Тони Роббинс,
оратор-мотиватор, тренер и психолог

Change of fate: gain power over emotions and change life for the better

Тони Роббинс
Тони Роббинс

Millions of people would like to change their destiny, but they consider this to be impossible. Let s figure out how you can change the direction of your life if you learn to control emotions.

The first thing that needs to be done is to break the vicious circle from external circumstances and your negative reaction to them. Troubles happen to everyone, it’s inevitable. No one can save himself from all the annoying trifles, which every day test us for strength. But the secret of a happy destiny is not to shield yourself from the outside world and avoid any changes. It’s enough just to defeat the habit of experiencing fear, anger, anxiety or envy when events or people provoke you.

Then every day of your life will be filled with completely different emotions: calmness, joy, satisfaction. You will become happier, which means that your destiny will be different.

A simple plan for emotional training for every day.

Emotion management can be learned, even if it has always been difficult for you. What you feel is affected by the triad of simple ingredients: the reactions of your body, the reactions of your mind and concentration. You can manage the Triad and change the quality of each day as you need it.

1. Train the movements

Our body and emotions are inextricably linked to each other. When we experience stress, fear, pain, self-doubt or other negative emotions, the body gives us away. But even if you woke up in a good mood, and then lowered your head and hunched along the way to the most exciting meeting in your life, you will feel that there is no trace of a good mood.

Start to control your body! Straighten your shoulders, straighten your back and make three deep breaths. Repeat this exercise in the morning and several times during the day until it becomes a habit. When your movements become the movements of a happy person, negative emotions will lose their influence on you.

2. Train the expression of thoughts.

Remember which thoughts are the first to come to your head when you encounter the influence of negative events? Many people start to regret or reproach themselves. They literally say to themselves: "Why does everything bad happen to me?". So any minor trifle grows to the scale of the catastrophe.

Start managing your thoughts! Agree that real grief is a rarity in our daily life. We live in a wonderful time, when there is more good around. The next time you run into trouble, try to look for a positive experience in the situation. Ask yourself other questions: "What benefit can I find in this if I try?" Or "What was the most comical in this situation?". You will be surprised at how the emotional background of your life will change, when you simply learn to direct your thoughts into a productive channel.

3. Train your attention

Our attention is arranged in a curious manner. It is worthwhile for us to tune in to the negative, as we immediately receive confirmation that we were not worried for nothing. The world literally overwhelms us with evidence of what we are focused on. Therefore, the more you are afraid, the more frightening situations you notice. The more you tune in to combat rudeness, the more you become rude.

Start managing the energy of concentration! The secret lies in ourselves. We ourselves empower negative emotions if we focus on them. Just change the direction of your energy! Stop feeding fears. Instead, concentrate on the desired goal and motivation, then small obstacles will not spoil your day and will not be able to control you.

The fate of each has a much greater potential than we used to think. It is enough to change the daily emotional background, and this will change our whole life. You will get days, weeks and months filled with cheerfulness, joy, optimism and self-confidence. Instead of memories of trouble, you will get memories of the victories. Just include the exercises on each component of the Triad in the daily to-do list, and you will become the master of your destiny.