Автор: Марина Смирнова, психолог

Game: read poetry with different intonations and in different roles

Фильм "Ханума"

Декламация с определенной интонацией.
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Number of players - as many as you like. Resources: texts of poems, paper, pen.


To increase the skills of acting and performing in public.

Learn how to convey different emotions regardless of the content of the text.

Increase the intonational expressiveness of speech.

In this game it is better to play, having settled in a circle. Each player chooses a poem (see here for possible compilations), after which everyone gets the task to read any quatrain with a certain given intonation.

Possible variants of intonations: light joy, universal sorrow, mischief, sadness, interest, despondency, passion, curiosity, love, anger, irritation, despondency, indifference, insolence, resentment, respect, admiration, gloating, worship, sweetness ... - and others.

The rest of the players evaluate how well the player passed the intonation. This is a warm-up. Then you can complicate: the player must read the verse, as a certain character. The rest know what kind of character they will play and give a general assessment - it’s fine / similar, or else it’s necessary to "pull up" the role.

The game can be further complicated: for example, here is the version of the game: "Guess the storyteller." Here, participants should read the poem in the role that fell to them. The book begins in a circle, and the person chooses a few quatrains of the work that he will now read. Next, he pulls the sheet with the role. The reader’s task is to read the verse so that his character is guessed. The task of listeners is to closely monitor the speech and intonation of the interlocutor. After reading and discussing the role played, the book is transferred to another participant.

In this version of the game, you can add a system of balls and promotions. For example, for the guessed fragment, 4 points are given to the reader, and to the listener who scored 1 point.

The completion of the game is a discussion of the brightest stories and roles. If you entered the scoring system, you find the winner of the game, and the best reader is rewarded in any case!

List of possible characters

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