Авторы: Н.И. Козлов, Т. Королева-Курбатова, Е. Кузьмина

A simple article on how to write very simple articles

Students of the University of Practical Psychology are very fond of writing complex texts, and they themselves are confused. To teach students good thinking, you first need to teach them to write simple texts.

A simple text contains a short introduction, one main idea, a simple justification, an understandable illustration and one conclusion.

Once again for stupid: one thought, not 10 (like yours now), and one conclusion, not 0 (like yours now).

Why do you need to learn how to write the simplest texts? Because only in plain text you will not get lost. In a complex text you get lost, but in a simple there.

In addition, it is very important for you to develop the ability to speak your thoughts in one short phrase, to concentrate your intellectual process in one short thesis.


Simplify your articles, make them primitively simple: an introduction to two sentences, one thesis, one or two reasons and one simple conclusion.

Funny lessons

Introduction. It’s fun to play, and school homework is boring. What should we do with our children, yearning for hateful lessons?

The main idea. It’s simple: homework needs to start making fun. And if a child does not know how to do it himself, an adult should help him! But how?

Illustration. One day, when we were doing my homework with my 9 year old daughter, I suggested that she do not just do homework, but at the same time play. The game is as follows: while we do our homework, we constantly smile, and who does not smile (including me), he crouches 3 times. And then we smile again. My daughter agreed, we tried - and, oh, a miracle! Doing the usual homework changed: boredom at the daughter immediately disappeared, there was fun, interest and excitement. In addition, I fixed the joy of lessons with the following schedule: 15-20 minutes we do the lessons, after which we have a 5-minute break, where we rave, dance to music or play. Since then, we have been doing homework with a smile and with pleasure!

Conclusion. Total: while our children have not learned to do the lessons properly, we need to help them in this. And the best help is cheerful help!

At one time - one thing!

Conversation of the wife with her husband:

- Dear, you, when you sit at the computer, think of me?

- (surprised) No ...

- And when you lie with me, do you think about the computer?

- No ...

- Listen, and how do you do it?

We all heard that simultaneously doing several cases - it’s more like a woman’s behavior. Men do not know how. There is a hypothesis that women are more focused on multitasking and spraying their attention.

However, women should learn to do at one time one thing. This allows you to save time and do your job better.

If mother is currently engaged in a child, it is best if she completely focuses her attention on the child (and not parallel chatter on the phone or sitting in a chat room). If she does the cleaning, then let it be just a quick and vigorous cleaning, the browsing of the found magazines should be left for later.

And with what admiration I remember my friend who, when her husband returned home, immediately switched off Skype, saying at the same time: "Now I have time for my husband!"

Try it, practice it. At one time - one thing!

Thesis from grandmother

If you go somewhere, then be sure that the cat does not run the road. Especially black. And the other is also not good. But black, they certainly are not good.

If she ran, then pop over your left shoulder three times.

What for? Yes, because this wisdom is centuries old. If it was not true, then people would not have invented such a mark. And if there is such a sign, then this is no accident!

I went yesterday to a stop, and right before me, a cat - a rattle! And I hurried to the bus, did not stop. The bus left, and just before the very nose.

So - a sure sign! Cats - beware! Or spit over your shoulder - and go ahead yourself, nothing bad will happen to you.

Developing the voice at the wheel

Before you is the task to make your voice louder and stronger, learn how to manage it, but to allocate time and money to classes with the teacher is a small possibility? To develop voice ligaments it is possible at the wheel of the car!

What you need for this:

• Firstly - recording songs that you like;

• secondly, desire;

• Thirdly - a good mood!

So, we sit at the wheel of the car, turn the ignition key, turn on the music, and ... sing! But we sing not simply, but constantly change the timbre, height, strength and tone of your voice. We sing the velvet baritone of Lev Leshchenko, the unique timbre of Lyudmila Gurchenko, parody the incomparable Evgeny Leonov with the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh or the unique Klara Rumyanov by the voice of Cheburashka. We sing low in the chest, high and sonorous, soft and prickly, with a joyful and agitated voice. And it’s okay if we do not get into the notes!

Such singing will help to expand the voice range, give voice strength, make it more expressive, will allow you to master smooth transitions from quiet speech to loud.

And in addition, it is a good workout, which reduces the chance of a throat. And the road with the song is more fun and shorter!

So sing at the wheel!