Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Consultations of psychologists: we will help you, contact us!

If you need advice from a psychologist, you have come to the right place.

You can have questions of a personal plan:

questions on the upbringing of children,

relations with relatives, questions on family relations.

And also:

to communicate with this person or not,

to part - or to build relationships?

Your questions can be about



"where to live"...

whatever your question, you still came to the address.


It is clear that a paid consultation gives more, but not all of this can afford. I can recommend you to psychologists, to whom you can seek advice and free advice.

The format is written. He is not as effective as personal communication, however, it happens that only a few letters from an intelligent person help improve the situation. Write to this address:

Address: konsult.upp@gmail.com

Under your request we will pick you a specialist and you will be answered by the best students of the University of Practical Psychology who have coached me. Address them boldly: they will not advise you badly, but help will help.

Once again, an address where you can write your request for a free consultation: konsult.upp@gmail.com


Светлана Макарова
Светлана Макарова


If the question is important to you, you will be ready to pay for a paid consultation. Professional psychologists, members of the Association of Psychologists of the Syntone Approach will be able to help you solve the most difficult issues. On the Association’s website, you can pick up a counselor psychologist and contact him.

If it is more convenient for you to simply describe your situation and send a letter, write to Svetlana Makarova at: sviridovasp2010@gmail.com. Svetlana Makarova is a professional psychologist and coach. She will help you or contact her colleagues.​​​​​​​


Марина Константиновна Смирнова
Марина Константиновна Смирнова

If you have a very serious question and are ready to pay VIP consultations, write to me, Nikolai Ivanovich Kozlov, or contact Marina Konstantinovna Smirnova, my wife.

Marina Konstantinovna Smirnova is a professional psychologist, consultant on business, personal, family and child-parent issues, certified by Syntone-trainer, certified trainer in Erikson’s hypnosis. Author and host of trainings for parents and couples, professional coach.

Write to Marina to her address: mksmirn@gmail.com

The question of the cost of the consultation and its form (personal meeting or consultation on Skype) is always decided individually.

In any case, I will introduce myself: Doctor of Psychology, Professor, President of the Association of Psychologists of the Syntone Approach, accredited member of the EAC (European Association for Counseling).

To me write here: syntone@syntone.ru

Николай Иванович Козлов
Николай Иванович Козлов

What are the questions to contact me? On all issues that are really important to you. I advise on any issues, except for psychosomatics and general complaints about life.

Business, company development, conflict resolution, employee selection...

Family, contact or not, get divorced or agree...

The simplest wording is that I solve difficult life situations. You tell what situation you need to solve, I answer, what you need to do for this.

If questions about the family or relationships are always easier to negotiate, if you come together. In other cases, bring a good photo of a person about which there are questions. From the photo, it’s easy to say what prospects a person has and whether to contact him.

If your question is resolved, it will be resolved. If you do not dare, I’ll tell you this straight away and right away. Most of the questions I decide for one meeting, while always recommend that I agree on coaching with me. To have a number of a person who "keeps his hand on the pulse" and can quickly solve any difficult situation - it’s worth a lot.

Let me remind you, write me here: syntone@syntone.ru