Автор: Анна Антипенко,
​​​​​​​Университет практической психологии

How good it is to get enough sleep and easy to get up in the morning

For a long time I was tormented by the question: how can I accustom myself to wake up before 6 am? And do not just wake up at such an early time, and get enough sleep more quickly than usual, for example 4-6 hours a day, and at the same time keep your health and vivacity.

And once again I’ll draw your attention, not just wake up, but wake up and stay awake, and stay awake in the full sense of the word. And it means to be energetic, sleepy, and in every way ready for work and defense.

In 2015 I involuntarily put on myself "sleepy experiments". Involuntary because I did not plan this as a scientific study, but simply because of some life events I slept absolutely at different times and different hours.

But more often I still worked at night, and slept during the day.

It used to be, of course, when I fell asleep like all normal people around 23:00 PM, but getting up at 6 was still very difficult.

Such a disordered sleep, and sleep mode, when a person works at night, and sleeps in the day, as it later became clear, is very harmful to health.

And now, after more than six months, I can boast of finding an effective sleep formula that allows me to sleep 4-6 hours (maybe less, only I do not set such a goal myself), get enough sleep, and be as productive as possible. I discovered this formula absolutely by accident.

Once working all night, hanging on with books and documents, and in the morning getting busy with meetings and meetings, by the time of 20:00 I was "cut down". So, I fell asleep at about 20:30 and woke up at 2 (night), without an alarm clock, of course. I did not want to sleep anymore.

After how I realized that I had a good sleep, I got up and started doing things.

The next attack (desire to sleep) arose in the area of ​​lunch, but I had 20 minutes to lie in silence so that this desire to sleep exhausted itself. Next, I began to practice a similar sleep pattern every day.

What is surprising, I noticed: waking up at 2-3 at night is easy to get up, the head is fresh and the mind is clear, and yet I come to a time when it is possible to work very well in absolute silence, because the city is mostly asleep. And from 5 to 9 was noticed the rise of creativity.

It was very easy to get used to such a regime (much easier than falling asleep at 11 and waking up at 6).

From here I (an inveterate Owl, or even a person with a disordered sleep) made a striking conclusion for myself: it’s better to go to bed not just before midnight, but until 21-22 o’clock. The only drawback in this mode is only that at 21-22 hours someone is trying to communicate with me.

According to multiple sources and in practice it can be understood that the most effective time for sleep is until midnight. At this time, every hour of sleep can be counted as two, and closer to dawn, the value of sleep is greatly reduced. A prolonged daytime sleep can generally be harmful, and between 15:00 and 19:00, sleep better not to go to bed.

Of course, in order to feel cheerful, healthy and generally beautifully I apply to myself a few more rules:

1) No alcohol. I, for example, do not drink at all, even on a new year or birthday and even wine, although I treat it as a fine wine, but last used it a couple of years ago.

2) Sports. Be sure to do some kind of gymnastics, jogging, stretching. It is best to get carried away by martial arts. I, for example, engaged in Ashihara Karate, now it’s just running and charging, and I plan to do Vin Chun.

3) It is desirable to reduce the amount of coffee consumed (it is better not to drink at all) and if to drink, then drink quality and good. I, for example, love coffee so much that I do not seem to drink at all. It seems to me a rather sad prospect. Therefore, I simply do not drink coffee-debris from the bags, but I drink good boiled coffee, well, less often than before, every two.

4) More fresh vegetables and fruits - my diet consists of 70-80% of them.

5) Pouring cold water in the morning after running.

6) Drink high-quality Chinese teas, preferably by all the rules of the tea ceremony (and do not drink bagged dust). For example, Puer is an amazing tea that works wonders, at least with me - relieves fatigue, gives strength, and even cures a cold.

7) And the most important rule: do everything with joy. Sleep from 21:00 to 1 at night - joy, to meet the dawn - joy, running in the morning - joy, pouring - joy. No need to suffer.

Of course, we understand that development is through pain. As the saying goes: "No pain - no gain".

For example, in training on karate from one and a half hours of lessons, an hour and twenty minutes is pain. But those who are engaged, understand what a pleasant pain, because it is useful, meaningful and leads to my goals.

The fact is that it is important to separate: it hurts does not hurt - it’s physics, and "in a buzz or not in a buzz" is a psychology. So, be able to get pleasure from any life situations, even painful - it is useful psychological art.

The conclusion is this: it s better to go to sleep right after the kids have run out of bed, (the truth was so simple!) And then you’ll be quicker to sleep, it’s easier to wake up, feel much better, and your nerves will be stronger!

I wish you a good night!
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