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I am a mother

EXERCISE 2: "I am Mom" ​​

Son, Alyosha. 12 years old

1. Goal: Positive perception of the world, myself, my strength

What I do: I translate into positive the negative thoughts of my son

Alyosha while doing homework and also lessons at the music school: "Itэs difficult, it does not work out, have time to do lessons for the school and for the music school , and even do it on time! "

I: "Alyosha, Believe in yourself always! You are stronger than you think, you will succeed, Iэm with you, Dad is with you, so weэll cope with any task together!" Repeat! "

Alyosha repeats, agrees, completes lessons, I check, I go to bed calm.

2. Purpose: To teach to do everything qualitatively.

What I do: I come home, the dishes are washed badly, the floors are not clean at all. I propose to concentrate more carefully on what he does and how. We agree that if it is taken, it does qualitatively. If there are many cases, it prioritizes, but does the best possible in those conditions (in terms of time, resources) that are.

Alyosha: "I understood, yes, I did not, well I understood, I will do it well next time."

Daughter, Anya, 4 years old.

1. Purpose: To form a habit of indicating intentions.

What I do: Explained that when she, something wants to ask or explain or tell something, you must first say what she wants.

Anya: "Ma-ama, do not wipe my head (after the bath), I do not want to."

I: "Anya, tell me, what do you want?"

Anya: "I want my hair to be smooth, like now (my hair is wet and lying flat)

I:" Anya, then let’s dry them and brush them, they will be smooth, but drier, good? "

Anya:" YES. "


Anya: "Mom, I do not have a handkerchief!"

I: "Anya, so, and what do you want, say."

Anya: "Mama, I beg you, give me a handkerchief, I have a goat"

Observations, finds:

There are many such situations: a child often says at first that she does not want what she does not need. I try to notice such situations and correct them in the designation of intentions.

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