Автор: П.Б. Колесов, психолог

How to learn to borrow money from a man? (P.B. Kolesov)

More often than not, considering the financial side of relationships with men, women are almost always portrayed as "predators" who lure money from the stronger sex. And very rarely touched on the reverse question: how to learn to take money from a man?

Among the weaker sex there are many women who emphasize their independence and proudly pay only their own credit cards. In this case, the woman in every possible way demonstrates that everything she needs, she can give herself. There is another group, which is very difficult to see against the background of gray walls and pans. Their requests and ideas about themselves are so blurred that "men’s money" simply does not find them, and if they get to the address, then from the depths of the kitchen a quiet voice is heard: "I do not need anything."

If you ever had the idea of ​​"how can I take money from him", then answer yourself the following question: what is the basis for your indignation or embarrassment? Most often a woman can not give a clear answer and after a tense sigh, "moo" and careful study of her manicure makes a banal conclusion: "Well ... I just can not!"

Can not? You will find it strange, but a man will not appreciate your "modesty", but quickly find one that "can" and accept his gift with joy and admiration.

Remember, while you are digging in the thickets of your complexes, false representations and parental attitudes "do not take - you become a concubine", you deprive the man of his strength and the opportunity to demonstrate his genius abilities for "mammoth extraction".

How can you learn to borrow money from a man? For this we will use special technique.

1. Close your eyes and imagine the image of a man. What does he look like? It is not necessary that you know him. It can be just a male figure.

2. Mentally imagine, how from this man to you there is a stream of money. Pay attention, they immediately fall into your hands or there is an obstacle?

3. If you find an obstacle, then say that you will not interfere with it, limit, suppress, it is free. Make sure that there is no more interference between you and the financial flow.

4. Say: "I allow myself to take money from a man. Let him invest them in me, as the greatest value. " Your task is to stress and gratefully accept the flow of finance that a man is ready to give to you.

5. Express to him your gratitude, love and admiration. Tell me that he is the best, strong, intelligent ... Watch your feelings. If you feel a surge of energy, security, peace and other positive emotions, then you are on the right track.

6. Put your hand on your chest and say: "I allow myself to be a beautiful and affectionate woman, accept love and gifts from a man. In return, I choose to give him a good mood, inspire feats, believe in his abilities, that he becomes even more courageous, and I am more feminine. " Promise to accept it as it is. How does the image of a man react to your words?

7. Close your eyes and see if everything within you is according to this transformation. If you feel that your strong point is protesting (usually in women with an imperious nature), then tell her to direct her forces toward the man. Determine how much you like your new state.

8. Imagine that you approach a man and ask him for money. How does the image respond to your request? Watch your feelings. Mentally lose the situation when a man lends you money. How will you behave and what will you tell him? Are you satisfied with yourself?

9. Determine what time you would like to consolidate this result. You can choose a period of several days to several years. Everything depends on your inner comfort and confidence in the usefulness of your new state. Also put your hand on your chest, stroke yourself and thank your unconscious, the world, your body and the image of a man for help and support in your inner perestroika.

A man needs to feel important and useful to you. Rejecting his money, you reject his masculine essence. Its main task is to extract resources. By its nature, it is material, and it is much easier for him to express his love through gifts and other material values ​​for you. If you doubt his masculine qualities, then he will begin to doubt you, as in a woman. Remember, everything that your man does is right! You are not an icebreaker in a skirt, not a kitchen worker, not a nanny and not a prosecutor, but above all a woman! Give your love! Be gentle, kind, understanding. Trust your man and stop straining and turning away when he, like a faithful and faithful knight, will proudly put his prey at your feet.

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The opinion of the editor-in-chief of the portal Psychologos, prof. N.I. Kozlov

We are well acquainted with Pavel Kolesov, I know him as a strong professional, and that’s why I suggest that we together think about this article. The fact that this technique is working is obvious. Women like this approach - definitely.

Everything is fine?

You know, I’m against such articles.

First, just in case, not from all men and not always take money. And if a woman will close her eyes too often and adjust herself to accepting money from anyone who can get money for something, I’m afraid this will be a wrong decision.

Secondly, this article disables women to think. A reasonable person, in order to start taking money, will simply think, perhaps discuss it with other reasonable people and say to himself: "When it makes sense, I take the money!". However, the author of the article offers women a different path, a way to rebuild their unconscious. He suggests immersing himself in an imaginative world, capturing himself with a picture of the flowing finance, and putting his hand on his chest, arranging himself a session of affirmations. This is the effect on the psyche bypassing the mind. And this is suggestion to women that it is useless to use their head, or not.

The author recalls that many women commit acts whose meaning does not understand themselves.

Most often, a woman can not give a clear answer and after a tense sigh, "moo" and careful study of her manicure makes a banal conclusion: "Well ... I just can not!"

Actually, in this case she needs a psychotherapist who will say such a woman: "Stop it! Stop doing these stupid things." If you take the money wisely, take it! "

However, the author of the article has a different approach. The author is sympathetic to the fact that many women in personal relationships allow themselves not to use their heads, to be inadequate. Moreover, the article seems to strengthen women in this way of life. He repeats what so many psychologists say to many women: the head is used by men, and women live by feelings, that is, without a head. Yes, as a result, they often turn out to be inadequate, but still women should not live in a reasonable way ... So?

My personal opinion: 1) Do not weaken people to think. 2) Do not keep women for a fool, such articles of women are humiliated. Women with a head are all right, she just needs to think carefully: from what men, what amounts and on what conditions can be taken, and from which - no. Yes, sometimes it is better to think about it with the help of a psychologist. But to solve this issue you do not need to put your hand on your chest, and turn your head. And start thinking.

The question of how to work a counselor psychologist with women who really turn their heads off and answer you "Well ... I just can not!" - another question. In my experience, this situation is not complicated, there are many quite rational methods, when everything is decided in 10-15 minutes. And the point is not that it is faster, but that women start thinking and becoming successful not only in business, but also in their personal lives.

What do you think?