Автор: Н.И. Козлов

About the test What is your character?

To make a quality test, telling about the features of our character, I wanted for a very long time.

Actually, it all started about 40 years ago, when I, being a student at the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University, became interested in Rosenzweig’s test. Rosenzweig’s test is 24 plot pictures, more precisely schematic contour drawings, which depict two people or more, busy with an unfinished conversation. Figures are presented to the person passing the test, the person gives his, free answers for the character, which actually and it is necessary to answer. In the test, it is assumed that "answering for another", the subject will more easily, more reliably state his opinion and show his typical reaction to the way out of conflict situations. Based on the answers, one can talk about how a person reacts to obstacles situations (avoiding, overcoming, losing, moving to complaints or accusations) and in conflict situations when accusations are made against him.

And really, how does he respond to the charges? Immediately gives up their positions or starts rotten disassembly? Is it justified or goes into a counteroffensive? Immersed in the experience or, intercepting the initiative, switches the attention of the attacker to another topic? Or even simply translates it from the situation of conflict into a position of cooperation?

I liked this test. It is more alive than the traditional questions "Do you often experience?", "Do you like big companies or prefer solitude?" Where, if you answered that you often experience and prefer solitude, you will be called an introverted neurotic and explain that this person, who experiences a lot and prefers solitude... I saw in it excellent opportunities primarily for myself, for my own development.

And I started my own research.

I tested about a hundred people and carefully recorded all their answers. After - classified them, making an almost exhaustive list of possible reactions to similar life situations, divided them into definitely successful options, completely unsuccessful and so-so options. Then I began to teach myself the most successful options: strategies, tactics, chips and tricks, including specific formulations and successful intonations...

It was not easy, my head was seething, but it was definitely helping to become smarter. Today they will say that I have effectively developed my emotional intellect.

But soon I moved on to a new step in the research, namely, I began to analyze each variant of the answer in terms of the manifestation in it of various personal characteristics. Here, for example, a situation where two women are waiting for someone, a daughter or a girlfriend who is late and makes them freeze in the rain and wind.

What can the choice of the standard answer "We leave, she herself to blame!" say? It is easy to hear intonations here rather accusatory than understanding, a resolute posit

​​​​​​​ion, and not languid, to note more straightforwardness and categorical than softness and diplomacy. Yes?

And in the answer "Well, nothing, although I walked in the open air!", I hear not military but conciliatory notes, a readiness not to blame, but to forgive, the inclination to see in everything is not negative, but positive...

Soon I realized that if all this formulate, you can get the richest test. If from each answer we can "count" up to 20 characteristics, for each situation we have 6 answers, then from 15 situations we get 1800 small facts about its characteristic reactions. And if you use not simple answers "Yes" and "No", and to make sliders whose shift amounts also speaks volumes, then a simple mathematics gives us a personal portrait of a person of incredible depth.

Over the test, I worked tight for several years. With interruptions - more than ten years.

Today the test is ready, and I laid it out for free use. It also talks about your basic characteristics (Author’s position, Leadership, Positivity, Constructiveness, Responsibility), assesses the effectiveness of your thinking and emotional intelligence in particular, evaluates your will, energy, inner harmony, the ability to be a sun and the conflict of your character... How much you are diplomatic and peaceful (or vice versa), how much in a conflict you are objective, and not biased, how you make decisions in difficult situations (flexibly or pattern-wise, prudently or carefree, you then the brave or are prone to risk and scams)... You are reasonable or impulsive, live by the mind or heart, decent or rascal...

In short, go faster and find out what people think about you in different life situations, until I did this test paid.

In plans it is: with a slight revision of the test, users will be able to save their results, compare their results with the average, compete with the best, learn their strengths and get recommendations for correcting the problematic traits of their character...

By the way, the test really set before me not a trivial puzzle: what to do with contradictory character traits? Suppose, in one mood you are attentive, caring and grateful, and then you step on the tail, you become angry at everyone, become an evil and harmful creature. Question: how to answer the question, are you a grateful person? Are you caring? Apparently, it’s right to say - when ... How can you say that you are caring and grateful, but it’s just as true about you to say that you are spiteful, harmful and not grateful... People like character descriptions regard as contradictions inside the test as his weakness. And maybe, quite the contrary, it is the strength of the test and the realism of describing the contradictory features of the nature of people with complex nature?

Anyway, there are many plans for finalizing the test, everything depends on strength, time and money. Very much helped your help, when many of you responded and by joint efforts we collected 150 000 rubles for the revision of the test. This money was enough for three months of the programmer’s work - hurray, thank you very much, the presentation of the results has really become much simpler and more understandable. Want to help more, I will not refuse and I will be grateful, in fact, I need to work at least a year on the test...

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Good luck to all of us!