subordinates.

Now I understand that with the appointment to the post I started only to be called a leader, but did not become it.

So, what did I do? I started working as a salesman. One for all! I decided that, as an expert in sales, I will show by personal example how to act. I knew for sure that the seller should do every day to achieve an excellent result. And, succumbing to the temptation, began to help his employees in what he knew best and knew how. But if earlier I solved five tasks, now I had to cope with twenty-five. Every day, for every person.

The result was stunning. Department in the first month of work ranked first in the company. I was Superman, and my people understood everything and settled comfortably around my neck. They almost demanded "help" from me. Manipulation of the type "you will get better", "this is a client you can deal with only you" and "teach me a personal example" worked perfectly. The employees had the first money, and they understood how to earn them, without making any effort.

Do you know what is most terrible? They did not learn anything! The master class did not work.

The second month of work was the same. This time the second place in the company, happy employees and my cracked nerves. People again did not grow a bit, but I again learned nothing.

And then my boss finally came to me and said that he wants to stay in my department for a week and watch how I build the work.

He had had a day. Black with anger, he called me to his office and said something like the following (the profanity was deleted by the editor of the book):

- If I see again that you are doing work for your subordinates, I’ll fire you. Do you understand that if you go on vacation or get sick, your unit will instantly fall apart?

Most likely, at that moment I had a tattoo just below my back: "DO NOT DO WORK FOR THE SUBORDINATORS".

I somehow immediately understood everything and stopped. And next month the department again fell in the ratings to the bottom, as if there were not the two previous ones. Only now I received, in addition to the terrible result, also the offended people, who resented the fact that I abruptly stopped working with their clients.

It turned out that the twenty-five actions that I did to obtain the result were not at all what was needed.

It turned out that the key competencies that I had as a negotiator were not needed. We needed five or five other competences (this book is about them).

It turned out that people are not like me. Not greedy for new knowledge and skills. They do not want to do what I did, and do not even realize that it’s necessary to do this if you want to get the result.

And my experience as a best seller, as it turned out, did not mean at all that I would become a good manager.

Of course, I still sometimes work with clients myself, but only if my best employees can not cope with this, and the price of the issue is high. Or when you need to show the young guys that "there is still gunpowder in the flasks and berries in the buttocks." That is, when common sense requires it. In the situation described above, common sense did not smell.

Now I appoint people to the positions of managers. And one of the main recommendations that I give to all young leaders is this: you must find a "golden mean", knowing how to give up your previous experience - even if you were a great young man. But at the same time do not lose it, because it can come in handy at any time.

The main five of your tasks for today lie in another area. Now you need to solve common questions of your unit and only in this way to guarantee the expected result to the big bosses who once appointed you to this position.

And then they can come again. But now to remove you from office. Bosses - they are like that ...

8. Do not enter into negotiations with terrorists

I do not know how true this is, but one of my friends told me that there are no terrorists in Japan. More precisely, those that capture hostages. He argued that in the Land of the Rising Sun there is a law or other rule of law, according to which a person who has become a hostage, from the moment of seizure ceases to be considered a citizen of Japan. And the state ceases to be responsible for such a person.

Therefore, the security structures of the only remaining empire in the world consider it their duty to destroy all those who got into the situation at once - terrorists and hostages are simply swept off the face of the earth. As you understand, under such circumstances, it makes no sense to capture someone and demand something. Actually, that’s why there are no terrorists in Japan.

Who can be considered terrorists in business?

Any employee who threatens you in any way, and there is a so-called terrorist. Special fans of such threats are units or personnel, without which the organization does not function, or employees with unique functionality.

In our business, one of the main services through which we provide our customers with continuous support is the hotline. I understand perfectly what this is from the point of view of 99% of readers. If I did not know how our guys work, then most likely, I myself would have an image of an ever-busy phone, a robotic answering machine or stupid girls on the other end of the line. At one time we did everything to have nothing to do with such a view. The hotline has become, perhaps, our most important additional service, which all customers are satisfied with.

And the employees of the hotline are a kind of "golden nail" of our car, without which the car will not move.

And I remember how far back in 2004 our hot line became a gang of terrorists ...

The guys worked good there, advised clients competently, were friendly and pleasant. They were friends, met at the weekend and earned a decent salary. But one day, one of them began to show discontent, connected with the fact that Pavel Mikhailovich, who was studying at the Executive MBA at the Institute of Business and Business Administration, decided to completely rebuild our company, that is, to actually create something completely different.

Our company was different then. It was a kind of cool mix of entrepreneurial frenzies of the 90s and a shovel approach to work. For example, if in a room where two people usually work, a phone was called from someone who is currently out of the picture, his colleague could continue working quietly without lifting the receiver. P.M. forced to intercept the phone. What if it’s a customer calling?

P.M. entered into the custom of picking up the phone no later than after the third signal. Suddenly the client does not wait?

P.M. put for the rule not to leave the office all at once, but be sure to leave the duty officer on duty who will not make the client nervous, but can talk to him.

P.M. forbade drinking tea and coffee at workplaces, so as not to embarrass customers who might accidentally come to the office.

Pavel Mikhailovich was immersed in client-oriented issues and introduced new procedures, standards and rules for working with clients. It is to ensure that there is no room for such a hot line, which I described above.

And then, on a gloomy day, a scowling hotline employee began to aloud express dissatisfaction with the new order. Of course, all the changes were perceived as an attempt on personal freedom. "It used to be good for us, but now ..., ..., ..."

Gloomy began to hit the sick sites of his colleagues:

"Why can not we go out to dinner together? Always walked, but here ... "

" Let them follow us and we’ll arrange for the cameras to be scattered in the lavatories! "

" How long will this lawlessness last? They thought about clients, but about us ?! "

He showed in every possible way unreasonable behavior, continuing with a challenge in his eyes to drink coffee from a large mug and encouraging everyone to go out to dinner together.

It is much easier for people to remain in the status quo state, than to start living in a new way. Therefore, they frowned at Gloomy. He was even more provoked by this, considering himself to be Lenin on the armored car, and shouted even louder. "Yes! We are not a tribe! We are civilized people! "," We have the right to freedom from office slavery! "," Everything in this company depends on us! We are the center of the universe! "

In general, at the time when Pavel Mikhailovich was creating a client-oriented service, Gloomy created a coalition against the authorities.

P.M. could come to any office at any time to check if there was at least one person in the room. He called to different phones to make sure that the phone was removed no later than after the third beep. With personal attention and constant presence, he brought up respect for our clients and discipline.

And one day Pavel Mikhailovich went into the office, where our hotline was located, or rather, where its employees were supposed to be.

The phones were torn. There was no one in the room. On the tables were mugs with the remains of coffee. P.M. sat down at the table and began to answer the phone.

After 20 minutes, the cohesive team of consultants returned to the office, where they were surprised to find the owner doing their work.

There was a serious conversation.

I recall that without a hotline, the existence of our business is under threat. Unfortunately, everyone knew about this fact, including the consultants of the hotline. Forward came out gloomy and began to swing right: "We are the brain of the company. We need special working conditions. We do not agree with the decisions that are made in the company. If you do not agree that we are an exclusive unit, we will work in the same way as you treat us! "

The aggrieved P.M. asked the others:

" Everyone agrees? "

Everyone nodded unanimously, frowning at the same time.

The terrorists seized Pavel Mikhailovich hostage.

About thirty minutes later, all the former hotline consultants collected their belongings and, tucked in their tails, ran out of the office. They were fired in an instant.

Our company was left without one of the most necessary units. And it was very difficult to find good consultants for the hotline at that time.

P.M. gathered a meeting of managers, told about the situation, asked for help, and all middle managers volunteered to help. Every day on the hot line, various managers were on duty, managing at the same time to manage their units.

The company executives closed the gap for several months while the selection of new consultants was underway. And none of our clients noticed a decline in the quality of service. And none of the leaders allowed any legal error. Benefit "ConsultantPlus" was always at hand.

I remember how much I admired P.M.’s approach. In honor of this, I even have a neatly-drawn tattoo: "DO NOT ENTER NEGOTIATIONS WITH TERRORISTS".

Every employee who works with me knows that I will never enter into negotiations with people who want to make me hostage to a situation. And everyone knows what can follow such an attempt ... What I urge you to achieve. ...

And our client-oriented company has become. Check if you do not believe.

9. Clients - our everything

Dedicated to Pavel Mikhailovich Gorislavtsev.

When a client enters my store, forget me. He is the king.

John Vanamaker

Yes, I’m stopping the client flying file in the field with my teeth!

P. M. Gorislavtsev

Our company is super-client-oriented. My employees know that it is possible to interrupt any conversation, a meeting and even a meeting of the company’s board if the matter concerns the client and if it is urgent.

Every fighter who works with clients in the field has the opportunity to call the manager of any link if he can not help the downstream managers and the matter is urgent.

Each back-office employee who works for those "fighters in the field" understands what works for us to have another client, and that he should do his job well and quickly.

And the merit in this is exclusively our founder, who in 2004 transferred the management of the company to manual mode and began to create a truly client-oriented organization.

In my life, I’ve only twice faced the determination of Pavel Mikhailovich to help clients, but I remembered both cases for life, and I hasten to tell about it.

... The case was in the early spring of 2005, when the streets are getting dark early, and there are tons of dirt and sand under your feet. If you remember, I was at that time the head of sales.

Work in the sales department is at times different from others. For example, the fact that you can stay in the office due to the fact that the employee is in negotiations and has not left the client for the fourth hour already.

At this time, the real manager does not have the moral right to go home: it’s like betraying his employee, who at the moment defends the interests of your company and yours personally. The employee may need help from the office, so you need to wait until he leaves the client and calls you to tell you how the negotiations went.

That very evening it happened. My fighter warned me that she had late talks with a very serious client and that she could stay with him. I assured that I will be there, wished good luck and waited for the call, looking through the client base.

The bell rang one minute before the end of the working day:

- Maxim, everything is fine, but you need to urgently change the contract. Tomorrow at 8 am I have a meeting with the director and immediately pay the bill, but only if we have time to make the documents.

In a flash I was in the corridor and already ran to our lawyer to ask him to stay for 30 minutes. The lawyer caught in the doorway, apologized, quickly explained the situation and asked to stay.

- I have a working day under the employment contract until 9:00. I’m not going to stay for any reason, "I heard back.

- My friend, well, help. The deal can fail, the client can go to competitors. You also work for clients, like me. And we live with you for the money that our clients pay. I will not stay in your debt, help me, - so I persuaded the lawyer.

- I work from 10 to 19. What are your questions?

"Do not talk to me like a lawyer!" Understand humanly! Today you will help me, tomorrow I will help you. We need to be with the client at new contracts tomorrow at 8 am.

- These are not my problems, but yours.

"Well, can you come early tomorrow?" At 7 am you can? To us to have time? I’ll take you to the dining room for a week at my own expense.

- I work from 10 to 19.

I confess, of course, I wanted to give him in the face, first of all, because he talked to me as the last bureaucrat. I would explain normally: "a wife, a child, a gym, a date," no, I messed up a bastard: "from 10 to 19, from 10 to 19 ..." But I had to restrain myself, since this lawyer was formally legal.

My fighter arrived in half an hour, I sat with my head in my hands, and I thought what to do. Taking a pile of standard contracts, I went to the office, where the administration and the top manager of the company were. There are no secretaries, there are no administrators, the sales director has left, and only in the depths is opened the door where someone works. I went to the door. There was something typing on the keyboard Pavel Mikhailovich Gorislavtsev. He looked up, was surprised that someone else was in the office, and asked: "Batyrev, what are you?"

I say:

- Yes, I thought that there was at least someone who would help the treaty to remake, sorry, Pavel Mikhailovich.

"Is it urgent for you?" Come here! I’m actually a certified auditor, I think I can do it, «P.M. said, and I went into the office.

And here I am, my employee and our CEO are reworking the contract so that it meets the requirements of the developer, on the one hand, the wishes of the client, on the other, and our conditions, with the third. We did it for two hours. At the end, PM joyfully put a seal on the document, signed himself with his own hand and handed it to us with a wish of luck at tomorrow’s talks.

Before leaving the office, Pavel Mikhailovich asked me why I did not address this issue to a lawyer. I explained that he could not stay, and went home.

I was traveling by tram to my rented apartment in Strogino and admired the determination my director took to help the ordinary employees on the issue concerning just one client. I must say that at that time we already had about four thousand customers. In the same tram on my heart there was one more tattoo: "CLIENTS - OUR ALL".

The next day the client paid the bill, the contract completely arranged, and the lawyer, PM dismissed. I do not know with what wording, I do not know how they talked or what, but I know for sure that our founder probably decided: such employees do not like him.

The second story happened five years later, in a difficult time, in the spring of 2009.

One of the potential customers after long negotiations arose the desire to work with our company. But, unfortunately, there was a negative experience with our partners (whom I consider competitors). The client really needed that the contract was not a facsimile seal, but a living signature of the general director. Moreover, to make sure that the director will personally sign the contract, the head of the legal department of this company was to come to our office.

Pavel Mikhailovich then went on vacation and in the evening had to fly away to distant warm countries.

I dialed his number, carefully described the situation and asked if he would be able to arrive by two o’clock in the office. "At seven in the evening I have an airplane, but I’ll be there by two," P.M. answered.

At two o’clock the door of my office opened and I was stunned. Pavel Mikhailovich stood in the doorway, in a black suit, in a snow-white shirt with bright cufflinks, in shoe polished to shine, with a neat hairdo. To sign the contract, he took with him a pen with a gold pen.

By this time our base was already about 6500 customers.

I dial the number of the head of the department, I inform him that the director is in place, and I hear a stammer:

- Maxim Valerevich, n-n-the chief of the jurodel, was summoned to court urgently, and to- n-us going ordinary k-k-courier. And he’s on-p-p-pawn for half an hour.

It seems, at this point I lost ten pounds in weight.

I told P.M. that the person is delayed and most likely not the one we were expecting will arrive, and we discussed the current issues for half an hour.

Half an hour later, the courier was brought to the office in the most terrible incarnation, which in general can be couriers. You know, among them there are decent and very good people doing their work. But this ... A man without age, his hair long, unwashed, his sweater stretched, his nails dirty. And even with a deep hangover.

I thought that Pavel Mikhailovich would obmerate me at the same moment, but my director was transformed. Instantly he became a man-courtesy, a man of politeness, a man of diplomacy.

"Hello!", "Where do you sign?", "Let me show you my passport so you can see that it’s me," and so on ...

It looked very strange: handsome P.M., dressed with a needle, with a golden pen in his hands, trying to please the most wretched courier that I saw in my life.

After the courier was spent, PM looked at his watch and immediately went to his office, apparently to take the car keys and rush home, pick up the family and quickly go to the airport.

I followed him along the corridor and said: "Pavel Mikhailovich, excuse me. I thought that the chief of the court would arrive, that he would not be late, but then this terrible man appeared. "

Pavel Mikhailovich stopped, looked at me in confusion and said:

"Why are you saying this?" Do not you understand that this person can be the brother of the CEO or the father of that boss who decides to pay our bill? It is the representative of our client. And our customers are our everything!

The tattoo on my heart pulsed, and I, delighted, stayed in the corridor - to look after the departing general director.

CLIENTS - OUR ALL! And this is the only truth of any business.

What do you want.

10. And even in the pub you are a manager!

On Friday morning, I’m already glad

That by the evening I’ll be brutally brutal,

That somewhere between five and seven

I’ll turn into a mischievous pig...

Semen Slepakov. Hymn of an office worker

This theme is worth a separate tattoo, absolutely for sure! Especially considering the long-standing traditions of the new Russia "celebrating Friday". The behavior of the manager in the drinking establishment is a separate and very extensive topic, which we will reveal in detail and capaciously in this chapter.

So, the moment is the first.

After my young department first time in many years of work took first place in the company, I decided to mark this matter. I asked all my guys if they are ready to go on Friday after working in the nearest cafe with the condition that everyone pays for themselves, and with me a couple of bottles of strong drinks.

There were no objections, and we went to wash the first place. They sat well, raised toasts, planned the future, I voiced Napoleonic plans, and it seems everyone was happy. We were endlessly brought up with alcohol and snacks, I lost count of how much we ordered. But an hour later one of my colleagues politely said goodbye, said that he was rushing home, and somehow shyly put under his plate a couple of bills. Then another one, and forty minutes later, and an hour later one more ... I realized that since I was the initiator of the holiday, then I need to leave last. About ten o’clock in the evening we began to gather.

I asked the waiter to bring the bill, and said to the remaining colleagues: "Let’s go, whoever we ate, we’re going, I saw that the rest also left money, transfer them here." Up to this point, everything was fun and amicable. The noisy company collected banknotes left by the departed comrades, my mind stopped on that ill-fated plate, whose owner had gone first. I saw how 50 rubles were extracted from there. All dropped, and it turned out about 3500 rubles.

The bill was paid at 12,500.

Salaries in Moscow were not so large at that time, and every one thousand things mattered, so I sat with square eyes and looked at it for about two minutes without looking up. It seemed to me that I could hear my heart beating.

And then the most unpleasant thing began: people realized that something was wrong, they took the account, everyone began to remember frantically that they ate, how much they ate, to get mobile phones, open calculators there, count, say "oh," get more money, pay extra , then consider how much the neighbor has eaten and why he "left 300 rubles, if he has one cutlet costs 290" ... This, in general, is unpleasant, I’ll tell you. The holiday was overshadowed. As a result, 5000 collected all the soldiers and 7,500 I gave. I had money only by metro and tram. And together with the last bill I counted out, I seem to have born on the red ears a tattoo: "AND EVEN IN THE KABAK YOU ARE MANAGER!"

The manager must organize the work and leisure of his employees if he is nearby. This is a common truth. The head of the board should also organize the joint payment of the bill in the tavern, besides, there are good reasons for this.

1. When everyone pays for themselves - this is normal. Let the staff get used to the fact that once we have agreed on joint actions, we must comply. Moreover, the payment disciplines people and makes you more careful about the choice of dishes next time.

2. Every person always thinks that he ate a smaller amount than he imagines himself. Tested by experience. As for the general dishes, like, for example, all sorts of raznosols, meat plates, champagne for women and a cake with a stripper inside, they participate in this very reluctantly. Here at the same time and check your team.

3. It’s not shameful and not ashamed. I think that there are managers who consider me a petty squire. I’m sure that when you make rules with the subordinates on the shore, it’s much better than leaving your watch on bail with the right to buy out the next day (the real story of my friend).

In the future, I always acted as follows. The first order - and immediately account. Everyone paid, then everyone sits, eats, drinks, rests ... Do you want to order another portion of crab stuffed with truffles, foie gras and a box of champagne? Please order! Immediately throw money into the commonwealth! Such rules!

No one in this case experiences any stress. Nobody tries to slip away, no one should be persuaded, one does not need to close the holes for everyone, and most importantly - in this case a person looks into his wallet before ordering something, since the money will have to be put on the table at once, and not at the end of the evening.

If you do not want to collect money from your people (for any reason), then do not make illusions that someday something will change. Pay always by yourself.

The second moment.

You know, there are different people. Someone knows how to behave in the hands, some do not, someone can become physically ill after the second glass, and someone can sit until the morning. In any case, as long as you are their leader, you must act like a manager. No conversations like: "It’s up to six I’m your boss, and now I’m a drinking companion and friend" - can not be. You are the commander. And the reputation that you have won over the years can be spoiled in one evening.

While around your employees - you work. It does not matter whether you are a family type company, a professional service company with a global brand or a typical small business during the start-up period. You are a commander, and you are always looked upon as a commander. And, if you will eat like a pig, pour vodka on the collar and dive into the salad, you will lose performance. Dot. I apologize for being rude.

Do not be tough macho and make people who do not drink. They have this right, whatever reason you have for drinking. On the contrary, they are your main assistants at such an event - only they, in case of what will help you to recreate the picture of what is happening and worthily end the evening, if that.

For example, help organize the delivery of people to their homes. Do not drinkers, just like you, should have a list of home addresses of employees (just in case) so that they can be transported by taxi. Never send a drunk alone on public transport. This is a crime against all the leaders of the world, because in this case you are not just not protecting your people from problems, but, on the contrary, pushing them to very serious risks.

And, of course, watch yourself. It’s your job to make sure that the employee got home (had time on the plane, met his mother-in-law from the train, cooked borsch for dinner, and made other planned cases) after the booze that you are organizing.

It’s your job to keep track of the end of the event and gently fold it when the time comes to an end.

It’s your job to make it so that you can easily find the taxi number on which the person left.

Unfortunately, many managers forget that they are organizers, inspirers and supervisors. They tear off the roof, they sing loudly in karaoke, drink more than most, dance to a drop, jump above all others and even break their legs during booze. It is not right. The commander should not behave this way. And you - the commander.

The third moment.

It seems to me that in our country there are two types of superiors: those who are respected by the relatives of employees, and those who are hated. If you want to get into the second category, then make sure you have boozes on the day of salary.

After one of our employees, who was tipsy, pulled a purse with a good bonus on the subway, the prohibition to drink on the day of the salary was imposed by the company’s top management, up to the personal control of the nearby taverns.

In any case, you should understand that every day your employee, returning home, will discuss with his loved ones you and his work. And he will receive either support from relatives, or endless discontent.

And the level of satisfaction of relatives with your employee’s workplace directly depends on the state of this person who returned home after drinking.

That is, you will be in their eyes either a normal leader or a normal drinking companion. And it depends on this, how long this person will work with you. Remember something else. There are not your holidays and not your days. They are in common with the relatives of your people. These are the days that come, regardless of whether you want it or not, whether you deserve it or not. Let’s say the New Year, March or the employee’s birthday. Or even Saturday (after a drunken Friday). You do not need to compete in this zone with your subordinates’ relatives. Make sure that your employees always look good on such days and behave with dignity.

At the same time, always celebrate those events that depend on your contribution personally and the contribution of your children. Let’s say the first place in the industry by the end of the year or the 100% fulfillment of the plan for the quarter. These are your days. They are more important, and, marking them, you show your attitude to the results obtained and accustom your people to enjoy the success achieved jointly.

Always celebrate the victories that belong to you.

And a couple more moments.

1. If you care about your reputation, then try not to drink beer from bottles on the street in a city surrounded by your employees: this does not improve the image of the manager. In nature outside the city - is another matter.

2. Never enter into personal negotiations about salaries, career growth and other such matters on public booze, even if you are attacked. Russian people after 50 grams include frankness and courage at the same time. Tell me that you have remembered this question and are ready to return to it tomorrow. 80% of employees do not come the next day.

3. Do not play in the taverns in the "mafia". Many managers took the fashion to make some managerial decisions and conclusions about people on the basis of this superficial fashion game. The game in the "mafia" does not say anything about the person, this is an unreal life, my friends. Moreover, our employees are not idiots either, and understand that you are evaluating them, that’s why they start not playing their roles, and in the end, only unnecessary slag remains in the brain.

Better drink, honestly.

Only more accurate, neater, because you are at work.


11. Do not work with the moral handicapped.

The little gray hen was sitting in the clearing next to her chicken coop and very sad:

- I’m poor, unhappy. Roosters do not understand me, hens insult me. In the henhouse it is dark, deaf, empty, sad. In general, she sat and suffered. And at that moment a huge white bird flew by. She heard the words of the chicken, landed nearby and said:

- Do not worry, chicken. Do you want me to help you fly to a beautiful country, where will you be happy?

"No," said the gray hen. - It’s impossible - chickens can not fly.

- So what? Said the white bird. - I’ll teach you.

"No," said the gray hen. "My wings are too small for that."

"Do not worry," said the white bird. "Do you want me to put you on my back and we’ll fly together?"

"No," the gray hen sighed. "I will fly there, and I have nowhere to live."

"Do not worry," the white bird reassured her. «I’ll help you make sure that you have a place to live."

"No," said the gray hen. "What will I do alone?" I will be sad.

"Do not worry," the white bird smiled. «I’ll help you find the cockerel."

"No," said the gray hen. - What if this cockerel turns out to be evil and harmful?

"Do not worry," the white bird sighed. «I’ll teach you to live so that only remarkable roosters meet in your life."

"No," said the gray hen. - Such cocks do not happen in the world.

- YES, YOU FOUND IN THE WITCH! - the white bird screamed, dissolved its huge wings and flew away...

Contemporary folklore

In 2005, I, the young head of the sales department, received the submission of seven glorious fighters. Almost all of them were good people who honestly worked and grew with me.

I do not know why, but from the very beginning of my managerial work, I treated employees as their main capital. Despite all our quarrels, hysterics, disputes and misunderstandings, I constantly invested in them. Then I thought (and I still think) that the main thing is attitude towards work: if a person loves his work, tries, does not violate labor discipline, but for some reason he does not work for him - that means, it’s me. Means, I’m a fig-manager who is not able to use his resource. Therefore, it is necessary to work until the end, until it turns out, but people can not be scattered in any way.

In the neighboring departments the situation was different. Heads of departments, trying to work with a man for a couple of weeks and realizing that he needed to be hugely invested, sent him to free swimming. Our general boss, to my surprise, was very calm about this. He simply wrote again the application to the personnel department, they were again brought in by the people, they again tried to work with the newcomers, again they were dumped and, like Magadan gold miners, left the best shots for themselves, washing them out of the general mass of the people who came to them.

In the end, their strategy turned out to be more advantageous. They were surrounded by educated, talented people, whereas I, except for a strong team of like-minded people, had nothing to boast about. None of my fighters radiated light with their charisma, did not reflect the bullets, and even never won the arbitration process. They were ordinary good people.

By the way, looking at the fact that my colleagues are being brought to my colleagues just in two weeks, I have been coping with the insult to my boss - why have I been working with one combat staff for seven months already, and for my department have not yet been interviewed?

I went to my boss and asked for me to organize a selection too. And the boss gave good. Then I thought that, having kept my core backbone, I’ll try to work, like my colleagues, "to wash out."

The date of the interview was set, which I was looking forward to. When she came up, in the morning I went to work in a festive mood. Still would! For the first time in seven months I will have the opportunity to choose a new person!

But something went wrong right away. First, I found out that our HR specialist was sick and I’ll have to interview myself. "It’s okay," I thought, imagining in pink dreams how I would arrange a casting among the educated tanned young people, choosing the best of the best.

Then they called me and said that one person came. On the way to the audience where the interview was planned, I still hoped that this one applicant is a highly intelligent blonde with lush breasts, green eyes, philological education and Margaret Thatcher grasp. When the door swung open, all my dreams collapsed to the size of a needle eye.

In the audience sat Maxim.

A small, shaggy, grimy, thin, hunched-up boy who was interested in the place he was in. "Well, nothing," I thought, "is he suddenly as intelligent as Perelman, or brave like Rambo?" And he began to tell him about the vacancy that we are offering.

Five minutes later Maxim stood silently and went to the exit. "Where are you going?" I ask.

"I did not understand something in your announcement. I’m looking for a courier job, but I do not want to work in sales."

Here it is necessary to say that Maxim was not fit for the work of the negotiator. He did not fit any of the criteria I knew. He did not suit us at all. But, being in a staff shortage for seven months and imagining the face of my leader, who will say that I did not use my chance and took no one, I caught Max.

I began to persuade him, told him how cool his fate could change, what heights he could achieve, how he would begin another life ... but Maxim stood on his own: "This is hard work. I want to be a courier. " Then I asked him to give me a chance to change his life and promised that I was personally responsible for his development.

Ten days later, after training, Maxim was hired.

And I began to study it. First I made him start shaving, cutting his nails and walking in a business suit. He looked bad, and his clients did not like him, he was unsociable and did not know how to talk normally, he was physically weak and quickly tired, but we were engaged from morning till night. The only breaks happened only in those moments when he was leaving to clients. It did not turn out to sell, and Maxim constantly kept moaning: "I told you that it’s not mine, I do not want, I can not, I will not." I stood on my own reinforced concrete and sincerely believed that a person can be changed even if he does not want to change himself. My life with Maxim was in incredible struggle. I fought for his future and for his success, sometimes reminding myself of a baseball team coach from Hollywood movies, and Maxim fought me.

I remember that at that moment we had a wonderful advertising material for our customers: " 9 logical reasons why you need to work with us." We sat with Maxim till 23:00 at work, I walked around him, gambled with his hands and told me how to properly work with this material, how to properly position it, how easy it would be to sell, if we correctly built it into negotiations. The office was dark, many of our colleagues were already sleeping sweetly, and we came up with more and more new scenarios for working with clients. I called Maxim the valiant Ivanhoe and the knight of the Round Table, described his future sweet life among the best Moscow women and even told how the cover of Forbes magazine will look with his photo.

The next morning, I had a sheet in my desk, torn from my school notebook. It was painted in small, crooked handwriting on both sides. And this text was adorned with a strong, neatly printed title: «29 logical reasons why I do not want to work."

Maxim could not stand violence against himself and his deep inner conviction that he wants to be a courier. As much as two months of my life spent on it, you could throw it into the trash.

Of course, we broke up. He really got a job as a courier, I saw him only once - a man was shining with happiness. And I am very grateful to Maxim for the fact that he met in my life and helped me understand one very important thing: never have to work with people if they themselves, and consciously, do not want to change and believe in themselves.

In the book "Principle of Abramovich" there is one very important point. A few words Roman Abramovich after several years of work in the London - Chukotka - London regime refused to serve as governor. He said that he can no longer work with people who do not want to believe in themselves, but want to believe only in Abramovich.

And every manager who will face such situations, I recommend to put a tattoo: "DO NOT WORK WITH MORAL DISABLED PEOPLE". It is pointless.

One of the most important tattoos that adorns my heart.

If you liked this piece, you can buy and download the book on LitRes

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