How I learned to quickly fall asleep, or How to tame a healthy sleep

When I was about 6 years old, somehow before going to bed, I saw a cartoon in which the boy goes to bed and hangs his clothes on the stool. When he falls asleep, his clothes fly away. In the morning, before the boy wakes up, the clothes fly back. And in my 6 years I really wanted to see how my clothes fly at night. Having argued that it is more difficult to catch such a moment in the morning, since you need to wake up at least a second before, and since the clothes, to all appearances, know very well when I wake up, it s difficult to do. But to spy on this action in the evening seemed to me quite real. This evening, as well as many subsequent ones, I carefully tried to catch the moment of falling asleep, in order to prolong it for at least a second, thereby deceiving the cunning clothes.

I could not get clothes to wait, but after a while I caught an interesting state, which can be described as something between the dream and the dream. This condition is characterized by a certain vitality of the body, a lack of desire to move or speak and, at the same time, a connection with the outside world. You all hear. If you do not close your eyes, you see. You smell and can analyze the flow of external information. Time in this state flows as if at a slower pace. The situation in itself seemed to me interesting.

Now, going to bed, I already quickly got into this state and watched the reactions of the body, brain activity, over time, still not losing hope of catching the departing clothing. And after a while there was this interesting conclusion: from this state, if necessary, you can easily return to the state of wakefulness. But you can instantly fall asleep, giving yourself a simple command: "Sleep!". That is, this transition state is easily under the control of the brain can be translated into one of the formats: wakefulness or sleep.

I still do not know if my clothes fly away at night, but, thanks to the children’s cartoon, I fall asleep very quickly now.

Thesis for verification:

The transition from the waking state to the state of sleep can be consciously managed.

How to check:

1. After you went to bed, took a comfortable position and relaxed, set yourself the task to track the moment of transition into a state of sleep. Look for the answer to the following questions:

• What does your body feel when you get to sleep?

• How does the pulse change?

• How does the respiration rate change?

• How do the senses work?

• How does the brain work?

• How is the flow of time felt?

2. When you can track this state, experiment with it. Give yourself the command to go back to wakefulness. After that, remembering and causing the necessary sensations, train consciously to move into this state. And at the final stage, learn how to instruct the brain to turn off and go to sleep.

I want to say that even if you do not succeed in catching the desired state, this is a great way to get rid of the internal dialogue, which very much hinders the onset of sleep, and from which it is usually very difficult to get rid of.

Where to put up an ideological protest?

In spite of the fact that I quickly learned to fall asleep in childhood, the ideological protest to an early falling asleep lived with me for a very long time. Only about 3.5 years ago, we finally managed to part. And it happened for a very simple reason: I gave birth to the first child. Work, the house, the child, an active way of life, endless projects ... In the evening, when the child fell asleep, I lightly completed the most necessary things, and hardly reached the pillow blissfully fell asleep. Catherine woke up for my former life unspeakably early: at 5-6 in the morning. Therefore, I was not up to an ideological protest. And he, offended by the lack of attention on my part, irrevocably left.

How can we fight it if there are no children? Are there any chances?!

There are. It’s not about the presence or absence of children. The fact is that with the advent of my daughter, my day became twice as rich. In order to manage everything, I had to optimize my time, learn to rest more quickly and efficiently, learn how to save this valuable resource and not waste it in vain. The list of cases I have performed for the day has increased by two, if not three times. Life has reached a different speed level. And every evening, when I went to bed, I realized that after such a high-speed day my body needs a full rest.

1. Track where the time goes during the day (the exercise of the distance "Time recording").

2. Optimize time (such an exercise is also in the distance).

3. Plan your day very busy (exercise "Business of the day").

4. Competently plan your holiday (exercise "Cheerful rest").

5. Live at high speed (exercises distance "Choleric", "Acceleration").

Do not feel sorry for yourself! Our body was created in order to work! At the end of a busy day, when the body really worked, the ideological question of the need for healthy sleep disappears by itself!

How to get yourself at the right time in a horizontal position

From my point of view, this question is the simplest: you just need to take - and lie down. What can help it:

1. Planning the affairs of the day.

2. Planning for early recovery.

3. Saturated day.

Additional points that will help to learn a healthy dream

1. Spread a pleasant clean bedding, which is very like.

2. Ventilate the room before going to bed, and if possible, sleep with an open window.

3. Take a warm bath or shower.

4. Drink a soft warm drink - a mug of warm milk with honey, mint or chamomile tea.

5. Find and find a method for yourself that will help you get rid of mental dialogues and monologues before bed.

More about what helps to fall asleep, in the article "How to overcome insomnia."

Good dreams!

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