Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Just do it: Do it right away, but with the mind!

An excellent habit of all effective people is not to delay deeds and decisions, live energetically, make decisions quickly, quickly get down to business and quickly implement them. What can be laid in two minutes - do it right away.

In the evening I’m talking on Skype with colleagues (a group call), a question arose about a branch in another city, we are discussing something, we need to clarify something, yes, tomorrow we need to call them ... And suddenly the thought: why tomorrow? Look at the clock - not yet asleep. Excellent! Not leaving the conversation, took the phone, dialed the number immediately, the dial tone - wow, phoned! Question - answer, figured out. I return to Skype: "Colleagues, I already talked, it’s all right!"

A letter on the electronic, if the answer to the three sentences fits in two minutes - we write at once. Have seen a reminder of the birthday - congratulate the call or message right now. Remove the bed or hang clothes immediately in the closet, and do not throw on a chair - right away, right away! Eat - dishes immediately in the dishwasher. We get up because of the computer, we immediately sorted the excess papers – it’s in a folder, it’s in the basket - everything!

So it is with the beginnings of health: I do not wait for an alarm clock. I do not wait for Monday. Do not wait for spring - start all the interesting projects at once!

Excellent! Things are done faster, there is no need to remember anything, everything is orderly, it’s easy on the soul. Not every thing can be done in two minutes, but in two minutes all important matters can at least begin. And then - vigorously continue: speed! speed! It’s always easier to continue than to start, so the speed and efficiency of your life increases!

But this is not all... We have other habits: the habit of delaying and postponing. I’ll sort it out later, I’ll reply to the letter later, I’ll have time to call again... Plus, or rather, the minus is that we have a habit of doubting this and not daring... Indeed, that’s how to start right away? Well somehow it is not customary... It is necessary to think... - And soon everything is safely forgotten. Nothing is done. Others go ahead, find themselves ahead, and we lag behind.

Does it suit you? Do you want to add yourself energy, disperse yourself?

Then take this rule yourself in the piggy bank: "I’m doing everything quickly! Do not brake! I’m thinking - I did! Just do it!"

Stop. It’s not so simple.

Doing things right away is not the same as grabbing for everything at once.

A thoughtless, inaccurate adherence to this rule has its drawbacks. What kind of?

You have planned for yourself for the day the following cases: one, two, three. These matters are important and urgent. We sat down to work, suddenly a great thought flashed through my mind to agree with my friend in the evening to meet: I’m calling right away! Conversation, as it turns out that she needs to repair the headphones, I can tell her - where is the address-phone? Seeking immediately! By the way, I have a mess in the records, you need to restore order ... I do, I understand! Oh, what good notes are here, they must be thrown into Twitter! ... An hour later you realize that you are doing all this nonsense, and important and urgent is not done.

Doing immediately everything that came to your mind and wanted to - already a controversial decision. Doing things right away is not the same as "grabbing at once for everything." Doing all at once and quickly is not all, but only that it will not di

​​​​​​​stract you from important, first-priority cases. You have to do things right away, but "according to the mind".

Therefore, the "rule of two minutes" is refined.

Limit: 10 minutes every hour

Yes, every hour you can be distracted - and it will be excellent! - for instant execution of any quick cases, but within a reasonable framework. I usually have 10 minutes for each hour, which is essentially a rest. Has switched, distracted - has had a rest. But about the main thing - I did not forget, if 10 minutes have exhausted myself, everything: I return to the main cases. What limit can you set yourself: 5, 10 or 15 minutes - you can decide for yourself, it is important only that the main affairs remain in priority.

So, the second clarification sounds:

Full freedom within the priorities

There are important and urgent matters, there are less important ones, there are not urgent ones, but there is also "just want". The most important things are your priorities. The priorities of the cases are placed in the morning and refined throughout the day, the most convenient time for this - a ten-minute rest every hour. If you are a serious person, at any minute of the day you will easily name three priority areas for today. Are you a serious person with priorities defined? Excellent! Now, everything is simple.

Now, when something wanted to be done, immediately ask yourself the question: "Is this within my priorities?"

No? Then they postponed.

Yes? Hence, we do! If within your three priority areas something interesting has occurred to you, it seemed interesting to do - do it right away. Just do it! Freedom and no limits!

Once again: while you are within the most important affairs of the day.

Be careful when cornering

And the last clue: do not rush to do something immediately, from which you can have serious negative consequences. A conflicting letter came up on an important, priority issue for you: immediately write a response to it – it’s good, but wait for sending such a letter. At least until morning.

Well, that’s all. And everything else is fast! Forward!