Автор: Ричард Пол Эванс

How can I make your day better?

​​​​​​​My name is Richard Evans, I am a writer, but I want to tell you about what was in our family, without any imaginations. And we had with Carrie all bad, very bad. Perhaps we did not fit each other in character, but I and she were constantly fighting hard. We quarreled and scandalized, quarreled and quarreled. The divorce was, it seemed, inevitable.

When we once again terribly quarreled over the phone and the tubes were thrown from both sides, I just went broke. I was no longer yelling at anyone, I was yelling just like that, from wild rage. The fact is that I did not want to get divorced. I still knew that Carrie was a good woman, I naturally keep quiet about myself, so why are two good and loving people unable to get along together?

I yelled, I was tired and almost fell asleep. And then, almost in a dream, an idea came to me: what if the last experiment was to be carried out? I still have nothing to lose... I smiled and then fell asleep already firmly.

The next morning I woke up with a smile, got up and went to the kitchen to Carrie. She was cold and did not even look at me with respect. Well, please! I was even fun. So, I asked her:

- How can I make your day better?

Carrie looked at me angrily:


"How can I make your day better?"

"No," she snapped. - Why do you ask?

"Because I’m serious," I said. "I just want to know how to make your day better."

She looked at me a little with a sneer:

"Do you want to do something?" Great, then wash the kitchen.

She thought that I would explode with anger, and I nodded: "Good!". Then I went and washed the kitchen. So what do you say after that, dear?

The next day she was still cold, but I also asked the same: "How can I make your day better?" She answered, not turning her head: "Clean the garage!".

Actually, I had a hard time, Carrie knew it, but I did not care which options, and I was ready to go to the end. They went to hell, my business, my Carrie is dearer to me, so I smiled at her and said: "Good!". The garage took me two hours. Not scary. Good! By the way, it seemed to me that Carrie was puzzled.

The next morning was gloomy, but my mood was already startling. "How can I make your day better?" I asked Carrie, coming closer to her. She took a step back and said: "Nothing! You can not do anything. Do not mock me and stop this! ".

I paused. And then I took her hands and told her that I would not stop doing it, because I had promised myself to do it now every day and because I love her. "I will live with you and I will ask every day what I can do for you. And I will do what you tell me, because you are dear to me and I want to live with you. And while you do not divorce yourself, I’ll meet you every day with a smile, flowers and the question "How can I make your day better?"!

By the way, I started bringing flowers home from the first day when I made my decision. Carrie said nothing and looked away. The next morning I again approached her with a smile and asked: "How can I make your day better!" - Carrie answered a little automatically, but she answered! I continued to do this the next morning, and the next, and somewhere by the middle of the second week, a miracle happened, which I, in fact, expected. I was sure that it would happen - and it happened! This time, with my question, Carrie seemed to stop, her eyes filled with tears, now she took my hands in hers and began to cry convulsively. I hugged her. When she calmed down, she continued to look away, and then quietly asked: "Please do not ask me this question again. I’m terribly hard and hurt, because the problem is not in you, but in me. I know that it’s hard with me, and I do not want to torture you. I love you and I hate you, because I torture you..." In response, I just hugged her again.

We stood. We have not been so close for a long time already, I’ve already forgotten how Carrie smells ... I felt that I still love.

I gently took her chin to look straight in the eyes. "I will still ask you this question, because I love you," I said. "How can I make your day better?" "It’s me who should ask you." "I must, but not now. Now I want to change. You need to know how much you mean to me." Carrie once again put her head on my chest and said quietly: "I’m sorry that I behaved so badly." "I love you," I said. "And I love you," she replied. "How can I make your day better?" Carrie looked at me kindly: "Maybe we’ll be together for a while? Just you and me". I smiled: "I would really like that!" I kept asking for more than a month. And the relationship has changed. Quarrels stopped. Then the wife began to ask: "What would you like me to do? How can I become a better wife for you?"

The wall between us collapsed. We started talking - openly, thoughtfully - about what we want from life and how we make each other happier. No, we did not solve all our problems at once. I can not even say that we never quarreled again. But the nature of our quarrels has changed. They began to happen less and less, they seemed to lack the evil energy that was before. We deprived them of oxygen. Neither of us wanted to hurt another.

Over time, I realized that our story was an illustration of a much more important lesson about marriage. The question "How can I make your day better?" Is worth asking everyone who is in a relationship. This is true love. Novels about love usually boil down to a loving languor and "they lived happily ever after," but "long and happy" is not born out of a thirst to possess and belong to a loved one. In real life, love is not to feel the desire for someone, but sincerely and deeply wish him happiness - sometimes even to the detriment of our own.

I’m not sure that what helped us with Carrie will help everyone. I do not know. I’m not even sure that everyone needs to save their marriage. But I still smile pretty enough when I recall those days and that wonderful, such a simple question. Since then, more than ten years have passed, but still from time to time one of us turns to another and asks: "How can I make your day better?" And from this I’m happy.