Автор: Н.И. Козлов

A real woman is always a cat

Dogs are devoted to the master and well trained. Cats come to the house to take advantage of food and home comfort, but the owners are not attached, they are badly trained and walk by themselves. If you give the dog a command, she will do it. If you try to give a command to a cat, it at best will turn your head in your direction and look at you attentively. In men, the psychology of the dog. In women, the psychology of a cat. A real woman is always a cat.

It is interesting that as a child you can not see it. Everyone knows that boys do not obey parents, run shaggy, shout and fight, throw things, do not do homework and run away from home. But the girls are more obedient than boys, behave well, neat and combed, more often help around the house and in case of disagreement they do not rebel, but cry quietly. If a girl fights and runs away from home, then she is said to have a boyish character.

In fact - everything is not so. If the boy does not agree with his parents, he does not obey them openly and is ready to fight for his independence, but if the son and father agree, he does what he said in the "Said-done" mode. With girls, everything is different: you think that she obeys you, but it is not. Girls are cunning, they do not openly fight, they use a more subtle arsenal.

If you ask her to remove the dishes, she will most likely remove it, but not immediately, but when she is more comfortable. If you press it, she will be offended and cry, so that you do not do it any more. And if she is in a good mood, she will run to wash the dishes herself, but on the way she will wrap her around your neck, tell in a cheerful voice some nonsense (all listen, yes?), And as a result everything will turn out like she did not: she did not obey you, she made herself what she wanted. The girl, like a little pussy, will not quarrel with you, but if you demand something from her, she will bend you, make funny or sad eyes, tell you something, or helplessly lower her shoulders... Yes, she will , but later, in their own way and with their feelings, and this will be her decision, not your order. And in this sense the girl does not submit to her parents almost never.

You asked - she wanted, she went and she did you. She did, because you asked? No, because she wanted it.

You raised your voice - she was frightened and did it. She did, because you demanded? No, because she was controlled by her fear. Fear is hers, and she only listens to herself.

The girl blooms in the girl, the girl becomes a woman and goes on a hunt. Looking at men and looking for a man, a woman is always looking for a good owner: that strong person who will protect and feed her. Finding such a person, she looks for threads that will give her access to his heart.

Men are invaders, they need all to win and in everything to be the first. The task of another woman is to capture the invader. She must get the heart of the winner so that he himself brings everything to her feet and even asked her to accept these gifts. A real woman will never compete with a man, instead she will arrange a situation when he will achieve it, and she will build artificial barriers to get him more expensive.

When a man has become hers, the woman of this master is training. She has a great task: she needs to accustom the master to the fact that with it he can act only in a good way. She teaches him patiently. When he is tender with her, she is affectionate towards him. If he gets distracted from her and does not guess what she wants, she gently hurts him, shows him her heartache. If he dares to demand something from her or not give her what she wants, she either falls down without effort, or arranges a hysterics, showing that what this attitude is to her is a dead end. The woman will obey the owner only in two cases: when she is rewarded for this or when she wants it herself.

The woman lives by feelings, that is what was born or reflected in her body. If you turned to her mind, but she did not feel it in herself, it’s not real for her. You can logically prove to the girl what you want, your logic can be irreproachable, but if the girl feels that you are not right, and she, she will be right. The woman decides everything herself, because she lives by feelings, and the feelings live in her. If a woman feels something, she now knows the truth, but against the truth, that is against herself, she can not go.

The woman easily obeys the circumstances. Unlike men who like to fight, a woman is much easier to adjust. A woman is executive when her boss is not her man for her, but she will never submit to any man, if it’s her man and she’s with him "in a relationship". The cat does just what she decided.

If the cat is driven away, she will leave, but she will leave herself. If you forgave a cat and allowed her to return, she will come to you, but only after you yourself ask her forgiveness.

Obeying, a woman never submits unconditionally. If something is demanded from her, she will always check your feelings with her feelings. If she treats you well, she will do what you want from her, but not because she is indebted, but because she decided not to upset you. If you ask her to do something immediately, you still have to wait. A woman can not do something at once, she must - "tune in". What is "tune in"? It means finding something in yourself, after which it will do it as its own. When a woman does not want to do what she was told directly, she expose the circumstances of the "force majeure" that prevents her from doing it, and you will have to accept it: she is not against it, these are the circumstances.

When a man does something like this, he does it explicitly, and his "insurmountable circumstances" can always be discussed. And with a woman you do not discuss anything, because she refers to her feelings. "I live with feelings, and if you caused me such feelings, what can I do now?". She goes to the Victim position, and you are the one who caused this.

By negotiating, the man clearly designates the framework to which he himself will fit, and proposes to match the partner equally. But this is not a female option, because you need to obey the framework, and the woman never obeys any framework. She is subject only to her feelings. The man with the man has clear agreements: "I need this from you, with me then. For failure to fulfill - sanctions are like that. "So even the father and son can agree on a relationship, but this is not the way the husband and his wife or the father and daughter are built. Yo

ur beloved may even listen, but if you make her claim, she will tell you that it is a family, not a job, that you must understand it, that it is impossible to be a robot and in general it is unbearable! When negotiating with a woman, she must be seduced every time so that she has an inner desire to do what you agreed on. What you perceive as a contract, a woman perceives only as a request.

The only way to put a woman in the frame is administrative influence. If the organization has a normal control system, women take it calmly. In order in general, with external control, women do not butt: it is inhuman, it does not enter into it with it but as soon as she has the opportunity to enter into a personal relationship with the boss, she will immediately start her games.

Are all women cats? Of course not. So only those who were so brought up - or who brought up themselves, seeing somewhere such a style of behavior and being fascinated by it - live. It’s not biology, it’s modern female culture, it’s gender. Some women do not recognize themselves in this style - and they know that they are not considered to be women at all. But if such a style of behavior, because of the absence of the father, is learned from the mother by the boys, out of such boys, after some time, not men grow up, but like men: touchy, unessential, capricious... What seems sometimes so wonderful in the female performance , in the male version does not look at all.


Let’s proceed from the fact that biology in this case has nothing to do with it: this behavior of girls and women is only the result of appropriate upbringing. But then - is it really necessary to educate the girls? Will women with this style of behavior be happy in their personal lives, will their loved ones be happy with them? The question is not simple. If this is the style of behavior of an elite woman, who thereby emphasizes her exclusiveness and willingness to build relationships only with the strongest and most worthy men - everything is right, especially since for a strong man the behavior of such a Kish is not a problem. If the ordinary young girl behaves this way only because she is now sexually attractive to young people, this is more of a nonsensical behavior, which after some years will harm her herself. Indeed, her attractiveness after ten years is not the same, but absurd and arrogant behavior remains. Who needs a woman with such a character? Pussy is less and less likely to mew and more and more often hiss from loneliness... It’s not good. Girls, do not rush to learn the cat’s habits, hurry up to educate an elite woman.

Dear women, you better not read it. This will cause you to protest, you will be indignant and accuse the author that he is bluffing his problems with unhappy women. Nevertheless, I will continue.

First: dear young men and interested men, do not try to deal with the girls difficult situations in the language of logic. Do not shout: "Why, we have CONTRACED? Why, it’s NOT LOGIC?" Remember the simple fact: if the leverage of pressure on the girl’s side, the contract and the logic do not mean anything to her. If she knows that in the event of a rupture, you will follow her, then why else should you understand something?

That’s why an adult man, no matter how much he is in love, always remembers the main thing: he has his way and his business, the girls can join him in the way of his life, but they join him on his terms, and not him. If a girl strains a relationship to a break, she will only get a break. He is ready for this and is ready to ask her: "Are you ready for this?"

And if you are not ready for a break, go cry: there is no prospect in your relationship. Dot.

Second: increase your price in the marriage market. Once you become status, wealthy, with a cheerful and confident style of communication, as soon as you begin to stare a lot of women - you suddenly notice that your pussy is becoming more and more compliant... Do not expect miracles from the psychology, no magic pill here: if you don’t cost much today in the market, women with the best character won’t be yours. Think about it, think, this is the most useful direction of thought!

Third: learn from women their art. When you are able to play relationships no worse than they play themselves, when you begin to enjoy the positional struggle and emotional attacks, when you learn to manipulate other people’s feelings as beautifully as women do, women will treat you differently. Love is love, but after the hitting on you met with an even brighter response, the flare was answered with warmth, and with tears - with a calm understanding, the beloved will understand that in front of her is a professional. And since professionals do not fight with each other – it’s more expensive for themselves, it will postpone its weapons. So that’s great!


Fourth: any woman needs to be built. If you do not start building a woman you, she begins to build you. What to begin with? With format. Format is the art of extinguishing unwanted behavior of a woman at the very first stage, until emotions are untwisted, and bad behavior has not become a habit. The format is absolutely magical, and if you do not already know what it is, learn and implement it faster. If you are building a serious relationship with a woman, be sure to discuss with her Questionnaire of the family contract, special attention - how to negotiate, and agree to learn to talk with each other with respect. You are waited by wonderful exercises "Soft intonations", "Repeat, agree, add" and "What do you think?"

And the last, the fifth: a woman needs to be loved, that is, to look at her with admiring eyes, cherish and cherish her, read to her the most enthusiastic poems, give flowers and be ready to give her the whole world (except for your work: this is an untouchable territory, you remember). All real women are waiting for this fairy tale, where she will be a princess and to her will come the enchanted prince: you need to become this prince and give your beloved woman this fairy tale. Of course, a woman to love and a woman to admire is a forbidden reception, they are used most often by professional scammers and ladies men, and women in their hands are melting, becoming obedient and tame... You need to master this also, just remember - separately from the "build" reception "love" does not work. It needs to be alternated, and the best ratio is 10 to 1. If you just build everything, everyone will run away very quickly from you, and you will have no one to build. If you just love and do not build anyone, soon everyone will be on your neck. If you give a fairy tale to a woman, kiss her fingers and your admiring eyes are chained to her, then she will understand and forgive your short educational attacks. Moreover, she will begin to respect you, because only a strong man can tame a woman. Women obey only strong men - be strong!