Автор: Н.И. Козлов

I have a stomachache! - Believe?


I describe the real case, one of the students of the University of Practical Psychology came with a request:

My daughter’s sport is fine, and my son is bad: objectively bad sports data. As a consequence, the son, after walking around for a while in the next section, gives out "I do not want, I can not." Various kinds of sports were tried, even Masha Davydova was taken to a sword fight.

When I show rigidity, the son - he is very obedient - goes, but leaves the room (where you can cheat - sneak). This is not the case. My daughter says she’s ashamed of him in class.

Still, when the son realizes that I do not want to pity you, he starts to include "my stomach, my head aches." I, trying to work with the format, say to him: "Say in a cheerful voice!", And he cheerfully says "I have a stomach ache!" And looks at me cheerfully.

How can this be treated? This can really be true, maybe an invention, plus a talented child can make any pain himself.

Questions: 1) Does it make sense to work with the format in "illnesses" and how to react at all to them? 2) how to react if my child listens, but in the classroom, I myself with the format here I will not work, and the coach has no time to do this ...


• Morning exercises

• If the stomach hurts, the patient goes to the hospital regime: to bed and no entertainment, if he gets up, then just get treatment or do homework.

• In the section, agree with the coach that the son comes to him at the end of the workout and asks him for an assessment for his TRACKING, not for success, but for TRACKING, and these ratings should be as good for a son as his high marks for schooling.

And what is your experience, dear readers? What will you add?