Автор: Н.И. Козлов

The most popular myths of modern psychology

People think not as right, but as usual and easy, as everyone thinks. When this happens in the field of psychology, psychological myths are born: simplistic and erroneous ideas that contradict modern scientific data. How many do you know of such myths?

Today, everyone knows that to restrain their emotions is bad for health. To restrain one’s emotions is the same as trying to keep steam in an overheated boiler: sooner or later the boiler will explode. Those who restrain their emotions, increase the risk of getting stomach ulcers, heart attacks and strokes. In addition, restraining their emotions, a person accumulates stress, which often leads to a neurosis.

Yes? Most likely, you know this for a long time. Do not you?

In fact, this is not so. Before you - a sample of the popular myth, popularized and psychologists, and ordinary people who like to listen to intelligent psychologists. But in fact - this is not true, and a very dangerous lie. Those who restrain their emotions do not turn into neurotics, and those who have not been used to deterring themselves since childhood, often become psychopaths. As for the health itself, according to the studies, restrained people live longer than those who are not used to restrain their emotions, and are less susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. And the metaphor for the overheated boiler is inappropriate in this case: emotions are more like a fire in the forest - if it is not extinguished in time, it turns into a forest fire.

In modern popular psychology there are a lot of such myths. Sometimes it seems to me that in the popular psychological literature there are more myths than serious scientific data. If you go down to the level of everyday psychology, then its main array - myths, myths, myths ...

Do you want to make sure of this? Do you want to test yourself, how much have you managed to imbue yourself with the usual and erroneous ideas in the field of psychology? I collected the most common myths in this article: what people say without thinking and what most people believe. Try it on yourself, but be careful: most likely, many items will seem to you not at all myths, but true truth.

And it's even funnier: if people believe in something, in many cases it becomes true. They believe this, they start behaving this way, they see the people around and are convinced of their rightness, and soon somebody's random idea becomes a social fact. At least for a while.

1. About feelings

1. The real engine of a person's life is his feelings and desires.

2. Emotional reaction is a natural and innate reaction expressing our personal attitude to what is happening.

3. There are no bad emotions.

4. Feelings do not lie.

5. Suppress emotions is harmful to health.

6. If negative emotions do not express, they accumulate and traumatize the psyche.

7. To forbid fears is to drive them inside yourself.

8. Emotions live in contrast: if you remove negative emotions, a person will cease to feel and joy, too.

2. About the feeling of love

1. It is necessary to create a family first of all for love.

2. If there is a strong love, then the relationship will necessarily add up!

3. Love can be promised, but love can not be negotiated.

4. Love can not last forever.

5. Feelings do not order.

3. Feelings and mind

1. Listening to your feelings is more important than listening to your head.

2. The most correct decision is intuitive.

3. When in doubt, listen to your heart!

4. To think all the time is harmful.

5. He who thinks too much does not happen happy.

4. On the psychology of a person

1. A child already since birth - a person.

2. Introverts are born.

3. Attempting to change one's character and psychotype only increases the number of internal problems.

4. Only those who have problems go to psychologists.

5. About the love to children

1. Love for the child must be unconditional.

2. To suppress emotions is harmful, so allow children any negative emotions.

3. Physical punishment of children is unacceptable, because they break their psyche.

4. Sexual abuse experienced in childhood is a serious psychotrauma for the whole future life.

5. Every child needs at least in childhood in unconditional love.

6. Children who are unmarried in childhood, in adulthood can not build relationships.

7. Children should not be deprived of their childhood. A child whose parents were deprived of childhood deprived him of his freedom, joy and future happiness.

6. How it is possible to bring up, and how is impossible

1. A rigid discipline kills the creative beginning of children.

2. Obedient child - an occasion for anxiety.

3. Completely obedient children will never become leaders.

4. Pressure is the way to conflict and loss of contact. If a child loses contact with you, you need to lower the pressure on him.

7. Do I need to bring up children?

1. Children should make their own decisions about their own lives.

2. The setting "conform to parental patterns" is an erroneous way of raising a child.

3. "Good children" - problem children. Children should be natural, and not like what they would like to see adults!

4. It is necessary to be friends with the child, but not to bring up.

5. The best way of education is to educate yourself and educate your child only by your example.

6. Imposing something to children leads to the opposite result, to an internal rejection of this.

8. About happiness

1. All people seek happiness.

2. Whether we are happy or not, it is determined primarily by the events that happen to us.

3. People are happy when they get what they want. 4. Whatever people do, in the end everyone takes care of themselves personally.

9. About success

1. Only by freeing yourself from the influence of society, you can find your way in life

2. Those who follow the path of social success, are forced to abandon their self and deprive themselves of happiness.

3. Anyone who has found his calling in life, always has the energy to do his job!

I think it will be very fun if you write in the comments, what you were surprised about, or even more so than you were indignant: why is this author obvious and known things attributed to psychological myths? If someone wants to "protect" some myth named here and will refer to scientific data, I will be all the more grateful. In short, have fun, think and understand!

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